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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz
    Real Name: Wally Kurth


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    The Cops Are Staying Busy...

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Carly sees Parker standing over Sam with a rifle! He drops the gun and runs out; Carly follows, leaving Sam on the floor bleeding. In the street, Carly says things will be okay. She leads him to a chapel and asks why he was at Metro in the first place. Parker says he felt weird so he went to the farm, grabbed the rifle and came to Metro. He begs her not to call Jack but Carly does anyway, saying she won't let anything bad happen to him. When Jack arrives Carly tells him about the near-rape and the shooting, then she asks Jack if he has to call it in! Jack agrees to check out Sam's condition first. By the time they get to Metro Sam is dead; Jack calls the station house and asks for a forensics team to come to the club. Carly hugs Parker. She begs Jack to let them leave but Jack insists on taking Parker to the police station! He calls Margo and asks her to meet them at the station and to bring Tom along.

    No More Fun and Games!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    At Metro Cowboy Jack and Sam talk about their plan: to send Jack and Parker to a hockey game so Sam can have time with Carly! Carly walks in. She says she is going to close up early that night. Jack calls about the hockey game; Carly says taking the kid to a game could help Parker feel like part of the family again. Carly goes into the office to finish some paperwork. She returns a few seconds later and Sam is talking to Cowboy Jack about making his move! "What does that mean?" she asks. Sam says he was just thinking about where he is going from here. Carly believes him. He goes upstairs to pack. The phone rings and the singer from the band that Sam fired calls, offering Carly a second chance to book them! She is confused until he says Sam canceled the gig - not the band! When Sam returns Carly asks what he was thinking. Sam says he is in love with her! He confesses everything: that he got rid of the bands and he got rid of Kit to win Carly's heart. Carly says he wasted his time! Sam apologizes, saying he just wanted to spend time with her. He asks if she'll keep this secret from Kit and Carly agrees. She tells Sam he has to leave - now! He says he'll go after one last beer. Carly is worried but doesn't want to set Sam off. It becomes clear that he isn't leaving, though, so Carly grabs his bag and marches it to the door! Sam grabs her and says he isn't going anywhere. He starts talking about Carly leading him on and finally getting what he wants! Sam grabs Carly, kisses her and then pushes her to the floor! Carly pushes him off but Sam just keeps at her, pulling at her clothes and kissing her. Carly screams for help. Just then a gun is fired and Sam falls to the floor!

    Evan's The Killer!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Carly screams for Parker when she sees Cowboy Jack in the fire. Parker comes down and swears he didn't take the dummy. Carly calls Jack. Jack arrives; both he and Carly yell at the kid but Parker says he is innocent. Sam calls and says Cowboy Jack is missing. Parker grabs the phone from Carly and demands that Sam admit to the set-up! Jack grabs the phone from Parker, tells Sam that they have the dummy and will get it back to him and hangs up. Parker asks if they will send him away. He keeps pushing at his parents until Jack sends him upstairs. Jack calls the therapist, who says they need to increase Parker's therapy visits and to increase the time the family spends as a unit. She goes upstairs. Carly tells Jack she can't focus on the family and have Metro, too! She grabs her coat and the dummy and leaves for Metro to tell Kit and Sam that she is leaving the business. Jack calls Parker downstairs and tells him the news. Parker doesn't believe it and stomps back upstairs.

    At Metro, Carly tells Sam she is giving up the club. He says giving in to Parker is the last thing the kiddo needs but Carly stands firm. She says she'll find someone to buy her out or she will just lose the money she invested but she can't harm Parker any more. She leaves. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack for advice. Cowboy Jack says to get rid of Parker!

    And The Dummy Gets It!

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Carly is trying to get Metro ready for opening but it is still cool inside because of the boiler problems. Sam adds one more worry when he says their musical entertainment just canceled; Carly says they can't have a club without music and Sam says he'll take care of it. He talks about making a trip to book a few bands. Carly brings up Kit, asking if she will go along with him on the tour bookings. She leaves. Sam calls the band scheduled for that weekend and cancels their appearance, too! Kit walks in, excited about the band-booking trip. Sam says the weekend band just canceled and he doesn't know what to do. Kit gets really antsy about losing more money; Sam says he would play the gig but since they are going to Chicago he can't. Kit says he should stay and play the gig and she'll scout the bands alone.

    Carly meets Parker in Old Town and asks how things are going. She says Kit and Sam are going out of town and makes a bargain with him - if he passes his science test he can come by the club after school to make some extra cash. Parker reluctantly agrees to the plan. Parker and Carly return to Metro, talking about his new job. Sam walks in and tells them the band just canceled but that he'll play the gig and Kit will go to Chicago alone. Parker doesn't like that idea at all and walks out. Carly catches up with Parker in Old Town. The kiddo won't listen to her explanations and runs off from her. Carly continues on to Java and is having a cup of coffee when Kit walks in and asks about Sam. She says Sam has a wandering eye but that she trusts Carly; Carly tells Kit she has nothing to worry about.

    Sam is washing up some glasses when a musician walks in and demands payment since Metro cancelled their gig! Sam argues with him for a while but finally agrees to pay the band for one night only. The musician walks out. Parker has been listening! He confronts Sam, who brings up Parker's therapist and all of the times he has cried wolf over the past few weeks. Sam says no one will believe him. Parker says his parents will believe him and walks out. Sam pulls Cowboy Jack from beneath the counter and talks to him about how to get rid of Parker! Kit returns, puts her arms around Sam and hugs him. She asks if Cowboy Jack can come upstairs with them. Sam says Cowboy Jack has other plans.

    Sofie Kidnaps Hallie!

    Friday, February 01 2008

    Carly arrives at Metro and blurts out, "Sam you can't work here any longer." She says Parker can't deal with Sam and that she has to do the right thing for her kid. Sam pretends to be ready to accept, saying she has to do the right thing. Kit takes offense and says if Sam goes, she goes - and so does her money!

    Carly returns to the farm and tells Jack they have big problems. She says Kit is going to take her money out of the bar if Sam leaves and she doesn't have the money to buy Kit out. Jack doesn't care and says they can't tell Parker that they changed their minds. Carly wonders if Brad can help - by loaning money for the buy-out - but Jack doesn't like that idea. He says she will just have to keep her word and get rid of Sam. "So to keep my son happy I have to give up my chance at a new life," she asks! Jack finally gives in and says he'll stand by her while she talks to Parker. Parker reacts badly to the news, calling them both liars and manipulators. He storms out. Carly calls Sam to give him the good news. She thanks Jack for standing by her. Jack says as long as they are strong for Parker he'll be fine.

    After speaking to Carly, Sam tells Kit that they are staying on and building a life in Oakdale. She goes upstairs to unpack. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack, hoping that the worst is over with Parker. Cowboy Jack has a new worry - maybe Kit will find out that Sam is really interested in Carly and not the bar! "You've got to take Carly somewhere private," he says.

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