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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth
    Sam Hutchins

    Actor: Wally Kurth

    Who played Sam Hutchins over the years

    Wally Kurth (2007 - February 2008)

    Useful information on Sam Hutchins

    Sam arrived in Oakdale in the fall of 2007.

    He is Kit's boyfriend and has a criminal record.

    Sam is a ventriloquist.

    Sam tried to rape Carly but Parker interrupted and shot him.


    Sam works at Metro.


    Sam, Kit's boyfriend, arrived in town shortly after she. He has a mysterious past and right away that made Jack nervous. Sam is a ventriloquist and has a crush on Carly.










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    Monday, February 11 2008: The Cops Are Staying Busy...

    Carly sees Parker standing over Sam with a rifle! He drops the gun and runs out; Carly follows, leaving Sam on the floor bleeding. In the street, Carly says things will be okay. She leads him to a chapel and asks why he was at Metro in the first place. Parker says he felt weird so he went to the farm, grabbed the rifle and came to Metro. He begs her not to call Jack but Carly does anyway, saying she won't let anything bad happen to him. When Jack arrives Carly tells him about the near-rape and the shooting, then she asks Jack if he has to call it in! Jack agrees to check out Sam's condition first. By the time they get to Metro Sam is dead; Jack calls the station house and asks for a forensics team to come to the club. Carly hugs Parker. She begs Jack to let them leave but Jack insists on taking Parker to the police station! He calls Margo and asks her to meet them at the station and to bring Tom along.

    Friday, February 08 2008: No More Fun and Games!

    At Metro Cowboy Jack and Sam talk about their plan: to send Jack and Parker to a hockey game so Sam can have time with Carly! Carly walks in. She says she is going to close up early that night. Jack calls about the hockey game; Carly says taking the kid to a game could help Parker feel like part of the family again. Carly goes into the office to finish some paperwork. She returns a few seconds later and Sam is talking to Cowboy Jack about making his move! "What does that mean?" she asks. Sam says he was just thinking about where he is going from here. Carly believes him. He goes upstairs to pack. The phone rings and the singer from the band that Sam fired calls, offering Carly a second chance to book them! She is confused until he says Sam canceled the gig - not the band! When Sam returns Carly asks what he was thinking. Sam says he is in love with her! He confesses everything: that he got rid of the bands and he got rid of Kit to win Carly's heart. Carly says he wasted his time! Sam apologizes, saying he just wanted to spend time with her. He asks if she'll keep this secret from Kit and Carly agrees. She tells Sam he has to leave - now! He says he'll go after one last beer. Carly is worried but doesn't want to set Sam off. It becomes clear that he isn't leaving, though, so Carly grabs his bag and marches it to the door! Sam grabs her and says he isn't going anywhere. He starts talking about Carly leading him on and finally getting what he wants! Sam grabs Carly, kisses her and then pushes her to the floor! Carly pushes him off but Sam just keeps at her, pulling at her clothes and kissing her. Carly screams for help. Just then a gun is fired and Sam falls to the floor!

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