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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    Will You Marry Me Again?

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    Kim and Chris are walking in Old Town and talking about his future. He still hasn't decided what he is going to do with his future. Kim goes on about what Chris should be doing; he realizes Bob set her off about Chris' laziness. He says he just needs a little time and space and then leaves.

    Aaron sees Alison at Java. She is wearing Larry's bracelet and shows him her latest exam - which is a C. She angrily accuses him of patronizing her when he says she'll bring her grades up! Aaron says he was only trying to help. Alison goes off on a tangent, getting angrier and angrier over nothing. Aaron says she is acting like she is on drugs! He points out that her eyes are weird, she is over-reacting and fidgeting with her bracelet. This only makes her angrier. Chris arrives and eavesdrops as Alison keeps going off on Aaron. She tells him to go away and Aaron walks out. Chris watches her a little while longer and then sits at her table. She is shivering so he gives her his coat. She turns on him, too. Chris watches her closely and questions her. Allie just keeps getting angrier. Then, she flips a switch and flirts with him! Chris asks what is really going on with her. She denies feeling bad or out of sorts but Chris doesn't buy her explanations. He tells her to have Susan check her out but Allie refuses. Chris storms out. She fiddles with the bracelet and it falls off.

    Chris finds Susan at the hospital and tells her about Allie's strange actions. Susan isn't sure whether to believe him and says Alison's strangeness is probably because of Chris' harassment. He asks her to do a physical; she tells him to get lost.

    Chris stops by The Lakeview and the concierge gives him a package from the concierge. The note tells Chris to take his time and inside is a new watch. He calls Kim and leaves a message on her voicemail, thanking her for standing by him.

    Cole Is Caught and Meg is Shot!

    Monday, July 21 2008

    Alison is running at the high school track. Chris sees her as he is running, too. They chat for a bit and Chris realizes she is having a hard time - and that she doesn't like to run. He offers to give her a few tips and shows her some stretches. When she is loosened up, Chris asks if they can run together. They run for a while but Alison is much slower than he is. Aaron arrives and she stops to talk with him. He is worried about Chris but Alison says Chris was helping her out. She is weak and almost falls over. Aaron grabs her and helps her to the bleachers. She says she is okay and probably just overdid it. Aaron and Alison leave; Chris watches them go.

    Paul tracks down Chris at Al's, who says he only felt sorry for Sofie. He says Sofie had no clue how to deal with people who were being nice to her.

    The Common Sense of an Earthworm!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Chris sees Alison at the hospital and tries to be chummy with her. She is very formal with him. Susan walks out and asks what is going on. Susan becomes angry very quickly but Alison calms her down. She says she can fight her own battles and Susan needs to back off. Susan is called to the ER. Alison tells Chris to keep his distance from her mom. He apologizes again. Allie says she just wants to move on and continue with the nursing program. Then she says she never wants to see him again. Susan catches up with Alison a little later. Allie says again that she is ready to move on and now she can because Chris is leaving the hospital.

    Rick arrives at the hospital and automatically sees Susan. Before she can glimpse him, he asks his handler to keep them separated. Rick gets to the morgue and begins examining Sofie’s body. Alison walks in the door and screams! The guard tries to explain. Chris arrives and hears Allie screaming. The guard tries explaining again but Alison is too upset to listen. She stays with Chris; he hugs her. The guard returns inside and in a few minutes, Rick returns with him. Chris calls him a killer but Rick isn’t affected by his words at all. He apologizes for scaring Alison and leaves with his handler. Alison breaks down and hurries away.

    Movers and Shakers!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Chris runs into Bob in the changing room. Bob says he received Chris' resignation letter and says he will not accept it! He says Chris' admission is better late than never but Chris will not rescind the resignation. Forced to accept it, Bob asks what he will do now. Chris says he isn't sure but a fresh start may be in order. Kim arrives as Bob is beating himself up over Chris possibly leaving town. Kim says he isn't to blame and that Chris needs to face his own demons.

    Alison goes to The Lakeview to show Aaron an apology letter from Chris. Aaron tells her not to be taken in by Chris' remorse. She wonders what she should do now. Brenda calls and she leaves. A while later, Allie returns and tells him the good news - she has been reinstated! She sees Chris and he says he is trying to make things right and stuns her when he says he handed in his resignation. Chris says he can only try to make things right. He tells her not to give up her dreams. Allie leaves. Kim arrives and tells him how proud she is. She asks where he is going and Chris says he has no plans. He says he isn't going to run away from Oakdale but that he can't work at the hospital. She is thrilled that he is staying in town.

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