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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    Who Will Save Oakdale?

    Monday, August 11 2008

    At the hospital, Margo shares her concerns about Rick with Bob and Chris. Chris remembers how Decker was before he was finally imprisoned and believes that Margo is right; they have to fill in a few blanks for Bob, who was comatose for much of Rick's last reign of terror. He agrees with them. Chris gets back to work, trying to find something that will lead to an antidote.

    The police guard brings Rick into Chris' research room. Chris lunges at Rick but the guards hold him back. Rick says they have to work together or everyone will die. Bob arrives and tells Chris they have to work together but that Rick will have his own room. He warns Rick not to approach any of the staff members. Rick tries convincing her guard to release the cuffs but the man won't. Instead, he helps Rick arrange his instruments but when his back is turned, Rick plunges a needle into his neck. The man collapses and Rick steals the handcuff keys. Rather than leaving, he sits at the desk. Susan walks in. "Hello, my darling," he says. He tells her that he has been hired to save everyone. Susan can't believe it and argues with him. He begs her for a second chance! She is paged away but Rick stops her by showing her the antidote he has come up with. He swears he doesn't want to hurt anyone. She says if he wanted to save people he would be upstairs administering the antidote. He kisses her! She slaps him and tells him to get real. He cons her in to coming closer by offering her the antidote - and then he knocks her out! Paul calls. Rick says he'll hand over the antidote as soon as he is free from Oakdale! Rick steps over Susan's body and walks out.

    Chris finishes a round of tests and thinks he has come up with a cure. He injects himself to test it. He tests his blood a short time later.

    Rick walks in and releases her from the restraints. He pulls a gun on Meg, who believes he is a hallucination, and tells her she doesn't want to miss out on all the fun! He takes her to Alison's room. Alison freaks out when she sees Rick. He takes Alison and Meg into Casey and Emily's room. Chris bursts in with the antidote, surprising Rick. He points the gun and tells Chris to stay calm. Margo and Paul arrive. Marge faces off with Decker; she swears she called the governor but Rick doesn't believe her. He uses Meg as a human shield and then dumps all of the antidote he has on the floor! Paul yells at Margo to shoot Rick. Margo won't do it. She tells Rick to give up because the money and the helicopter are gone. "I will not negotiate," she says. Rick pushes Meg into a corner and Tom jumps on him but Rick punches him in the chest and Tom collapses. "Let the negotiations begin," Rick says and slams the door closed!

    Holden Moves Out and Decker Moves In!

    Friday, August 08 2008

    At the hospital, Chris and Bob tell Margo what is going on. Neither is certain about exactly what is going on but they are certain the town is being poisoned! Bob asks where Tom is and Margo says she didn't want to worry him because of his heart. Bob tells her she needs to start investigating the crimes. Kim promises to stand by Casey for her. Margo leaves. Kim is about to go when Chris tries to get out of bed again. She takes his clothes so he can't leave and the watch falls out. Kim doesn't recognize it and asks where it came from. Chris says it is from her; she says she didn't send it! He realizes they are all being poisoned by the mysterious gifts. He leaves. Casey wakes and Kim tries to keep him calm. A guard comes in and Kim orders him to get Bob quickly. She stays with Casey, who collapses. She calls Margo to come as soon as possible.

    Chris is in the lab testing the bracelet and the watch when Bob walks in. He sees the toxin there, too. Another doctor comes in and gives them Meg's chart. They realize there is another victim!

    In Meg's room, Sofie taunts her about Paul, who is still trying to keep her calm. He realizes that Meg is having more visions but she covers and says Sofie is gone. "Good girl, Meg," Sofie says. Meg convinces Paul that her wrist hurts and he releases her restraints! As he is getting water, Sofie tells Meg to take the cloth from the restraint and strangle Paul. She is about to do it when he sees her. She collapses in tears. Paul goes to get a nurse and Sofie keeps taunting Meg. She tries to make a break for it but Paul returns and stops her. The nurses restrain Meg again and tell Paul not to let her out no matter what she says. Meg apologizes and asks him what is wrong with her. He says they'll fix everything. Barbara knocks on the door and Paul goes outside. Chris and Bob tell him about the poisonings and wonder if Meg got any strange gifts. He says she hasn't gotten anything since the wedding. Paul and Barbara remember that she has been wearing the necklace almost constantly. Bob advises Babs to call Will and Gwen; she leaves a message for them. Bob leaves to find Margo. Just then Rick calls to tell Barbara that he might be able to help her family! He says he can fix everything for her family if she'll just hire him to solve the crimes - immediately! Rick hangs up the phone. Paul angrily tells Barbara not to consider hiring Rick but Babs says he is the only one who can help. They return to Meg's room. Bob and Dr. Michaelson say they have to reduce the amount of sedatives they are giving Meg because they could interact badly with the poison. Paul is very worried. The doctors leave. He tells Babs to call Rick!

    Margo goes to the lab, tells them about Paul hiring Rick. She tells Bob and Chris that Rick must be the culprit!

    An Ultimatum Is Given!

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    At the hospital, Alison has another attack. Aaron calls for help but when Chris comes in, refuses to allow him to help! Chris ignores him so Aaron goes after a nurse. The woman won't make Chris leave either and only increases the pressure when she says Chris has been reinstated. Aaron leaves to find Bob. Chris takes a blood sample and tells her to stay awake. Alison grabs the needle and plunges it into Chris' chest! Aaron returns and sides with Alison when she says Chris was trying to kill her. The nurse sides with Chris, who begs Bob not to take him off the case. Bob looks over Alison while Chris tells Aaron that he was infected with the same thing Alison was infected with. Bob orders them to go outside. Bob follows them into the hall and tells both men that Alison needs to remain calm. Aaron goes inside, saying Chris better keep his distance. Bob tells Chris he is off the case, at least as far as actually doctoring Alison. Chris says he is going to keep researching.

    Chris is in the lab researching when he has another attack. Bob comes in but he insists he is fine and goes back to work. He realizes he is getting sick again but won't stop researching because he is afraid for Alison. He injects himself with some of Alison's blood and then makes his way to her room. He begs her to hold on and says he can fix this. Aaron comes in and orders Chris to stay away from Allie. Chris turns on him and tries to strangle him. Bob rushes in and orders a sedative. Aaron yells for Chris to be locked up but Bob says he is sick with the same thing Alison is sick with.

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