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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    New Romance Blooming?

    Tuesday, August 19 2008

    Dani meets with a Mr. Ross at The Lakeview and lands the job that brought her to town. He leaves and she celebrates with a drink at the bar. She orders as Chris walks in. Dani takes his wine advice and they talk about Paris, where they both lived for a while. She invites him to join her job celebration; he accepts. As they are talking, Alison and Aaron arrive. Aaron could care less about Dani's job - or her interest in Chris - but Alison is obviously thrown. Aaron goes to find his boss about some time off. She thanks Chris for helping Aaron. Aaron calls to her that they can go. Dani turns to Chris and asks if there is something going on between him and Alison! He says they have history and Aaron doesn't like him. She says that Alison is over him and Aaron should get over his anger. Chris is upset but hides it.

    New Beginnings?

    Monday, August 18 2008

    Bob welcomes Chris back to the hospital. He warns Chris to stay away from Alison but Chris says he can't do that. He says he wants to see where their relationship can go! Bob warns him to be careful and to back off if Alison shows any strange signs.

    Upstairs, Aaron tells Alison to stop acting weird around him. She says she isn't sure how to act because she doesn't want to lose her best friend! She looks over his wound and realizes there is a problem. She calls the hospital and Chris answers the nurse's station phone. He says he'll be right there and won't answer when Alison tries to call him to cancel. Aaron refuses to allow Chris to look him over. Chris arrives, looks at the wound and says Aaron has a bad infection. He says Aaron is going to need several daily shots to take care of this. Alison volunteers to do it. Chris leaves. Aaron says she doesn't have to do this but she insists she wants to.

    Alison goes to the hospital and thanks Chris for helping with Aaron. She continues on. Bob finds Chris and says everyone is thrilled with his return. Chris says he and Alison are back on track, too, as friends.

    Lily Makes Her Move!

    Wednesday, August 13 2008

    Chris takes Alison's discharge papers to her. She is feeling much better and tells him so. She decides to visit Aaron before leaving. They walk into the hall; she thanks him again for saving her and walks away.

    Casey has coffee at the hospital with Chris. Chris realizes Casey is worried about something. Casey says he doesn't understand Emily. Chris says Emily may have a point and says a piece of paper saying they are married shouldn't make a difference. Chris bumps into Alison a few minutes later and offers to take her home. She says she is staying put for a while. He asks her if he is making her uncomfortable around him but she says she is fine. He tells her how she reacted when he tried to take the blood sample and swears he wouldn't hurt her. She says she isn't staying at the hospital because of him.

    One Split Second!

    Tuesday, August 12 2008

    Margo draws her gun as Rick turns his gun on her! He tells her to let him go or everyone in the room will die. Margo demands that he help Tom but Rick refuses to do anything until she promises to get the helicopter for him. Aaron, above them in the vents, overhears. Margo refuses to help Decker, even after Chris and Paul tell her to do it. Chris says he has an antidote so they don't need Rick! Margo isn't sure who to believe. Meg finally comes to her senses and drops beside Tom, who seems to be having a heart attack. She begs Rick to help but he won't. He backs into the room and threatens Casey! Just then, Aaron drops into the room and Decker shoots him! Aaron falls to the ground beside Alison. Rick grabs Emily and uses her body to get closer to Alison. Tom groans again and Margo gives in! She makes a call to clear the airspace and then orders that a pilot get the helicopter there ASAP! Rick grabs Alison and runs from the room despite Emily begging him to take her instead. Meg drops beside Aaron and tries to help him. Chris barks orders at a nurse and then fills Bob in when he arrives. He takes off after Alison and Rick.

    Chris follows Rick and Alison through the hospital. When they get outside, police officers try to stop Rick but he won't give up. Chris tries to intervene but Rick points the gun at Allie's head and Chris backs off. Decker makes a run for the chopper. When he turns his back, Chris jumps him. They fight over the gun and Chris finally overpowers Rick. He grabs Alison and runs for the hospital as the officers take care of Rick.

    Chris gets Alison into a room and barks orders at a nurse but Alison is fading fast. The nurse returns and says they had to use the last of the antidote on Susan! Chris hurries to the research lab to make more. Alison dreams she is in a field, alone, when Aaron shows up. She asks where they are; he doesn't answer, just takes her on a motorcycle ride. She can't feel his body next to hers and wonders why. They quickly arrive at Yo's. Alison asks if he feels funny, too, but Aaron says he feels fine. She pushes away the beer he serves her but he says she can have anything she wants now. Emily and Susan start singing in the corner. She asks them what is going on. They tell her to stop thinking and play along. Suddenly Chris pops up from behind the piano and tells her to relax and have fun. Alison joins Emily and Susan for another chorus. When the chorus ends, Emily and Susan have disappeared. Chris and Aaron are still there and tell her to relax. Aaron requests a song from her and along with Chris pressures her to sing some more. She sings the lullaby she sang to Aaron in Seattle. As the song ends, she realizes Chris has disappeared. Alison starts to freak out about people leaving her. Aaron says he has to go, too, and won't let her come with him. He fades from her sight. She is right back in the middle of the field and calls out for help. Just then, the real Chris bursts into Alison's hospital room with another dose of the antidote. Refusing to give up even though it looks bleak, he injects her. In her dream state, Alison sees Chris and asks again what is going on. He reaches out and says she has to come with him now. She takes his hand and begins to wake from her dreams. She sees Chris and he tells her what happened. She thanks him for saving her and then asks for Aaron!

    Chris takes Alison to Aaron. She holds his hand and cries. He asks if she is real. She says they are going to be okay now. Chris watches them from the hall.

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