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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    Digging Up Money!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    At the hospital, Chris is talking to Mrs. Ward about her puppy. Nancy knows her and together they tell Chris that she is in trouble because she has to go to assisted living but they don't take pets. She asks if Chris and Alison would take the puppy! Allie walks in and the woman calls her Chris' girlfriend. They reluctantly agree to the plan, pleasing Nancy. Mrs. Ward's nurse comes to take her back to assisted living. Alison asks what is going on. Chris says they are now parents to a furry friend. Chris tries convincing Alison to take the pet because he can't have a dog at The Lakeview. She won't do it.

    In his room, Chris plays with the puppy. Alison returns and asks what they are going to do. Allie still refuses to take the dog; Chris gives her a key so that she can come to the room to care for the dog while he is at work.

    Is Parker Innocent?

    Friday, August 29 2008

    In Old Town, Alison runs into Chris, who apologizes again for the flowers. He says he just thought they might have another chance at their relationship. Allie is understanding. He leaves as Aaron arrives. Alison tells Aaron that Chris is a good guy! Over ice cream, Alison says she contacted Chris this time and she was trying to smooth things over so they could have a good working relationship. Aaron asks about wedding dates and brings up some summer dates. Alison asks how next week sounds!

    Alison goes to the hospital to tell Susan, who is shocked. Susan isn't sure this is a good idea. Alison insists that a small wedding is all she and Aaron want. Chris overhears them talking. Allie sees him and smiles. She finds Chris a little while later in his office. He tries to be supportive but is very upset and quickly leaves. He sees an elderly woman with a puppy in a basket. He says she can't have a dog in a hospital and she opens the basket. The puppy is gone! Chris promises to look for the dog and is calling for him when Alison finds him again. They start looking together and Alison says they need to figure out if the dog is real or not. Just then they see the puppy and a gnawed on shoe. The puppy escapes Chris so Allie tries to catch him but she misses, too. Chris tries again and catches the pup, who pees on him! Chris takes off his shirt when Allie takes the puppy; she stares at his chest and then quickly leaves.

    Too Much Subterfuge!

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Chris is buying coffee at Java when Dani walks in and invites him to lunch. She won't take no for an answer until he says he has feelings for someone else. She puts two and two together and realizes he is still in love with Alison! Dani presses Chris for answers but before he can say much, Alison texts him. He tells Dani he can be her friend but that is all and leaves. Casey walks in and sits down with Dani, frustrated. They share their woes and Casey tells her that she has nothing to worry about where Alison is concerned because she is now engaged to Aaron. Dani checks her voice mail, finds that she is invited and asks Casey to be her date since Emily won't take him! They leave together.

    Emily arrives at The Lakeview for the party; Susan has everything put together. Emma arrives and chats with Emily; she gives Susan Paul and Meg's regrets because they can't attend. Aaron arrives, followed by Alison! He kisses her. Holden arrives and drinks with Emily. She sees Casey arrive with Dani and angrily tells Dani to back off. Dani tells Emily to lighten up. Aaron spots Lily delivering the kids and asks her to stay. She agrees reluctantly and calls Mike to cancel their plans. Holden sees Lily and tells her to go; she says she is staying because Aaron invited her. He admits that his anger is more about missing out on their family life than about her dating Mike. Lily storms off. Chris arrives. Susan tries to head him off but Aaron sees him and proposes a toast - to his future wife! Chris is shocked and Alison sadly watches him. Aaron toasts to their newfound love. After, Alison and Faith bond as future sisters but then she hurries after Chris. Chris says he got the message and she asks why he is there in the first place! He shows her the text message and brings up the flowers. She says she didn't send the message and she didn't know he sent the flowers. Chris blames Aaron but Alison defends him. She says Aaron is exactly what she needs. Chris sadly leaves. Alison returns to the party but won't talk to Aaron. He leads her out of the room and she asks why he sent that message. Aaron says that was the only way to get through to Chris. She says she doesn't need this kind of subterfuge and he needs to get over Chris. Aaron asks why she is so upset when she keeps saying she wants Chris out of her life! Allie says Aaron is being sneaky and underhanded and needs to stop because she doesn't like that side of him. Casey is singing Emily's praises to Emma and Susan when she walks up and tells him to stop. Casey sets her straight on how Emma really feels about Emily's newspaper, shocking her. Emma asks Susan what is going on with them after they leave but Susan doesn't know. Both agree that at least Aaron and Alison are on the right track. Lily, Holden and kids take their leave, interrupting Aaron and Alison's argument on the way out. They assure everyone that they are happy. In the hall, Casey and Emily make up and leave. Alison thanks Susan for the party; Emma tells Aaron not to leave things messy with Alison. Susan and Emma leave. Aaron turns to Alison and apologizes for hurting Chris that way. "It was low," he says. She agrees and then says the worst thing is that it was unnecessary because she loves him. She kisses him.

    Dani follows Chris to Yo's and buys him a drink. She offers to take him some place for dinner, too, and brings up Alison. She tells him to give another woman - her! - a chance! She goes to get another drink. They shoot pool and Dani offers him another drink. Chris turns her down. She asks for a pool rematch but Chris says he still cares too much about Allie to get into another relationship. He leaves.

    The Marrying Kind!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    At the hospital, Chris runs into Dani, who asks for his help with her job. Chris introduces her to the Mort-the-Morgue-Guy. He gives Dani files on all of the people who died violent deaths. Another body is brought in and Dani convinces Mort to let her stay for the autopsy. Mort pulls back the covering and Dani faints! Chris wakes her and they flirt over her inability to view a cadaver. She leaves. Susan finds Chris and tells him Alison's good grade news. She is excited and says Allie will be there soon with even better news.

    Alison runs into Chris at the hospital and is surprised when he says Susan is broadcasting her grade all over the hospital; Alison is relieved that he doesn't know about the proposal and hides her hand behind her back. Chris asks what is going on. She won't let him see her hand and he angrily leaves. She follows and apologizes. In the hall, they bump into Dani, who thanks Chris for his help earlier. She is put off by the other woman, especially when Dani invites Chris to lunch. They leave.

    New Romance Blooming?

    Tuesday, August 19 2008

    Alison and Aaron arrive at the hospital for the first of his shots. Chris walks up and says he is Aaron's doctor today. Aaron refuses his care. Susan hears their raised voices and offers to take over for Chris. Chris and Alison go to the hall where they run into Dani. She is immediately taken with Chris and asks Alison what his story is! As they talk, Alison becomes very uncomfortable about her seeing Chris. Susan and Aaron interrupt and Alison introduces Aaron. Susan invites them all to lunch but Dani has an appointment.

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