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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    Jack and Carly - Together Again!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    Emily can't believe that Chris is asking her to stay in Oakdale with him - as in living together! She gets dressed in a hurry, shocked at his suggestion. Chris gives her all the reasons they should move in together when Emily doesn't give him an answer. He asks about her commitment issues and points out that he isn't after a soul-mate; he wants a play-mate! Em still won't say yes so Chris drops the subject. That only makes Emily more nervous about his motives. She kisses him. At the hospital, Chris and Emily run into Bob. Em makes a quick exit to see Susan and Bob invites Chris to the diner for Vienna's signature dish. They leave. Emily runs into Susan in the break room and asks if they can catch up. Annoyed because Chris and Emily have been ignoring their families, Susan makes a smart remark. Emily asks if they can talk about something other than Chris and Susan brings up Dusty! They argue a bit and just as they decide they should agree to disagree, Susan is called away on a consult. Dusty comes around the corner, grabs Emily and pulls her into a hot kiss! Angry, Emily pulls away from Dusty and tells him not to touch her again.

    At the diner, Bob brings up how short-staffed they are at the hospital. Chris tells him he is thinking about staying in town and asks about a job. They return to the hospital and Bob tells Chris about a research job. Chris likes that idea. Bob leaves to get the paperwork started. "You really didn't know," Chris says when Bob leaves. Chris continues down the hall and sees Emily order Dusty away from her. He tells Dusty to back off but Dusty won't. Chris gets in his face and Dusty walks away. He asks what it was all about but Emily won't answer. Instead she asks about the job interview and then tells Chris she wants to move in with him! They return to The Lakeview for a drink. In the lounge, Emily sees Dusty and asks Chris if they can order room service instead. She leaves immediately and Chris follows. "Yeah, she's over him," he says to himself.


    Monday, November 05 2007

    Alison and Chris meet at the hospital. She tells him she might get her old nurse's aide job back and he says he's thinking about taking a staff position, too. He wonders if that will be a problem, given their past. Alison insists that she is over their old love affair. Allie tells Chris that she is happy for his relationship with Emily and that she is happy to see her sister happy. Alison tells Chris to keep Emily happy. Chris leaves.

    Katie Digs for the Truth!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    At the hospital, Kim is finishing up a few decorations when Susan walks in, offering her help. Chris walks in, on Emily's arm, surprising both Mothers! Kim asks Chris about Emily as Susan asks Em about Chris; both tell the moms that they are together now. Susan pulls Emily into the hall and asks for more details. She believes Emily being with Chris is a scheme to get back at her sister! Emily swears she is just having fun with Chris but Susan doesn't quite believe her. They continue to a break room where Susan tells Emily that both she and Alison have had a tough time since Em left town. Susan is worried that Emily being with Chris may cause Allie to slip again.
    Meanwhile back in the hospital room, Kim is having the same conversation with Chris - telling him that Emily is too old for him and reminding him about the blowup with Alison. Chris tells Kim to give him a break and just be happy for him. Bob arrives as Emily returns to tell Chris she needs to see Alison. She leaves. Kim follows. Bob tells Chris that he could pull a few strings to get him a job at Oakdale Memorial; Chris isn't sure what kind of job he is looking for. A nurse arrives with a few kids. Down the hall, Kim runs into Katie and Brad. She takes Katie straight to Chris. He congratulates her on her wedding to Jack. When he learns the truth, he apologizes. Katie tells him she should have seen it coming because Carly always fights for what she wants. Brad returns and Katie reintroduces the guys. Chris begins talking about Emily. A while later Brad and Katie are chatting about the kids and Brad makes a big announcement: Katie's going to teach them all the Chicken Dance! After the dance, Katie asks one of the nurses about Dr. Evers. The nurse tells her that Dr. Evers is on permanent leave because of a mis-diagnosis!

    Emily finds Alison at the diner and tells her that she is with Chris for one reason only: because she likes him. Emily swears that the Dusty fiasco is in the past and she has forgiven both Allie and Dusty. Emily tells Alison that she has moved on but Alison doesn't completely believe her but tells Emily that she is trying to move on, too. Chris arrives and Emily leaves. Alison watches them through the glass, sad.

    Emily and Chris Are A Couple!

    Thursday, October 25 2007

    In the hospital hall Alison runs smack into Chris! He offers to take her from the hospital but Alison tells him to spend time with his family. He insists and they leave together. Chris takes her to The Lakeview and they talk a little about the past. She asks what he is doing now. They walk into the bar and see Emily with Dusty. Em hugs Allie and tells her all is forgiven - and forgotten! Emily asks Alison to have dinner and Allie asks if Chris can join them. Emily says yes as Chris begins kissing her neck! "You asked what happened to me," she says to Dusty, "he did!" Emily tells them about meeting Chris at a French bistro. Dusty is unsettled. He orders a bottle of champagne and walks out; Chris wonders what Dusty is upset about. Alison says Dusty is probably just surprised. She decides to leave as a bellhop tells Chris and Emily that their luggage has finally arrived. Chris goes to check in and Alison asks Emily if they can get together tomorrow. Emily follows Chris.

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