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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    James is Dead!

    Tuesday, September 30 2008

    Alison goes to the doctor's office to be checked out. Chris sees her and asks what is going on but Alison won't talk to him. The doctor runs a few tests and when she returns, says there could be problems. She says Alison has Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and it could make pregnancy impossible! Allie can't believe it and says she feels fine. The doctor says sometimes there are no symptoms but antibiotics can help. She says people who have had multiple sexual partners are at highest risk. Allie thinks about her porn career and starts to cry. She hurries out. Chris sees her crying, hugs her and leads her away. Aaron arrives and finds the doctor. He says he is worried about Allie because she hasn't been home. She tells him about Allie's diagnosis and that they will have problems conceiving. Aaron asks what he can do. The doctor tells him to show Alison that this doesn't change things for them.

    Chris takes Alison to Java. She tells him about the diagnosis. He says her past doesn't matter and she needs to move on. She says this isn't something she - or Aaron - can move on from! She can't imagine not being a mother to Aaron's children and breaks down. Chris says she can be a mom, just like she has dreamed, because she deserves it. They walk back to the hospital and see Aaron. He hugs Alison and tells Chris to get away from them. He gets even more mad when Alison says she told Chris everything. Aaron grabs her and leads her away.

    Chris tracks down Alison's doctor and questions her but she won't tell him anything.

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

    Tuesday, September 23 2008

    Alison meets Emily and Casey for lunch at The Lakeview. She tells them about her baby plans and Emily immediately poo-poos the idea, telling Alison that she doesn't want kids. Chris walks in, distracting Alison. Casey and Emily argue about kids - he thinks Alison should have kids and Emily doesn't. Alison loses her appetite and walks out. Casey and Emily argue a little more until Emily says sex and kids are two different things. Casey says they should concentrate on the sex!

    Alison follows Chris to the hospital and accuses him of stalking her! Chris says she has to get used to seeing him around and brings up the night they made love. She tries to withstand his advances but Chris keeps coming on strong. She turns away and walks out. Chris follows her. Alison says if he loves her he has to let her go!

    Very Few Answers!

    Monday, September 22 2008

    Aaron and Alison are at the hospital when Chris says Ethan can go home. He is still upset about not finding the obstruction in Ethan's airway; Alison says he would have caught it in time. He releases the kiddo so Holden, Lily and Aaron leave. Alison begs off, saying she has to get back to school. When they are alone, Chris brings up the puppy and then leaves.

    Alison surprises Chris at The Lakeview. She says it took her a while to get someone to cover her shift! She sits down with the puppy and Chris and talks about her honeymoon. Chris asks why she is telling him all this stuff. She says she just wanted to let him know that she was fine. Chris kisses her! She kisses him back but then pulls away. Chris says she knows why she really came by - to see him! She says she just wanted to see the dog. Chris says they could have a chance to get their relationship right. "It's too late," Alison cries and runs out. Chris can't get Alison off his mind and hurries out.

    Chris goes to the hospital to work.

    Rescues and Explosions!

    Friday, September 19 2008

    At the hospital, Chris checks over Ethan and says he'll be fine. Holden and Lily call home while Aaron and Alison stay with the kiddo. Alison realizes Ethan isn't breathing! Chris acts quickly and brings Ethan back. He beats himself up about it but Aaron and Alison both tell him that it's all okay now. Holden and Lily bring Faith in. Faith is relieved that Ethan is okay but still blames herself. Lily tells her she didn't do anything wrong. Holden explains that they want to keep Ethan a while longer. Faith promises her brother that she'll never let anything like this happen again.

    Gone, Baby Gone!

    Monday, September 15 2008

    At a Lakeview suite, Aaron and Alison are laying in bed watching a chick flick. He tells her every day with her is a honeymoon. When he leaves to take a shower, Alison takes their room service to the door and sees the puppy she and Chris rescued. He runs into the room and Chris follows the puppy into the room. Alison is uncomfortable, but loves seeing the puppy. Chris says she looks sad and wonders if the marriage is going to make her happy, but Alison tells him it is too late. Aaron emerges from the shower and asks what the hell he is doing there. Chris explains how the dog got away. Aaron says pets are not allowed, and Chris leaves.

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