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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    Danger, Danger, Danger!

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    At the hospital, Allie and another student are talking about their lab. Alison believes she has finally figured out how to study for her classes. Brenda finds them and brings Alison into a private room. She says Allie's grades are not good and her lab work is worse; she says Alison is out of the nursing school program! Allie is stunned. Aaron is outside the room and she tells him she just got kicked out. Aaron tries to calm her down and suggests she just leave. Alison refuses to run and says she'll finish her shift first. Aaron likes the gumption she is showing and tells her so. She hugs him. Chris walks in, angry to see them together. He sees Allie crying; she tells him about getting kicked out of the nursing program. Chris says how sorry he is and walks out. Susan finds Alison later and asks what really happened. Alison tells her; Susan says she heard it was more than that - and Chris may have gotten her tossed out of the program. Allie is shocked and doesn't want to believe Chris would turn on her that way. She talks things over with Susan and realizes that Chris' anger over her decision not to sleep with him combined with his anger about her spending the night at the Snyder farm may have forced his hand. Susan can't believe it either.

    Chris finds Brenda in the waiting room and asks why she dropped Alison so suddenly. She says she doesn't believe in wasting time - and was just following his advice! Chris leaves for lunch with Bob. He tells Bob about ending things with Alison. Bob brings up nursing school, saying Alison was always a high-strung girl. Alison arrives and accuses Chris of sabotaging her because she wouldn't sleep with him. Chris defends himself and says Brenda made her own decisions. Bob tries to intervene but Allie tells him exactly how Chris has been acting. She storms off. Bob tells Chris that Alison better keep her accusations to herself or he could be in big trouble.

    In the stairwell, Chris runs into Brenda and tells her that no one can ever know about their conversations about Alison!

    The Search of New York City!

    Thursday, May 29 2008

    Alison wakes at the farm. In the kitchen, Aaron makes breakfast. She admits she isn't ready to see Chris. After breakfast, she thanks him for being a friend. Chris walks in and gets the wrong idea because Allie is still in Aaron's tee-shirt. Chris demands to see Alison alone but Aaron won't leave her side. He asks why she is messing with his head. Alison angrily says Aaron is just a friend - a friend who doesn't remind her of her porno-past. Chris keeps pushing until Aaron steps in and tells him to back off. Allie tells him to find another charity case to "help" through school. He walks out. Later, Aaron suggests they hang out later; she says she has to finish her hospital shift first.

    Chris returns to the hospital. Brenda tracks him down, telling him that Allie's work in the lab is sub-par. Chris tells her to do what she has to do! Brenda is shocked and asks why Chris isn't defending Allie more. "I don't think Alison Stewart deserves any special treatment," he says!

    I'm Innoculating Myself Against Alison!

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    Chris is having breakfast at Java with Brenda, who tells him that Alison may have passed the test but she is not nursing material. Chris tells her to give Alison a chance and leaves. Chris finds Alison at the hospital and congratulates her. He invites her out for a drink. They go to Yo's and play a game of darts. Chris hits three bulls-eyes to win the game. A couple of tough guys suggest they play blindfolded. Allie takes the first shot but doesn't even hit the board. Chris goes next and actually gets on the board, annoying Alison. She tries again but this time her dart hits Chris' arm! They leave for his place so Allie can clean up the wound. They laugh about the mishap once they're back at The Lakeview. Alison finishes cleaning up the wound. They kiss and begin making love but Allie gets cold feet again. "What's wrong with you?" Chris asks angrily. Alison can't explain why she keeps doing this to him. Chris doesn't believe her and brings up the porn career. Alison runs from the room in tears.

    Chris returns to the hospital and is about to give himself a shot when Susan walks in. "I'm inoculating myself - against your daughter," he says. Susan helps him with the shot and asks what is going on. Chris says it is his fault but that he doesn't understand where Alison is coming from any longer. As he rages on about Alison's hot and cold feelings, Susan decides to get the whole story straight from Allie.

    The Truth Could Hurt...

    Monday, May 26 2008

    Meg meets Bob at the hospital and he says the board is considering re-instating her. Meg is shocked and didn't realize it was even a possibility. Bob says she was a great nurse and he'd like to have her back! Meg accepts the job offer and Bob puts her on a probationary status. He says she can start tomorrow. Chris is looking for Allie but can't find her. He calls but she doesn't answer the phone. He tracks down Bob in the lounge and tells him his problems. Bob advises Chris to apologize right away.

    Aaron finds an upset Alison at Java and tries to get her to open up. After a while, Allie asks Aaron if she is crazy! Aaron thinks she is joking around, which only makes Allie feel more upset. Aaron wonders where all this is coming from and Alison tells him about Chris' suggestion that she see a shrink! Aaron thinks Chris was completely in the wrong and tells Alison she did the right thing is shutting him down. She wonders how she'll pass her classes. Meg walks in and Aaron asks her to tutor Alison. After telling them about her new job, Meg happily accepts the tutoring job, too. She leaves. Alison runs into Chris at the hospital. She says she understands why he said what he said; he apologizes for going a little overboard. He offers to keep tutoring her but she says she has school covered now. Aaron and Alison arrive at the farm. Aaron puts all her favorite foods on the table and they wait for Meg to arrive.

    Chris returns to the hospital to tell Bob about his meeting. Bob tells Chris to be patient and he may win Allie's heart.

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