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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce

    Birthday: April 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, C
    Real Name: Dylan Bruce


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    An Apology, A Fight and A Crime!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    At the police station, Alison arrives and asks Aaron what happened. Chris accuses Alison of putting Aaron up to the fight. Bob tells him to settle down. Dallas comes in to take Chris' statement. Bob says he needs to talk to Chris first and then tells Chris they will not press charges against Aaron! He insists that Chris has gone too far this time. Dallas returns and is surprised by the turn of events. He leaves. Bob says standing by Chris was a huge mistake. Chris and Kim walk out and he apologizes for bringing them into the mess. She says he has to start listening to his dad.

    It's Her or Me!

    Thursday, June 12 2008

    Susan is finishing paperwork at the hospital when Chris walks in. She says he might be able to fix things with an apology. Chris says he has nothing to apologize for – and that Allie is unstable! Susan walks out. A while later she runs into Alison, who tells her about the meeting with Bob and her demands.

    Bob meets with Chris and says Chris has two options: stay and fight or leave and start over. Chris says he won’t leave because then his reputation would be ruined. Chris goes to the lounge, where Alison is and angrily confronts her. Allie tries to leave but he won’t let her. He says she can’t blame him for her problems and says he won’t cave in to her lies! Alison points out that he helped her until she wouldn’t sleep with him. Allie tries to get around him but then Chris locks the door! She calls him a bully and he says she needs therapy! She tries to leave again but Chris won’t let her near the door. Alison says he better let her go or she’ll start screaming and go straight to the police. Chris angrily unlocks the door. Alison runs into the hall where Susan is; Chris follows. Alison says he locked her inside. Chris insists they were just talking but Alison doesn’t see it that way.

    No One Is Giving In!

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    At the hospital, Tom meets with Bob and Chris. He says they have to keep the case from going to court. Bob has an idea. After talking to Bonnie, Tom worries they may not have much room to move.

    Chris goes to WOAK and tells Kim about Alison's accusations. He says he is worried about how the case will make Bob and the hospital look. "I just wish I could make it all go away," he says. Kim says she may be able to help. A while later, Kim meets with Susan, who immediately says she won't talk about Alison. Kim convinces her to stay. Kim tells Susan that the lawsuit will make both sides look bad and suggests that as the kids' mothers they should step in. Kim says the hospital will be damaged as well as Chris' reputation and Alison's. Susan insists that Chris is to blame and not Allie but Kim keeps pushing.

    Susan goes to Kim's office and tells her the lawsuit is still on and she supports Allie. A while later, Kim meets Chris and says she couldn't convince Susan of anything. Chris leaves but then runs into Bob. He asks if Chris still stands by his actions; he says yes. Bob says they just have to trust that things will turn out okay.

    Get Your Client Under Control!

    Thursday, June 05 2008

    Chris meets with Tom to talk about the sexual harassment suit. He says he broke things off with Alison because she was running hot and cold on him. Finally Chris admits that he did talk to Brenda about giving Alison a second chance. Tom calls Bob and says Chris did make some mistakes. Chris defends his actions in having Alison taken off patient care, saying Alison flunked out and should have been removed. Bob points out that Allie has never had any complaints filed against her. Chris thinks Bob is overreacting. Bonnie calls Tom to say Alison is going to sue Chris - and the hospital! - for sexual harassment! Bob leaves. Tom warns Chris that this isn't going to be easy.

    Aaron and Alison return to the hospital. He tells her to keep her chin up. Allie goes into the lounge. Chris walks in. Allie tries to leave but Chris won't let her go. He says he doesn't blame her for being hurt and then says he didn't have her kicked out of the program. Alison tries to shut him out but then he brings up the porn career, saying it won't be kept a secret. She can't believe he would do that. He leaves and runs into Bob, who tells him Allie left her shift early. Chris says he talked to Alison, annoying Bob. Bob calls Tom. Tom arrives and tells Chris he made a huge mistake. Bob advises Chris to keep his distance from Alison.

    Another Blow For Alison...

    Wednesday, June 04 2008

    In the stairwell, Brenda tells Chris that no one will find out why she really dropped Alison. Neither notices Bob, who asks why Chris would have anything to do with Alison being kicked out of school. Chris tries to cover but Bob is worried that Chris allowed his anger with Alison to cloud his professional judgment. Chris defends his actions, including helping Alison study and asking Brenda for a little leniency, by saying he was trying to be a friend. Brenda backs him up, saying Alison's work was sub-par for too long. She leaves. Bob and Chris continue talking; Bob tells Chris that he believes him. Chris leaves as Susan walks up. He tells her about Brenda's explanation about Alison's work. Susan admits she knew Allie was having trouble with classes. Bob tells her to get the facts before making more accusations. He meets Kim at Al's and tells her about Chris and Alison. Kim sides with her son.

    Aaron goes to the hospital, angry on Alison's behalf, and confronts Chris. He defends his actions but the more he talks, the more Aaron realizes that Chris kept Allie in the nursing program. This makes him wonder why Chris isn't helping Alison now and he realizes the change happened after Chris saw Allie at the farm. Aaron finds Alison and tells her this, saying Chris didn't get her kicked out of the program but he isn't innocent, either! Allie says that Chris not sticking up for her isn't the same as him selling her down the river. She returns to work. She goes to see her first patient; Chris gives her some details and then leaves. Outside the patient's room, Chris asks an administrator to take Alison out of patient care! When Allie is finished with the patient, she is told that Chris has asked that she be removed from patient care. She can't believe it. She tracks down Chris and confronts him about getting her kicked of patient care. He tries to walk out but she follows. "The funny thing about big men, when they fall, they fall hard," she says and walks away.

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