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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Chris Hughes (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) Played by Dylan Bruce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Bruce
    Dr. Chris Hughes (Past)

    Actor: Dylan Bruce

    Who played Dr. Chris Hughes (Past) over the years

    Dylan Bruce (October 2007 - October 15 2008)
    Bailey Chase (January 2003 - January 2005)
    Alan White (July 2002 - September 2002)
    Paul Korver (1999 - March 2001)
    Ben Jorgenson (1999)
    Christian Siefert (1992 - 1998)
    Evan Ross Cannata (1990 - 1991)
    Adam Hirshan (1987 - 1990)

    Useful information on Dr. Chris Hughes (Past)

    *Accidentally started a fire at Milltown Baptist Church in 1997.
    *Stole files about Aaron Snyder's operation in 2004.
    *Left Oakdale in 2005 to take a job at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.
    *Brought Evan Walsh IV to town.
    *Was accused of sexual harassment by Alison Stewart.


    Current: Doctor at Oakdale Memorial
    Past: Intern at Memorial Hospital
    Past: Reporter for The Intruder
    Past: Cab Driver


    Chris Hughes grew up a priviledged child but that perfect childhood began to make him feel stifled and he began to rebel against his parents and all other forms of authority. He was expelled from Columbia University for cheating and enrolled at Oakdale University. While in college, he concentrated on her personal life and having fun and his studies suffered. He eventually moved out of his parents home because of his behavior. Once he was on his own, he started seeing Molly Conlan.

    Molly quickly ended the affair and Chris took up with a 16 year old girl named Daisy. He soon learned that Daisy was actually Abigail, Molly's long-lost daughter. Because of his relationship with Daisy, Chris began to take things more seriously and he re-enrolled in school. Chris convinced Abigail to keep their relationship a secret from her mother because he was afraid that Abigail would not understand his previous relationship with her mom. The truth eventually came out and Holden Snyder ordered Chris to stay away from Abigail. They broke up and Chris turned to his family.

    Chris and Tom teamed up to spy on Emily to make sure she wouldn't seek custody of Emily and Tom's son. Chris, however, began to sympathize with Emily and they made love. Tom found out but Chris stood up to his brother, telling him that he was in love with Emily. She didn't feel the same, though. Chris decided to return to school full-time and began studying medicine.

    When Chris graduated he returned to Oakdale and began an internship at Memorial Hospital. John Dixon was he supervisor. When he returned, Chris looked up Will Munson. He was hospitalized in the psych ward for an arson fire. Chris began investigating the case and met Alison Stewart, who confessed that she started the fire. Will was cleared of the charges, but the case caused John to wonder if Chris was spending too much time investigating and too little time on medicine. Chris apologized and returned to work at the hospital but things were rocky there. He continued to defend Alison and when she was released from the detention center early he befriended her. Chris tried to fight his attraction to Alison.

    During this time, a series of murders occurred at Memorial Hospital. Chris believed that Dr. Gordon was perpetrating the crimes (Dr. Gordon was also interested in Alison). Dr. Ric Decker was also a suspect. Bob Hughes was attacked and left in a coma and Dr. Gordon was killed! This turned all suspicion on to Dr. Decker but when he was attacked the police began looking at other suspects. Alison, though, still feared Dr. Decker and confided her fears in Chris. Chris began his own investigation and together they accessed Dr. Decker's safety deposit box to get evidence against him. Tom found them trying to have a fake death certificate notarized but Alison got away with the document. Alison went to the depository to look in the box but Dr. Decker kidnapped her and tried to kill her. Chris found her just in time. Bob recovered from the coma and named Dr. Decker as the attacker. Ric was arrested. Chris saved both Susan and Alison and realized how much he cared for her. They made love.

    Things weren't easy for the two and Alison soon became jealous of his closeness with Katie. Alison lied to Mike Kasnoff so she could get some alone time with Chris. That led to an argument between Katie and Mike; they got into an accident and Chris decided Alison wasn't ready for a serious relationship. He went to Alison's the next day but overheard her talking to another man. He decided to leave town.

    Once Chris was out of Oakdale he realized how much he missed Alison and returned home on Thanksgiving. He learned then that Alison was pregnant! She said Aaron Snyder was the father but Chris demanded a sonogram to determing the time of conception. Alison switched the results so it would appear as though her child was conceived in October. Chris learned the truth and followed Aaron to Chicago so he could confront them both. Alison ran away but Chris followed. He tried to convince her that he wouldn't take the baby from her but Alison took a bad fall. Aaron saw part of the confrontation and thought Chris had pushed her off the roof. The fall caused Alison to miscarry; Aaron told everyone his version of events. When Alison's memory cleared she told everyone what really happened. Chris told her he loved her and they made love.

    They decided to move in together but had to live with the Hughes family for a while. Alison grated on Kim's nerves but soon their condo was ready for habitation. They were ready to move in when a flood damaged the condo. Alison decided she would get a second job to help with their financial situation, but the job would have put her near Aaron and Chris objected. Alison took the job anyway and snuck around for weeks. When Chris finally learned the truth he forgave her. They moved - out of the Hughes family home and into the Stewart family home! Chris proposed to Alison. She was nervous about it but finally accepted and they began planned the wedding. At this point, Chris decided to enter a contest at the newspaper so he could win some money and give it to Alison. Emily had the same idea and they paired up to win the contest together. As they worked together, their old feelings came up and Emily became all Chris could think about. Alison noticed how distracted he was and confronted him. Chris swore he was in love with her but he couldn't deny his feelings for Emily, too. He and Em tried to keep their distance but Aaron caught on when he saw them kissing.

    Chris stuck by Alison, though, and decided to go through with the wedding. While they were standing at the altar he changed his mind and decided to come clean by telling Emily's husband, Hal, that he was in love with Emily. Emily confessed their relationship and asked Hal to forgive her. Hal understood and did forgive her but Alison couldn't. With their relationship over, Chris decided to leave Oakdale for a job at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.

    Chris returned to Oakdale on the arm of Emily Stewart. His family was incensed but nothing they said could change his mind. He convinced his good friend, Evan Walsh IV, to base his research in Oakdale but Bob objected. Chris brought him in anyway and when Bob fell into a coma, convinced the board to back Evan's research projects. It turned out that Evan poisoned Bob; when he recovered, Evan kidnapped Lily and Lucinda Walsh but was killed when he tried to escape.

    Chris decided to stay on at Memorial but relinquished his temporary Chief of Staff position. He also broke things off with Emily when he learned of her hooker past. Chris began hanging out with Alison and a romance developed. She also started nursing school; after several failed attempts to make love, Chris became disenchanted with Alison and told the nursing school supervisor to stop cutting Alison breaks in her school work (he had previously encouraged the staff to help Alison out). Alison filed sexual harassment charges but Chris won the case.

    He realized that he was in the wrong, though, and apologized to Alison. He also helped convince Bob to let her back into the program. Alison decided to marry Aaron and Chris couldn't let go; he and Alison made love the night before her wedding and he continues to try to break them up.




    Katie Peretti
    Molly Conlan
    Abigail Williams
    Emily Stewart
    Alison Stewart


    Bob Hughes (Father)
    Kim Hughes (Mother)
    Sabrina Hughes (Sister)
    Tom Hughes (Half-brother)
    Frannie Hughes (Half-sister)
    Andy Dixon (Half-brother)
    Chris Hughes (Paternal grandfather - Deceased)
    Nancy Hughes (Paternal grandmother)
    Will Hughes (Paternal great-grandfather - Deceased)
    Lien Hughes (Niece)
    Adam Hughes (Nephew)
    Casey Hughes (Nephew)
    Daniel Hughes (Nephew)
    Billy Norbeck (Great-nephew - deceased)
    Susan Hughes (Aunt; Deceased)
    Penny Hughes Cunningham (Aunt)
    Don Hughes (Uncle)
    Jennifer Sullivan Hughes (Aunt - Deceased)
    Pearl (Great-aunt)
    Edith Hughes Frey (Great-aunt)
    John Hughes (Great-uncle)
    Ryder Hughes (Cousin)
    Rick Ryan (Cousin)
    Barbara Ryan (Cousin)
    Melinda Grey (Cousin - deceased)
    Paul Ryan (Cousin)
    Jennifer Munson Donovan (Cousin - deceased)
    Will Munson (Cousin)
    Johnny Dixon (Cousin - Deceased)
    John Dustin Munson Donovan (Cousin)
    Jennifer Ryan (Cousin)
    Casey Peretti (Godfather - deceased)


    Miscarried child (with Alison Stewart)


    There are no additional images yet


    Thursday, March 11 2010: I Like You Just The Way You Are.

    Katie is at home leaving another message with Vienna, begging her to come back for Henry and the fortune he needs to spend. When she turns to Jacob, she sees that the eye of his teddy is gone. She goes down to her car to drive him to the hospital. The battery is dead. She climbs out to flag a car and one runs into her. Chris leaps out of the car. She asks him for a lift to the hospital. They go back inside and he checks out Jacob himself. He also finds the eye on the floor. They talk about him and he says he's not sure how long he'll be back. Reid walks in. Katie introduces them. Chris remembers him. "I'd hoped I'd never have to see your face again," Chris says. The doctors bicker. Chris went to school with him and accuses Reid of cheating to get a fellowship. "I'll come back when Dougie Hughes is gone," Reid says. He walks out. Katie follows him and asks him if he cheated. He claims he's innocent. She's starting to wonder if she's been wrong to stand up for him.

    Henry shows up at Katie's. He tells her that they're 'over'. He's finished interfering with her life and he's sure she'll end up in love with Reid. Chris comes in and laughs when he hears this. He says that Reid is the wrong guy for her. Reid explains that he happens to be gay. Henry is in shock. Chris leaves and Katie admits to Henry that she already knows Reid is gay. The doctor makes himself scarce. Henry and Katie bicker about why she never told him this. She shows him the door before he can tell her about Barbara.

    Kim and Bob are eating lunch at the hospital and joking around when Chris surprises them. He's annoyed that they haven't told him anything that's been going on. Kim hopes he'll be sticking around. Chris asks his father why he would hire Reid.

    Kim, Bob and Chris go out for lunch. They discuss Dr. Oliver. Chris thinks he's a phony and tells them that Reid stole his fellowship. After they explain that Reid is leaving, they ask Chris to come back to Memorial. He's not ready for that. His mother wonders if he came back to town for Alison. "Relationships don't work for me," he says. When he walks out, he runs into Katie. She thanks him for his help earlier.

    Wednesday, October 15 2008: Partners In Crime!

    Chris finishes packing and tells the bellman that he will have another trunk or two. He goes downstairs and sees Aaron. He apologizes for his part in Aaron's unhappiness and then says he should go after Alison. Aaron says Alison is done with him and won't give him a second chance; he says Chris should go after Alison himself!

    Alison tracks down Chris at the hospital. She asks Chris about the dog but he has already found a home for Morty. She asks about the job; he says he will be doing work that needs to be done. She reminds him how hard it was for him to be away from the family; he says there is no reason for him to stay in Oakdale! He brings up Aaron and their finalized break up and asks if she wants him to stay! Alison says she called because of Kim's request. She says she does care about him but says she ended her marriage because she doesn't love Aaron that way any longer and she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. Chris says he could stay and help her. "You're not the kind of help I need," Alison says. She says she is going to be single for a while. Chris gathers his bags and asks her to think about him and the possibilities for their relationship. Alison says he shouldn't leave because of her. Chris kisses her and leaves.

    At Java, Kim tells Bob that Alison is talking to Chris but Bob doesn't think Chris will change his mind. Kim says she had to try because it is so dangerous in Africa. Chris arrives and says he is still going. He thanks Kim for trying to change his mind but says leaving Oakdale is the right move for him. Bob gives his support but reminds Chris that the Chief of Staff position is still a possibility down the road. Kim asks Chris to be careful; Bob says he is proud of Chris. Bob suggests a family reunion in Paris in a few months; Chris agrees. He takes a picture on his camera phone of Bob and Kim smiling at one another. Chris says he is going to grow up, hugs Bob and Kim and then leaves.

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