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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Startling Announcements!

    Friday, April 25 2008

    Sofie meets Aaron at Java and tells him about staying with Paul because he was in need of a friend. Aaron can't believe her and warns her that Paul isn't the nice guy he pretends to be. Aaron angrily tells Sofie she is on her own when she won't agree to stay away from Paul. She returns to Fairwinds. Paul tells her to go back to her boyfriend; Sofie says they broke up. Paul feels bad for her.

    Angry People Aren't Happy People...

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    At Fairwinds, Sofie sits with Paul as he tells her what he did to Mike. Sofie tells him how wrong what he did was and compares his obsession over Meg to her obsession with Cole. Paul tells her to get out. When she won't leave, Paul walks out.

    Paul returns to Fairwinds, where Sofie is still waiting. He tells her what happened. Paul falls asleep on the sofa and Sofie watches him.

    The Kiss - Take Two!!

    Wednesday, April 23 2008

    Sofie arrives at the farm to see Aaron. Meg says he is doing chores but invites her in. She sees the baby toys on the table and tries to clean up. Sofie says she is doing much better now. She tells Meg about her fight with Aaron; Meg advises her to be honest with Aaron about her real feelings. As they are talking, Paul arrives and asks Meg to lunch. She reminds him about work and he says Mike is taking care of everything. They leave. Aaron returns from his chores and Sofie apologizes to him for the way she acted last night. Aaron asks what she wants from him. She says she'd like to be more than friends, if that is what he wants. Aaron agrees to call her later for a date. She says she wants to go really slow and he says that is fine. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

    Meg and Paul have lunch at The Lakeview. She apologizes again for taking the balloon ride with Mike and says she didn't have any idea who really ordered it. Paul says he has moved on and doesn't care. She is happy that he isn't obsessing over the balloon ride or Mike. Paul says he's turned a corner. Meg asks what they'll do on their next date. Mike walks in, drops the note on Paul's plate and tells him to start explaining! Paul pretends not to know what he is talking about but Mike insists that Paul is the only one who would have sent the note. Meg thinks Mike is right and confronts Paul. He eventually admits that he did send the note but says it was just a joke - like them taking his balloon was a joke. Meg can't believe what he did and storms off. Sofie arrives and watches Paul for a moment. She tries to comfort him but he ignores her and walks out. Sofie follows, ignoring her boss who tells her to come back. She finally catches up to him at Fairwinds and tells him that she won't leave him when he is this upset.

    Here's To Saint Sofie!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    Chris and Alison arrive at The Lakeview where Sofie and Aaron are waiting. Chris proposes a toast to Alison's medical prowess, trying to boost her confidence. Aaron chimes in that Allie can do anything she sets her mind to - and being a nurse's aide may be enough for her. Chris makes a snide comment about Aaron's career choice, which Aaron takes badly. Chris apologizes, saying he just wants to be friends. As they talk, Paul walks in. Sofie focuses on him, ignoring her tablemates. She watches Paul leave and can't stay away. She follows him and asks what is wrong. Still upset, Paul walks away, telling her to have fun with her friends. Sofie returns to the table long enough to make a few excuses about Barbara's health and then leaves.

    Sofie arrives at Fairwinds. Paul tells her what happened. She can't believe Meg didn't realize the balloon ride was from him and says if anyone did anything like that for her she would know who was responsible. Meg walks in! Sofie leaves so they can talk. Paul says he'll make things up to her but she says he needs to stop trying so hard. Paul admits that he is afraid to take things slow because she might drift farther from him. She says she isn't going anywhere as long as he keeps making changes in his life. Paul asks about Mike. Meg can't believe he is jealous and says Mike is just a friend. He won't give in so Meg asks about Sofie. Paul laughs, but then realizes he is overreacting to Mike's friendship. She kisses him. Meg leaves a while later. The balloon company calls Paul to check on his balloon ride. He tells them about the mix-up as the man chatters on about the empty picnic basket and champagne bottle. Paul hangs up on him.

    Sofie returns to The Lakeview and tells the group that Barbara is doing well. Chris comments that Sofie is an amazing person to be helping Barbara, especially since Paul is a screw-up and Babs tried to ruin her life. Sofie defends Paul. Aaron can't take it anymore and leaves. Alison follows him and asks what is going on. Aaron says he can't stand Chris's full-of-himself attitude. Allie convinces him to return to the table. He offers to drive Sofie home - immediately. Chris tells Aaron to let Sofie eat but she says she isn't hungry. They leave. Alison tells Chris that his attitude made them leave. She makes him see that he was being a jerk to Aaron.

    In the hall, Aaron confronts Sofie about her "phone call" to Barbara. He tells her to stop lying. She defends her actions but he says she didn't need to follow Paul to Fairwinds to check on Barbara's progress in the hospital! He says he wants to be friends but Sofie has to decide if that is what she wants, too.

    Get Off The Broomstick!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    At Fairwinds, Paul and Sofie are talking about love. He asks Sofie about her romantic wishes. Sofie says she'd like a hot air balloon ride; Paul loves it. As they are planning, Barbara walks in. She has a treatment but says she can go alone. They go with her anyway. Paul makes a few calls while Babs is in treatment and sets up his Sweep Meg Off Her Feet plan. A nurse asks him to come to Barbara's room. Emily walks in and tries to talk with Alison but Allie blows her off. She sees Chris and turns her annoyance on to him but he ignores her and goes to talk to Sofie. Emily is very annoyed. Chris asks Sofie how she is doing; she tells him about helping Barbara and renewing her friendship with Aaron. She asks him about Alison. He suggests a double date - him with Alison and her with Aaron. Sofie doesn't think it is a good idea but Chris convinces her it could work. Paul is returning when he runs into Emily. He asks what she's doing and she tells him how Chris is ruining her sisterly relationship. Paul tells her to calm down and leave Alison alone but Emily storms off. Alison hurries over to Chris because Barbara has collapsed. The four of them hurry to Babs' side; she is awake now but had been dehydrated. Sofie leaves and so does Paul. Crisis over, Chris invites her to dinner - with Sofie and Aaron! He convinces her it is a good idea. Chris takes Alison shopping and as she is trying on a dress Emily walks in. Horrified, Emily makes a catty comment about what Alison will do to pay off the dress! She walks out. Upset, Alison refuses to accept the dress. Chris sits down with her and tells her that she isn't the cheap girl Emily implied she was. He tells her what a great job she is doing at the hospital and how proud he is of her and asks her to keep the dress.

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