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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Janet's Back!

    Thursday, May 15 2008

    At Fairwinds, Sofie arrives and thanks Paul for making her feel welcome at the Metro reopening. He blows off her thanks. She gives him a pair of cuff links and asks him to go out with her again so he can be a walking advertisement for her jewelry line. Just then Barbara arrives; Paul focuses on her, asking how she is feeling. She sends Sofie to the kitchen for tea and then orders Paul to stop whatever it is he has going on with Sofie! Sofie returns; Barbara tells her that Paul has agreed to fund the jewelry line. Sofie is touched but Paul says it is just business. Meg calls and he leaves. Sofie tries to convince Barbara - and herself! - that Paul is in love with her. Babs sets Sofie straight, saying he will never love her the way he loves Meg. Babs says Sofie needs to come to terms with Paul's true feelings - or leave town! She leaves Sofie to think about things. When she returns, Sofie says she won't leave Oakdale because then Babs won't have anyone to care for her.

    Paul returns home, upset. Babs and Sofie ask what is going on and he says he is starting to realize that a professional relationship is all he'll have with Meg.

    Lily's Back But Holden's Not Happy!

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    In her room, Sofie is putting the finishing touches on a few pieces of jewelry. She can't stop thinking about making love with Paul. Barbara arrives and Sofie admits she is lonely. To distract her, Babs shows her the dress she bought for the Metro reopening. Sofie is blown away.

    Meanwhile, at Metro, Holden helps Carly with the finishing touches for the opening. Jack arrives to help, too, and she says everything is under control. Annoyed, Jack asks Holden what he is trying to accomplish with Carly. Holden tells Jack that he is just being a friend and that nothing is going on but Jack doesn't believe him. Barbara and Sofie arrive. Barbara talks up Sofie's jewelry line. Carly finds Holden, excited that the opening is going well. Brad and Katie arrive, handing out cigars for Brad's new "baby" girl! Jack asks how Liberty is doing but Brad is distracted by fans. He leaves. Jack asks Katie how things are really going and she insists things are perfect. Meg and Mike arrive next. Sofie calls Paul and says she wants to help him win Meg back. She tells him Meg just arrived at Metro. Katie runs into Mike and explains about Brad's teenage daughter. Brad and Katie leave the party. Mike gets a little wobbly on his bad ankle so Meg helps him to a booth. Paul arrives and meets Meg at the bar. Mike sees them and, worried, tells Jack to have Paul arrested! Meg stops him, saying that Paul wasn't trying to harm her. Paul goes to Sofie, who is alone, and thanks her for alerting him to the party. Holden asks Carly to dance with him. A few minutes later, Lily arrives! Holden goes to Lily, asking why she is back. She says she finally realized she wasn't whole without him. They leave. Jack asks Carly how she is doing without Holden. Carly points out - again - that Holden is just a friend. Paul and Sofie dance as Meg watches. Mike offers to take her home. Paul has been watching her and pulls away from Sofie after Meg leaves. He congratulates her on the jewelry line and leaves. Barbara goes straight to Sofie and asks what is going on. Sofie pretends not to have been affected by Paul and says she is ready to get on with her life - and her business! At the door, Jack offers to be Carly's right-hand-man now that Lily's back for Holden. Carly tells him she'll be fine on her own.

    Liberty: Not Such A Good Girl!

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Sofie arrives at Fairwinds where Paul is recovering from another drunken night. She asks why he hasn't called and he says something else came up. Sofie comes on to him, telling him that they are both free to be together now and she only wants to be with him. She lifts her blouse as Barbara walks in! Seeing her, Sofie runs out. Babs confronts Paul, telling him that sleeping with Sofie will be a huge mistake. Paul's lawyer calls and he leaves for the police station. Barbara stays to talk to Sofie. She tells Sofie she can't save Paul, just like she couldn't save Cole.

    At the police station, Mike meets Paul and lays down the rules: he doesn't have to go to jail but if he steps foot on the farm or goes near Meg, Mike says he'll answer to him! He leaves. Sofie arrives at the jail and tells Paul she'll take him home. He tells her to leave him alone because he doesn't want her or her help! He leaves. Sofie is crushed.

    Barbara goes to The Lakeview where she runs into Lisa. Barbara tells Lisa about Paul and Sofie, wondering what she can do to keep them apart. She leaves for the police station to check in with Paul and sees him with Sofie. She watches as he blows Sofie off and leaves and then takes Sofie back to The Lakeview. Over lunch, Babs brings up Sofie's jewelry line again. Sofie keeps bringing up Paul but Babs won't talk about him; she finally gets Sofie's attention and lays out a plan to launch her career. She decides that Sofie must attend the reopening of Metro, dressed to the nines and wearing her own jewelry.

    I Want A Restraining Order!

    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    Margo calls Casey at work to tell him Matt wants to talk to him. Casey refuses to talk to him but Emily overhears and tells him that if he really wants closure he will go and talk to Matt. She offers to come with him but Casey decides to go alone. Emily bugs Casey's jacket when he isn't looking. At the police department, Casey is shown to Matt's room. He pretends to be unmoved by Matt's apologies. Matt says he wants to make things right. Margo returns with the guards and Matt is taken to prison. Casey reaches into his pocket and finds the tape recorder. Margo blames Emily for it. Just then Paul - and Emily - arrive! Paul asks her to post bail. She refuses and goes to Casey who confronts her with the tape. She admits she did it and says she was trying to help him become a great reporter. Casey doesn't buy the explanation and leaves. Margo laughs at Emily and says she deserves whatever she gets. Emily walks out. Margo goes to the interrogation room where Paul demands to be allowed to post bail. Margo refuses but when Paul complains about her shoddy police work in the carbombing she finally gives him the phone. He calls Sofie! Paul leaves the interrogation room as Meg and Mike arrive. Mike asks Margo for a restraining order for Meg against Paul. Margo says they'll have to wait for a judge but that Paul will be locked up for the night. "No, he won't," Sofie says from the door! Paul and Mike start fighting and two officers separate them. Margo promises to get a judge on the restraining order that night; Mike and Meg leave. Margo warns Paul to stay away from Meg. Paul thanks Sofie for coming and she runs out! He returns to Fairwinds and is about to have a drink when Sofie arrives. She asks if he really meant it when he said sleeping with her was a mistake; he says yes. Angry, Sofie says he can't stay hooked on Meg when she obviously doesn't want him. She declares that she loves Paul and that will be enough until he is completely over Meg and ready to move on. Paul kisses her, tosses her on the sofa and they make love.

    She's My Wife!

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    Paul returns to Fairwinds and pours a drink as Sofie arrives. He says Barbara is at The Lakeview and tells her to get out. Sofie says he needs her more than Babs! He goes off on a tangent about Meg and not knowing what to do now. She says he deserves better than Meg and compares his relationship with Meg to her romance with Cole. She says she can love him much better than Meg - and kisses him! Paul tries to push her away but Sofie seduces him. They are making out on the sofa when Meg walks in!

    Startling Announcements!

    Friday, April 25 2008

    Sofie wakes at Fairwinds as Paul pours a stiff drink. She tries to reason with him but Paul tells her to get out. Babs walks in. Paul ignores both women. Barbara says she'll take care of Paul so Sofie can leave. Sofie warns her about Paul's drinking. Barbara turns to Paul and asks what he is trying to prove. He pours another drink. She asks if this is because of Meg! Paul won't answer. Barbara says he has to get himself together if he wants her back! Sofie returns later and Barbara tells her that she can't save Paul. Babs changes the subject to Sofie's career and asks if she's thought about creating a jewelry line. Babs asks Sofie to quickly sketch three designs so she can review them. She offers to advance Sofie any cash she needs to make the pieces. Sofie grabs her phone to call a supplier and sees the message from Aaron.

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