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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    The Search of New York City!

    Thursday, May 29 2008

    At The Lakeview, Barbara calms down a nervous Sofie with a pre-party make-over. Sofie hurries upstairs hoping to finally attract Paul. After she is made up and her hair is done, she imagines Paul is with her. Sofie takes off her robe and asks him to help her dress! He zips the dress and says she is beautiful.

    Meanwhile back in the lounge, Paul asks Barbara if everything is on track. He brings up Mike and Meg and Babs begs him not to make a scene with Meg - for Sofie's sake. She reminds him how much money she has put into Sofie's new business and Sofie's apparent obsession with him. He doesn't listen. Paul goes upstairs and bursts into Barbara's room as Sofie is getting dressed. Sofie asks him to help her with her dress and he reluctantly zips her up. He says she looks beautiful. He asks for the price list and she emotionally thanks him for buying her dress. Paul says it was just another investment and didn't mean anything but Sofie is certain it does. She trips and he catches her. They go downstairs together.

    At the party, Paul and Sofie are photographed by reporters. Barbara stands to the side, watching the show. Mike and Meg arrive, distracting Paul. Barbara asks Paul to introduce Sofie to the crowd. Paul talks about Sofie's jewelry line and her artistic talent. She takes center stage as Paul makes a beeline for Mike and Meg. He offers them champagne and tells them to enjoy the party. Paul compliments Meg's dress and she smiles at Mike. Barbara takes Meg aside and asks about Mike. Meg tells her Mike is a friend and then informs Babs she has lifted the restraining order. Babs asks about Mike again and Meg insists they are just good friends. Meg sees Mike and goes to him. He says there is an emergency at the farm and he has to go; Meg decides to remain at the party. Paul approaches and guides Meg through the jewelry displays. They run into Barbara who finally admits she is very tired. Meg takes her upstairs. Paul follows.

    Meg delivers Barbara upstairs. When she is asleep, Paul comes in and asks if things are okay. Meg assures him Babs is just tired. Laughing, he asks if this was just a ploy to get him alone. Meg says they aren't alone. Paul quietly asks if it would be a bad idea if they kissed. Meg waits and he kisses her! He says if she'd give him a chance he could surprise her much more than with one kiss. They return to the party, where Sofie has been watching for him. He tells Sofie to concentrate on the party and impressing her new clients.

    Paul returns to Fairwinds. Sofie walks in, says Paul deserves a proper thank you and undresses!

    I'm Innoculating Myself Against Alison!

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    Barbara makes a surprise appearance at Sofie's. Sofie fills her in on the latest marketing scheme - a story to go along with every piece of jewelry. Babs likes the idea. They talk about the launch and Barbara warns Sofie not to get excited about spending time alone with Paul because she won't let that happen. Sofie apologizes and gives Barbara a few pieces of jewelry. When she keeps talking about how much she owes the Ryan's, Barbara tells her to focus on her jewelry and the show. The two of them arrive at The Lakeview and find Paul there. He asks Barbara to add Mike and Meg to the party list. They watch Meg and Mike at the bar for a moment. When they are alone, Sofie asks Paul what he is trying to accomplish. He says he is just moving on. Sofie quickly changes her tune and over drinks, she tells Paul that he did the right thing in inviting them.

    The Truth Could Hurt...

    Monday, May 26 2008

    Paul brings Barbara some tea but she is too hot for her to drink. He brings up Meg, saying he wants Meg back but he doesn't want to use Babs to get to her. Sofie phones to find out when Barbara will be back in town; Barbara lies and says she doesn't know and hangs up. Paul asks what is going on. Barbara says Sofie is a train wreck - she isn't making enough pieces and she can't handle talking to suppliers. Paul says he'll help Sofie but Babs doesn't like that idea. Paul says it is the only solution and promises Barbara that he can keep Sofie focused on work and not on him. He goes to Sofie's and asks how the designs are coming and asks about a necklace called Midnight Fantasy. She asks Paul to put it on her. She tries to get closer to Paul but he keeps her at a distance. Paul focuses the conversation on the jewelry and begins to build Sofie's confidence. He says she should design a scroll for each piece and she agrees that it is a good marketing plan. Alone with her jewelry, Sofie tries to come up with a name for another necklace. She looks at herself in the mirror and imagines Paul there, caressing her neck. "Awakening," she says as Paul kisses her. She turns and the room is empty.

    Prince Charming To The Rescue!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    At Barbara's office, Sofie is looking over sketches as Paul stops by with his investment check for her jewelry line. Sofie asks for business advice about a sample sale. Paul thinks that Sofie should ask Barbara, but Sofie worries it is too much for Barbara to handle. Paul reminds her he is a silent partner, but still gives advice. Sofie thinks he is a great coach. Paul again reminds her he is a silent partner, but offers to buy her lunch.

    At the Lakeview restaurant, Paul and Sofie are having lunch and he gives her money to buy clothes and shoes for her upcoming photo shoot. Sofie comments she feels like Cinderella, but only needs to find her prince. As Sofie tries to convince him to go shopping with her, Barbara calls saying she is heading to New York for last minute business and will call her when she gets back. Paul abruptly tells Sofie he has to take care of something and leaves.

    At the Lakeview shops, Lisa sees Sofie and tells her she plans to put her jewelry in the windows. Sofie shows her one of her necklaces and Lisa thinks she will be a success. Sofie comments that Paul is helping as much as Barbara, and it is more than just business. Sofie goes on to say she thinks Paul really cares about her. Lisa helps her pick out clothes and Sofie hopes Paul will like it. Lisa thinks she will be irresistible.

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