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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Not So Quiet Moments!

    Friday, June 06 2008

    In the interrogation room, Sofie tells her sad story. She tells Margo that she just wanted a friend but when Paul invited her to Fairwinds after the jewelry party, he wouldn't take no for an answer. She cries and then gets her panties from a plastic bag in her purse!

    At the stationhouse, Paul tells Mike he is an idiot for believing in Sofie and everyone is going to know it soon. Babs and Margo rush in to save the day; Paul insists Margo will see the truth. Meg takes Mike outside and asks if this is his way of paying Paul back. Paul walks out of the interrogation room and goes on the attack against Sofie, who continues to look pitiful. Margo asks Paul to come into the interrogation room; he volunteers a DNA swab, certain that Sofie doesn't have any evidence against him. He and Margo go to the interrogation room. A while later, the initial tests are in and Paul is marked as a possible match to the DNA in Sofie's panties! Paul, Meg and Babs are shocked. Margo takes Paul to the holding cell. Barbara confronts Sofie and so does Meg but Sofie won't back down. Babs leaves to get Paul's lawyer. Meg keeps pushing at Sofie until she admits that she is tired of being walked on. She runs out. Exultantly, Meg turns to Mike and says Sofie isn't a victim - she is a woman scorned.

    Sofie returns to her hotel room. Cole arrives!

    Sofie Backtracks...

    Monday, June 02 2008

    At The Lakeview, Mike tells Sofie she has to go to the police but she refuses. Crying, she goes on and on about how awful it was and how she trusted her "attacker". "It was Paul," she finally says! Mike doesn't understand why she won't come forward but then decides she must be afraid of Paul. Sofie begins to have second thoughts and brings up her business. She nearly slips up, saying how good Paul has been to her lately. This confuses Mike. Sofie refuses to tell anyone else and runs off.

    In her room Sofie dreams that Paul has come to her to apologize. She wakes up as Meg knocks on her door! Meg tells Sofie she has to tell the truth - that Paul didn't rape her. Sofie says Meg has no idea what Paul is capable of. Meg advises her to have the cuts treated and leaves.

    Mike arrives at Margo and Tom's. He beats around the bush and asks what to do because one of Paul's victims has confided in him but won't talk to police. He says the crime is rape. He convinces Margo to come with him. They arrive at Sofie's room but she refuses to talk to them about what happened. Margo backs off, telling Mike that Sofie has to make the decision. She leaves. Sofie calls to Mike, telling him that she isn't going to go to the police. Mike says he understands and then says Paul called her unstable. Sofie doesn't like that but it doesn't change her mind. Mike leaves. When she is alone, Sofie replays what Mike said and becomes angry. She digs through her hamper and finds the panties she wore the night she made love with Paul!

    The Girl Is Losing It!

    Friday, May 30 2008

    Sofie tells Paul that she knows he secretly loves her. He tries to push her away but Sofie keeps trying to seduce him. Paul pushes her away and tells her, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn't love her. He wraps a blanket around her, she turns and kisses him desperately. Paul pushes her away again and orders her to get dressed and leave! Sofie keeps pressing him, saying she knows he loves her. She even says he kissed her! Paul says she kissed him and harshly says he doesn't want her and was only being nice because of his mother and his investment in her jewelry line. Sofie angrily blames Meg, saying she is much better for Paul than Meg. He hands her the dress but Sofie won't take it. When she cries, Paul tries to make her see that she isn't really in love with him. He encourages her, saying how talented she is. Sofie says she was only successful because of him. Paul apologizes and steps away from her. Sofie asks him to make love to her, just one more time! Paul turns away and leaves. Sofie throws a tantrum, destroying the sitting room. She takes a picture of Paul and Meg and smashes it!

    Meg arrives at Fairwinds to find everything in disarray and Sofie lying on the floor, crying and dressed in her underwear. "I guess we got a little carried away," Sofie says. Meg tries to help her but Sofie pulls away, saying she and Paul don't want Meg there! Meg is trying to figure out what is going on but Sofie just keeps talking about her sex life with Paul. Meg doesn't believe her and turns away but Sofie follows her, screaming about how much Paul loves her.

    Paul arrives at Fairwinds to find Sofie, bleeding, on the carpet. Meg follows him in as Sofie wakes up. Meg tries to help Paul get some help for Sofie but she runs from the house, yelling at Paul. Paul follows but can't find her. When he returns, Meg says he did all he could. She says Sofie has probably been on the verge of a breakdown and covering that up for months - or even years! Then, she tells him she loves him! They kiss.

    Mike arrives at the Lakeview and finds Sofie, bleeding and in her torn dress, there. He asks what is wrong and she starts to cry! "I was raped," she says!

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