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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    I Said I Needed A Break!

    Monday, June 16 2008

    At Fairwinds, Meg worries about Sofie but Paul tells her that nothing matters except their second chance. Margo calls and tells Paul that Sofie has dropped all the charges. Sofie stops by but Paul has already gone. Meg asks what she wants and Sofie says she wants to see her friend Paul. She refuses to leave when Meg tells her to go so Meg threatens to call the cops. Sofie turns to go and Meg asks why Paul's check wasn't enough of a "thank you" for her! Sofie can't believe Paul told her about the cash. Meg tells Sofie to forget about Paul and Sofie stomps off.

    At The Lakeview, Lucinda and Lily chat over drinks after their business meeting is over. Lucinda gushes about how good Lily looks and how great her job is going. Lily says it feels good to be focused on something other than Holden. Lucinda realizes how late it is and says she has to go. Lily leaves. Instead of leaving, Lucinda goes to Barbara's table! Lucinda asks about the cancer diagnosis and they banter about being ill. Lucinda says Barbara needs to accept her illness but keep living. She warns Babs not to shut her family out and leaves. Paul and Meg arrive. Babs says she is tired so Paul cancels her dinner order and Meg takes her upstairs. Paul turns around to see Sofie there. She says how sorry she is and he says it was partially his fault. Sofie asks if they would have had a chance if Meg were out of the picture. Paul says no. He goes on upstairs and is stunned when Meg says she may take a leave of absence from the hospital so she can concentrate on Barbara.

    Meg returns to The Lakeview after Bob grants her the leave of absence and tells Paul she can concentrate on Babs. Neither notices Sofie listening to them. She hears Meg talk about losing the patient at the hospital. Meg tells Paul they have to be wary of Sofie but Paul says Sofie is over him now.

    Sofie sneaks into the lounge at the hospital and finds Meg's locker unlocked. She takes Meg's ID badge and uses the information to log into the hospital computer to find out exactly what happened to Meg's patient!

    Lost But Not Lonely!

    Friday, June 13 2008

    Cole is waiting for Sofie at The Lakeview. He warns her not to talk to Paul, Sofie wonders what he really wants from her. He says he wants to make up for the past because he is to blame for what Paul did! He says she has to do everything she can to keep the case out of a courtroom! Sofie returns to her room. Meg comes by, angry, and tells Sofie she knows she lied about her life in Winnetka. Sofie calls her bluff but when Meg starts talking about Sister Ann, Sofie has no idea what she is talking about. Sofie tells Meg to get out; Meg tells Sofie to tell the truth or she'll rip her life apart.

    Paul is alone at Fairwinds when Sofie, hysterical, stops by and tells Paul to stop Meg from ruining her life. She goes on and on until Paul interrupts and apologizes for leading her on. Crying, Sofie says she can't handle it if Paul hates her. She whines about her ruined life and Paul listens, he encourages her to make better choices. He says she needs a fresh start. He grabs his checkbook and writes her a check so she can make a fresh start. Sofie takes the check! Meg arrives just after Sofie has gone. Paul tells her what he did. Meg can't believe it and thinks Sofie pulled another one over on him. Paul insists that Sofie wasn't vindictive - she was broken.

    Sofie goes to the police station with the check and asks to see Margo!

    Whatever Janet Wants, Janet Gets!

    Monday, June 09 2008

    Cole comes into Sofie's room and asks about her jewelry line; Sofie wonders what he really wants. Barbara knocks on the door! She tells Cole to hide and then opens the door. Sofie starts in about the jewelry line and her new ideas. Babs says their business arrangement is over! Sofie can't believe it. Barbara goes on about how Paul hates her now and her life is over and then storms out. Cole exits the bathroom; Sofie tries to kick him out but he won't go. He says he was wrong for running out on her and he wants to be a friend now. Sofie breaks down and tells him how much she depended on Paul and how he broke her trust and then raped her. Cole says maybe he can help - and he kisses her! They make love. After, Cole says they should blackmail Paul! Sofie says she won't do that to Paul and orders him to leave. He says she needs him or she'll screw up her plans!

    Mike goes to Sofie's room. She invites him in. Mike advises her to call the police and then call him if Paul tries to get in touch with her. Sofie thanks him for being her only friend and starts crying. She tells him about losing her grandmother and says she doesn't have any friends. She tells him about the convent school she attended; Mike says he attended Catholic school, too. He asks more about her past but Sofie clams up. She says she is very tired so Mike turns to go. In the hall, he calls Meg. He says he knows where Sofie grew up and they agree to meet the next day.

    Not So Quiet Moments!

    Friday, June 06 2008

    At the police station, Mike arrives with Sofie to see Margo. She isn't there so Sofie agrees to wait. She thanks Mike for helping her. He warns her that they will need evidence of a crime and Sofie assures him they will have everything they need.

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