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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Will You Marry Me?

    Monday, June 23 2008

    Paul arrives at Sofie's door and she excitedly says she is pregnant!

    I Need More Glitz Than Fizz!

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    In Barbara’s room, Sofie takes the real medication and hides it. Cole calls and she hides as Barbara calls out, wondering who is in her room. Meg walks in and says it is only her. Weak, Barbara sits on the sofa. Worried, Meg gives her a dose of the medication; neither notice as Sofie sneaks out. Paul arrives as Meg gives Babs the shot. She and Paul relax for a bit and then Meg checks on Babs and realizes her pulse is weak. Meg tells Paul to call 9-1-1!

    Sofie returns to her room as Cole arrives. He confronts her about the switched meds and says he doesn’t want to murder anyone! He demands his payoff now so he can get out of town and Sofie agrees to get the money. She says there is money left in her business account. He leaves. Sofie sneaks into Barbara's suite, locks the door and gets the money from a strongbox. She swears Cole won’t get her second-chance money. In the hall, she asks a maid about Barbara and pretends to be surprised that Babs was taken to the hospital.

    Paul arrives at The Lakeview and runs into Sofie. She tries to talk to him but he blows her off. Sofie continues to her room where Cole is waiting. She says she is certain that Paul will get rid of Meg now! She tells Cole to go but he says they have unfinished business – and kisses her! “You know you want this,” he says as they make love.

    An Apology, A Fight and A Crime!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    Sofie convinces a maid to let her into Barbara's room at The Lakeview. Inside, she spots Barbara's pills but before she can do anything, Meg and Paul walk in! Sofie says the maid let her in to deliver the flowers. Barbara comes in and tells Sofie to get out. Sofie begs for forgiveness. Barbara nearly collapses. Meg and Paul rush to her side as Sofie watches. Babs recovers and tells Meg she will be fine as long as Sofie stays away. Paul takes Sofie outside and tells her to stay away from Barbara, from Meg and from him! She leaves. Paul sees Lisa and asks her to evict Sofie because she is stalking Barbara!

    Sofie calls Cole and tells him to get to The Lakeview right away. When Cole arrives, Sofie says she needs him to take care of Meg because Meg is ruining her friendship with Paul. Cole asks if she is in love with Paul. Sofie says she is but that Meg is killing her chances; Cole says her rape charge did that. Sofie refuses to believe it and says Paul will get over her accusations if Meg will just butt out! Cole turns to leave but Sofie stops him, saying she'll pay him to help her! She gives him instructions and Cole leaves.

    Paul is at the bar when Sofie walks in. He tells her to keep her distance but she convinces him to look at some pictures Will and Gwen sent of Hallie. "I feel more alone than ever," she says sadly. She begins to cry about her jewelry line and the accolades she was getting; she says she thought everyone - including him! - loved her because they loved her designs. Paul says she needs to move on and be happy. Sofie leaves. Paul runs into Lisa again and retracts his eviction request. He says Sofie should keep her home!

    Sofie and Cole meet in Old Town and he gives her the meds. Sofie tells him about Meg's patient's death.

    Sofie returns to The Lakeview alone and steals a maid's key to break into Barbara's room. She takes the stolen meds from her bag and replaces them with Barbara's real medication!

    I Said I Needed A Break!

    Monday, June 16 2008

    Sofie returns to the hotel and tells Cole that Paul didn't pay her off! She then says she went to Margo and dropped the charges. Cole can't believe it and tells her how stupid she was being because they had Paul - and his bank account - on a string! Sofie realizes Cole only wanted the money and kicks him out.

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