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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Sofie's Dead!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Meg arrives at Sofie's hotel room and tells her to stop with the lies. Sofie shows her the sonogram but Meg still doesn't believe her. She says Paul would have told her if it were true; Sofie says Paul is just keeping things quiet until they are married. Sofie dares Meg to call the doctor and says Paul was there with her during the sonogram. Meg remembers running into Paul at the hospital and begins to doubt him. Sofie sees that and pushes Meg, saying over and over that Paul is excited about being a father.

    Paul looks everywhere for Meg but can't find her. He sees Babs at The Lakeview and they go to her room. He tells her about Mike and she orders him to find Meg and make everything right. Paul goes to Sofie's room but instead of finding Meg he finds Sofie on the floor! She is nearly unconscious and he asks what happened. Sofie weakly says, "Meg." When she passes out, Paul hides her body and sneaks it out of the hotel. He returns, locks the doors to clean up the crime scene and then leaves. He takes Sofie's body to Fairwinds and buries her in the yard. Once he's finished he tries to call Meg but she won't answer. He leaves a message, saying things will be okay and then burns Sofie's ultrasound picture!

    Threatening Words!

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    In her hotel room, Sofie tells Cole they can't try blackmail again. She pushes the box farther under the desk but Cole notices. She says it is just a memory box and won't show him what is inside. He calls her a professional victim and she orders him to leave. He threatens to tell Paul the truth and Sofie stops him. She says he can have all the money he wants once she has Paul's ring on her finger. He says he wants a down-payment first. She pushes him out the door and says she'll call when she has some cash. Barbara arrives and tells Sofie to get lost and stay lost or she'll make sure she spends the rest of her life in prison! Sofie plays the victim again, begging Barbara to tell her why she hates her so much. Babs doesn't notice that Lisa has arrived! Lisa interrupts them and Sofie says Barbara is trying to control Paul's life. Babs sets Lisa straight. She then tells Sofie to watch her step! Lisa leaves. Barbara warns Sofie to keep her distance and then leaves, too.

    Mike runs into Sofie in the lobby at The Lakeview. She tries to get rid of him but he won't go. She tells him that she and Paul have made up but he won't believe that either. He tells her about Paul and Meg's wedding plans! Sofie refuses to believe it but Mike insists it is true. She brings up her baby but Mike doesn't believe her at first. She shows him the ultrasound. Mike is shocked and says Meg has to know.

    Mike returns to the farm and tells Meg about Sofie's baby!

    Cole returns to Sofie's room and demands his money. Sofie gives him $5,000 and says he'll get the rest when she has it. He leaves.

    Taking Care Of Business.

    Monday, June 30 2008

    At the Lakeview, Sofie asks Paul if he told Meg the good news about their baby. Paul orders her to be quiet, but Sofie warns him that she will soon be showing. She goes on to say that Meg is not going to want to marry him when she finds out. Barbara interrupts and wants to know why Sofie is there. Sofie tells him he can have the honor of telling Babs and leaves. Paul tells Barbara that Sofie is pregnant, but Barbara thinks she is lying. They go back to Barbara's suite and she reminds Paul that after all the lies that Sofie has told in the past, they cannot believe her now. She thinks he might not be the father, and Paul abruptly leaves.

    Paul goes to Sofie's suite and asks for her to go to the hospital with him for a full prenatal exam. Sofie tries to put off the appointment, but he wants to go immediately. Paul reminds her that with or without a baby, they have no future together. The two then leave.

    At the hospital, the doctor tells Paul that Sofie and the baby are perfectly healthy. Paul then asks how far along she is and demands a sonogram that day. The doctor agrees to do it. As a lab technician arrives to administer the test, Paul steps out to take a phone call. Sofie asks how accurate the test is in determining the date of conception. The technician tells Sofie that the baby is four weeks old. Sofie asks how big the baby would be at two months. As the technician steps out, Sofie calls Cole. He informs her he has not left town yet because he has no cash. She tells him she will help him if he comes to the hospital immediately.

    Sofie leaves the examination room, where Cole has been lurking. She gives him the sonogram picture and asks him to go to the medical records room to switch one for a baby that is longer. Cole laughs and asks if she is pregnant again, but she changes the subject and promises him $10,000 for his help. He agrees and leaves.

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