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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    We Meet Again!

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Sofie can't believe that Will and Gwen are leaving town but gives them her blessing. Just then Barbara arrives. She is relieved that Hallie is back with Will and Gwen but very upset when they say they are moving. "What about me?" she asks. Gwen and Will assure Babs that they won't go far away and that they'll be home for holidays. Barbara is still upset but a little bit relieved. Sofie leaves and whispers to Babs that she needs to tell them about the cancer. Gwen thanks Barbara, who asks if she can take care of Hallie when the baby begins to cry. They watch as she holds the baby and talks to her. Barbara leaves. Will checks out another college not far from Oakdale and finds out they can transfer there without losing any credits. He finds some information about housing, too, and they discuss where they might live. Neither can believe how quickly things are falling into place for them.

    Aaron arrives at the farm, surprising Holden. He asks about Aaron's mom and learns that everything is fine with Julie. He says he is back in town for a while and they sit down for a drink. Aaron says he has to make things right with Sofie! He goes to The Lakeview to see about his old job and learns that they held it for him. As he is leaving, he runs into Sofie and says he needs to make things right. Aaron walks into the lounge with her and apologizes for taking Will and Gwen's side, but he says he still believes he did the right thing. She thanks him and says she has realized the same thing now. The manager returns with forms for Aaron to fill out. He asks Sofie to wait for him. As she is waiting Sofie sees Barbara and begs her to tell Will about the cancer before he leaves town. Barbara doesn't want to interfere in their lives or make their decision harder, though. Sofie says she should reconsider. Aaron returns and they go back into the lounge. He asks if they can see one another again. Sofie isn't sure what she should do and says she needs to figure things out. He says he feels the same way but that being friends might help them both. Sofie agrees to start over.

    Everybody Needs A Friend...

    Monday, March 24 2008

    At the hospital, Gwen and Will ask a nurse to see Hallie. The nurse is confused because the baby is in the computer as "Hallie Duran". Just then Sofie walks in and says they need to talk. In another room, Sofie thanks Gwen for giving blood to Hallie. Emotionally, she says she can't give Hallie a good life and asks them to be Hallie's parents! Gwen and Will question her but Sofie stands firm, telling them that she can't be a good mom. They finally tell her that they do want Hallie back. The nurse brings Hallie in. Gwen asks Sofie to hold her one last time. Sofie tells Hallie that she is going to have a great life with great parents. "I will love you as long as I live," she says before handing the baby back to Gwen. They offer to let Sofie visit but she shakes her head and hurries away. They return home. Will is still worried and tells Gwen that they have to leave Oakdale or they will always be looking over their shoulders because of Sofie! Gwen doesn't want to leave but Will is certain it is the only way. Reluctantly, Gwen agrees to go with him. He says they don’t have to go far but they need a fresh start. Gwen says before they go they have to get everything straightened out with Hallie and that includes telling Sofie that they are going to move. Will doesn't like that at all but goes along with Gwen.

    At the diner, Bob tells Chris that the hospital board has exonerated him. Chris is relieved but still upset that Bob didn't believe in him. Bob says he had no choice and couldn't show favoritism to his son. As Chris leaves, he runs into Sofie who cries that she couldn't handle motherhood and gave Hallie back to Will and Gwen! She explains what happened and he asks why she didn't call him. She said she didn't want to depend on anyone. Then, she asks why he wasn't at the hospital and he tells her about the suspension. She asks who would drug him and he says Paul!

    At the farm, Meg tells Emma that no one can find Craig, which means she can't finalize the divorce. Paul arrives and Emma tries to keep him out but Meg says she can handle it. He hands her the correspondence folder. Meg tells him to stop trying to rescue her from the situation because the situation is partially his fault. She asks him to go. Paul leaves. He has just returned to Worldwide when Sofie rushes in and asks why he drugged Chris. Paul says he didn't do it and she believes him. He asks if she has contacted a lawyer yet and she says she doesn't need one - because Will and Gwen are going to raise Hallie. He is shocked but is supportive of her decision. "You are one of the bravest people I have ever known," he says. He offers to help her but she turns him down. Annoyed, he tells her to get on with her life - alone - and not come running to him when she decides she wants a friend. Sofie angrily tells Paul that she isn't ready to be a mother and that she needs to take control of her life. Paul says to make the kind of changes she wants to make, she needs a friend - like him! Just then Will text messages Sofie to meet them. She leaves.

    Sofie arrives at the cottage. Gwen tells Sofie about the move, which throws her for a loop.

    Take The Baby and Run!

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Sofie, Will and Gwen all tell Cole to get lost but when Cole says he has grown up and feels badly about the past, Sofie waffles on the decision. Gwen steps in and tells Cole that none of them are buying his act. A nurse comes in, tells them Hallie will be fine and calls Sofie the mother. Cole wonders what is going on. Will tries to intimidate Cole but Sofie steps in and tells him everything that has happened. Cole can't believe it. Seeing an opportunity, Cole asks for a second chance. Gwen tries to step in but Sofie tells her to leave. Gwen and Will leave. Sofie tells Cole to leave her alone. He tries to sweet-talk her but it doesn't work so he leaves. When she is alone, Sofie asks for an update on Hallie; the nurse calls and learns that the baby's father has taken her, supposedly to bring the baby to Sofie! She says Cole has no part in the baby's life and that she made a mistake by calling him. Then, she tells them that Cole is going to kidnap her.

    In the stairwell, Cole calls someone and says their plan will work! He is still there when Will and Gwen catch sight of him. He tries to run but they follow. Will notices that Cole is holding Hallie and orders him to stop. He sends Gwen to get security and then Cole threatens to drop Hallie down the stairs if Will won't let him go! Before he can do that Gwen returns with security guards. Cole tosses the baby at Will, who catches her, and then tries to run. The security guards follow Cole. Will and Gwen take Hallie back to Sofie, who is relieved she is okay. The nurse returns to check on Hallie just as the security guards return to report that they lost Cole! Sofie is very worried. She breaks down and tells them that as much as she wants to be a mother she isn't equipped to deal with a baby. "I just can't be a mother right now," she says and walks out.

    Vienna's Choice!

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Sofie arrives at the Lakeview Lounge with Hallie in tow. She sees Lisa and says she couldn't get a sitter. Lisa doesn't care; she says Hallie can't stay at the bar all day! Sofie says Hallie will be fine but Lisa won't give in. She pats Hallie, who has become fussy again, and realizes the baby has a high fever that Sofie hasn't noticed. She sends them to the hospital. Sofie is pacing the hall when she runs into Alison. A doctor comes by and says Hallie's fever is under control but she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion. Sofie isn't a match; the doctor says to call the father but Sofie doesn't know where Cole is. She tries to call Cole but he doesn't answer his cell phone. She leaves a message begging him to come and help their daughter. Alison tells Sofie that she should try contacting Gwen, too. Sofie tearfully calls Gwen and says Hallie is sick and needs help. Gwen and Will arrive; she goes in to be matched. When they are alone Will berates Sofie, wondering why she waited so long to get help. She insists she only thought Hallie was fussy. When she says she called Cole before calling them, Will gets very upset. He can't believe Sofie tried calling Cole first. Gwen returns and says she is a match and the transfusion will begin soon. Will and Gwen go to see the baby. They are talking with Sofie in the cafeteria when Cole walks in!

    Who's Lonely Now?

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    At Fairwinds, Will goes off on a tangent against Paul, saying Gwen is feeling very guilty. Sofie listens. Paul and Will argue and Will asks if Paul is just trying to assuage his conscience about losing his own child! Will storms out. Sofie says staying there was a bad idea and leaves, too. Paul stops her at the door and asks her to stay so he doesn't have to ramble around the mansion alone. "So I'm self-pity?" she asks, annoyed. Paul reminds her that he can provide her with security but Sofie insists that she prove her ability to be a mom on her own. She leaves. Sofie returns to her room at The Lakeview and wonders how she will support Hallie alone.

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