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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Get Off The Broomstick!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    Mike arrives at the farm. Meg says he shouldn't have waited so long to come back and he says he knows. Mike leaves. Someone calls Meg with an urgent message for Mike. Aaron comes in and she corners him into babysitting duty so she can deliver the message. Sofie arrives and asks Aaron about dinner. She says Chris invited them, which doesn't feel right to Aaron but she convinces him that it could be a fresh start. He agrees to go. Paul walks in, looking for Meg. Aaron says she went to the back field to deliver a message. Paul tries calling her but her cell phone is on the counter. He quickly leaves. Aaron goes to check on Ethan. When he returns, Sofie says they may not make dinner because of Paul's plans. She describes Paul's plans and Aaron says the plans sounds great but a motorcycle ride would be better.

    Fire Up That Cash Register!

    Monday, April 14 2008

    At Fairwinds, Sofie and Paul finish an interview with a private nurse for Barbara. When the woman leaves, Sofie tells Paul that Barbara will be in good hands. He sarcastically comments on her people-reading abilities. Paul opens up about his past, saying he has been a pessimist for a long time; she asks if Meg has anything to do with his newfound optimism. Aaron calls to check in with her. She says everything is fine and tells him about helping Paul with Barbara. She hangs up, throwing Aaron for a loop.

    Mike checks in with Meg, telling her about Lisa's termite problem. Paul and Sofie arrive. Paul doesn't like the fact that Mike is there but he doesn't say anything. Mike leaves. Aaron comes into the kitchen, throwing Sofie for a loop. Meg insists this was all her idea. Ethan begins fussing; Aaron and Sofie go into the next room to check on him. Paul asks Meg what she is really up to and she says she just wants Aaron to be happy. Aaron returns with a fussy Ethan; Sofie is obviously uncomfortable and runs out. Aaron follows, leaving Meg and Paul with the baby. Once Ethan is calmed Meg suggests the three of them go for a walk so that Aaron and Sofie can be alone if they return. They go to The Lakeview for lunch. Ethan is in much better spirits and wants to play so Paul and Meg let him walk around while they talk. A few minutes later Meg realizes Ethan is missing and they begin searching the hospital for Ethan. Meg asks the concierge to call the police. The man sees Ethan on a surveillance screen! He has managed to get on the elevator and has stopped it between floors! Alarms begin ringing as Meg freaks out about how to get Ethan off the elevator. Paul tells her to stay calm until the fire department arrives and then leaves. Two firemen arrive and Meg shows them the surveillance camera. Just then Paul drops into the elevator! She watches as he flips up the "Stop" button and the elevator slides back to the first floor. Paul explains that he pried open the second-floor doors and dropped in on Ethan. The firemen leave. Meg thanks Paul and then kisses him softly.

    Aaron catches up with Sofie in a field and apologizes for hurting her. She says she'll be fine if she can just go back to Fairwinds - alone! Aaron tells her to stop hiding from life because it won't stop the pain. He advises her to start dealing with how she really feels and then asks her to return to the farm. She reluctantly goes along. When they arrive, Aaron finds a note from Meg saying they have the house to themselves. Aaron pulls a platter of chicken from the fridge and fixes a picnic for the two of them. They eat outside which helps Sofie relax.


    Monday, April 07 2008

    Sofie arrives at the hospital to see Barbara but runs into Aaron. She goes into the hospital room while Aaron waits. "You promised not to tell," Barbara mumbles. Paul defends her, saying she did the right thing and Will and Gwen continued on with their plans. Sofie says she'll come back later. Paul walks her to the door and sees Aaron waiting outside. Aaron and Sofie go to the diner for lunch. She says she can't leave Barbara to her own devices because she is sick. Aaron asks about Paul. Sofie says Paul has nothing to do with her decision. After lunch Sofie returns to Barbara's room and Aaron is right behind with a bundle of flowers. Barbara is touched and tells Sofie what a good guy Aaron is. He turns to go but Barbara asks Sofie to stay for a while.

    Leaving Is The Hardest Part...

    Friday, April 04 2008

    Aaron runs into Sofie at The Lakeview and asks her to come to Gwen and Will's. She turns him down but Aaron pushes the issue, saying she needs to say goodbye to Hallie. She still doesn't want to go and is headed upstairs when she sees Barbara fall into a chair. With the help of a concierge, Sofie gets Babs to the hospital. Her doctor says the tumor has become resistant to the therapy and they need to operate right away. Sofie tries to call Will and Gwen but Barbara says this is the last thing they need and makes her promise not to say anything.

    Alison finds Chris at the hospital and tries to bully him into going to Will and Gwen's with her. He says he has too much work but finally gives in. They arrive at the cottage as Aaron does. Will isn't thrilled but Chris steps up and apologizes for his part in the adoption hearings. All is forgiven. Aaron takes Alison aside and asks what is going on with Chris; Allie says they are just friends. Aaron is jealous. Chris tells Alison that he doesn't want to push his luck with Will so he is leaving. He invites her to come along with him and she accepts. Aaron watches them, very unhappy. Casey, Luke, Noah and Ameera arrive. Luke explains that Ameera is Noah's wife-in-name-only; Luke jokes that Casey is now his "boyfriend". Casey objects to that description. Paul takes Will aside and says he wants to be a better brother. They hug. Just then Sofie arrives. She tearily says her goodbyes to Hallie. When Aaron tries to make her stay, though, Sofie says she wants to be alone and hurries out. Paul follows. On the porch she tells him about Barbara's surgery. They leave together. Will takes Gwen into the bedroom and she says she finally realizes why they need to move - because Sofie can't move on with them back in town. Noah and Luke are lamenting their problems with the INS. Gwen has a great idea - Noah and Ameera should move into the cottage, that way they'll have more freedom because Luke and his "boyfriend" could visit any time. "Uuh, I'm not in this for a long-term relationship," Casey jokes. Luke doesn't like the idea either, but Noah and Ameera convince them it is a great plan. Will takes a picture of the "happy couples". When everyone is gone, Will and Gwen toast to their new life. He kisses her.

    Sofie and Paul arrive at the hospital and are told that the surgery is going well. As they wait, Paul talks about his father. He hopes Barbara still has some of the fight in her that James made her develop. A nurse arrives and says the surgery is over and Barbara is doing well. Aaron arrives. Paul convinces Sofie to leave with Aaron and he goes to see Babs alone.

    Nobody Wants Second Best!

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Barbara is at the hospital when she sees Sofie. They talk about Will and Gwen until the nurse comes in. Babs wants to wait for Gwen but the nurse says they have to do the treatment now. Sofie fills in and they are about to leave after the treatment when Gwen arrives. She apologizes for not being there. Sofie leaves. Babs and Gwen are having coffee in The Lakeview lounge when both notice that Sofie is there. Gwen keeps apologizing but Barbara says it doesn't matter. After a while, though, she notices that Sofie is watching them intently and becomes worried. She tells Gwen that they need to leave town - now! - because Sofie hasn't given up on having Hallie. Gwen doesn't believe her but Babs pushes, saying that Sofie has changed her mind before. Barbara goes upstairs to rest. Gwen calls Sofie over and apologizes because they keep running into each other. "I wanted to talk to you about that," Sofie says. She surprises Gwen by offering to be part of Barbara's care staff so that Gwen and Will can go ahead with their move. Gwen isn't sure what to do but agrees to talk it over with Will. She goes home, thinking about the offer.

    Casey and Alison are chatting in the hospital hall when several emergency workers come in, telling her to sit with a trauma patient until a doctor arrives. Allie isn't sure what to do. She is about to give up when Chris walks in. He takes over but when Allie tries to leave, he stops her, saying he needs her help. They work together to stabilize the patient. Over coffee, Chris says she would be a great med-student! They return to work. After checking on their patient, Chris convinces her to come to lunch with him. They go to the lounge; Sofie is their waitress and things get tense. Chris waves off Allie's concern, saying Sofie is just upset because of Paul's troublemaking.

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