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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas

    Real Name: Justine Cotsonas


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    Who Will Save Oakdale?

    Monday, August 11 2008

    At the hospital, Meg tries to get her fears under control but Sofie appears and confuses her again. She acts out and a nurse comes in to give her a sedative. Paul arrives. He promises that he'll save her. He kisses her and leaves. The police officer follows him but he doesn't notice. Sofie appears. Meg tries to ignore her but she says over and over that Paul is trying to kill her. She screams at Sofie until she disappears.

    Holden Moves Out and Decker Moves In!

    Friday, August 08 2008

    In Meg's room, Sofie taunts her about Paul, who is still trying to keep her calm. He realizes that Meg is having more visions but she covers and says Sofie is gone. "Good girl, Meg," Sofie says. Meg convinces Paul that her wrist hurts and he releases her restraints! As he is getting water, Sofie tells Meg to take the cloth from the restraint and strangle Paul. She is about to do it when he sees her. She collapses in tears. Paul goes to get a nurse and Sofie keeps taunting Meg. She tries to make a break for it but Paul returns and stops her. The nurses restrain Meg again and tell Paul not to let her out no matter what she says. Meg apologizes and asks him what is wrong with her. He says they'll fix everything. Barbara knocks on the door and Paul goes outside. Chris and Bob tell him about the poisonings and wonder if Meg got any strange gifts. He says she hasn't gotten anything since the wedding. Paul and Barbara remember that she has been wearing the necklace almost constantly. Bob advises Babs to call Will and Gwen; she leaves a message for them. Bob leaves to find Margo. Just then Rick calls to tell Barbara that he might be able to help her family! He says he can fix everything for her family if she'll just hire him to solve the crimes - immediately! Rick hangs up the phone. Paul angrily tells Barbara not to consider hiring Rick but Babs says he is the only one who can help. They return to Meg's room. Bob and Dr. Michaelson say they have to reduce the amount of sedatives they are giving Meg because they could interact badly with the poison. Paul is very worried. The doctors leave. He tells Babs to call Rick!

    A Friendly Offer!

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Meg wakes up at Fairwinds. Paul comes in and says they have to leave for Dr. Michaelson's soon. When he is gone, Sofie appears to taunt her. She warns Meg that Dr. Michaelson is in cahoots with Paul and that they are trying to harm her. Meg tries to shut Sofie's voice out but she can't. Sofie points to the gun, under the pillow, and says Meg knows what she has to do. She is ready to go when Paul returns; she pretends everything is normal. Paul says it is good to see her smile and leaves. Meg puts on Barbara's necklace and leaves the room. Sofie is waiting in the hall! She tries to shut Sofie out but Sofie barges in, telling her that Paul is going to kill Meg just like he killed her. Meg picks up the gun. She goes downstairs. Paul chats about the doctor visit. Sofie appears and taunts Meg until she pulls the gun on Paul! Paul tries to get through to her but Sofie keeps taunting her. "I have to kill you," Meg says, nearly in tears. Paul remains calm and tries to talk her down. Sofie tells her to kill him now. Meg is torn between watching Paul and Sofie. Seeing her distraction, Paul grabs for the gun and they begin struggling. The gun goes off but no one is hurt. Paul manages to get the gun away from her as Meg screams for Sofie. He calls for an ambulance.

    Road Trip!

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Meanwhile in their bedroom, Sofie appears to Meg. She tells Meg that Paul is to blame for every bad thing that has happened to her - including the loss of her baby! Meg doesn't want to believe her but cannot not believe her. Paul comes in and stops the hallucination. He says he is taking her to Dr. Michaelson's; Meg doesn't want to go but Paul insists she has to. He leaves. Sofie reappears and says he is going to get rid of her just like he got rid of Rosanna!

    Paul takes Meg back to Fairwinds and pours her a glass of water. Sofie warns Meg that Paul is trying to poison her so Meg won't drink it! She smacks him and breaks the glass. As he is cleaning up, she apologizes. He begs her to tell him what is bothering her but when she sees Sofie's ghost she won't say anything. She goes upstairs. Paul calls Dr. Michaelson and says he thinks she was right about committing Meg! Meg is listening at the door. He follows her upstairs and offers her a sleeping pill. She pretends to take it but when he is gone, throws the pill away. Sofie appears, says she did a good thing and convinces her to get Paul's gun from the safe! Paul calls Dr. Michaelson again and while he is distracted, Meg gets his gun. She makes it back to their room without him seeing her. Paul kisses her and tells her he loves her. Meg pretends to be groggy. He leaves the room. Crying, Meg takes the gun from under the pillow. Sofie appears and says she'll be safe once Paul is gone.

    ...And The Craziness Continues!

    Friday, August 01 2008

    Meg and Paul arrive at The Lakeview. He goes to get Barbara and Meg continues into the lounge. Aaron spots her just as she has a dizzy spell. Aaron brings her water and Meg insists she was just overheated. He returns to work. Meg hears music again and Sofie's ghost appears - with a baby carriage! Meg tries convincing herself that Sofie isn't real but Sofie won't shut up. She tells Meg that Paul killed her - not Cole! "Stop it!" Meg screams, and everyone turns to look at her. She runs out of the room. Paul and Barbara walk in but can't find her. A waiter says Meg was acting strange and talking to imaginary people and then she left.

    Meg returns to Fairwinds and Paul puts her to bed. He tells her that Cole is going to jail and she doesn't have to worry any longer. He leaves after she goes to sleep. Meg wakes and caresses the necklace. She falls asleep and then wakes to see Sofie with the baby carriage - and a gun! "You have to kill him," she whispers.

    Oakdale Needs Anger Management!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    Paul takes Meg to see the gardens at Fairwinds and points out the missing roses. He says he had them removed along with Sofie's body, relieving her. They kiss. Paul places the necklace around her neck and carries her inside. Margo is there and brings up Sofie; she says they could face obstruction of justice charges, angering Meg. She gets very emotional and nearly falls down. Paul takes Margo to the study. When they are gone, Meg hears a knock at the window - and sees Sofie's ghost! She opens the window and yells at the ghost to go away.

    Meg goes to the garden and tells Sofie to leave. Sofie tells her that she is to blame for her death along with Cole. She holds out her dead infant and asks if Meg is happy now! "No!" she screams. Paul and Margo see her fall to the ground and run over. Paul takes her inside. She tells him about Sofie's appearance. Uncomfortable, Margo turns to go. Meg apologizes for yelling at her earlier. Paul walks Margo out. He returns with tea and tries to convince Meg that Sofie's ghost was just a figment of her imagination. Meg doesn't believe him. She feels ill and asks him to remove the necklace. Paul puts it on the coffee table and then holds her.

    That's Robbing The Womb!

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    At Fairwinds, Meg is really freaked out about what Mike may know and what he might do. Paul reassures her, saying whatever happens they'll face it together. Paul makes Meg a snack. When he mentions the herb garden, it brings back Sofie in the rose garden. Jack and Mike arrive and begin questioning them. Paul and Meg stick with their story and then surprise Jack with news of the marriage. Jack separates Meg, asking what she is trying to do. She says she is moving on with her life and the family will understand. Jack doesn't think so. Mike and Paul watch from a distance and take a few verbal punches at one another. Jack comes back to them, accepts Paul’s explanations and then asks if he can dig in the garden! Paul says not without a warrant. Jack leaves. Meg is worried about what will happen now. Paul says they can handle this and tells her to get Barbara and brings her to Fairwinds. He says he'll take the blame for the murder! Meg leaves. Paul gets a shovel and digs up Sofie's grave.

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