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    As the World Turns CAST - Sofie Duran

    Full detailed profile on Sofie Duran Played by Justine Cotsonas on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justine Cotsonas
    Sofie Duran

    Actor: Justine Cotsonas

    Who played Sofie Duran over the years

    Justine Cotsonas (2007 - August 2008)

    Useful information on Sofie Duran

    Sofie is a waitress at The Lakeview.
    She gave birth to a baby girl and then gave her up for adoption.


    Past: waitresss, The Lakeview


    Sofie Duran took a job at The Lakeview as a waitress. Sofie and Aaron hit it off when she took the blame for some glasses that Aaron broke after he argued with Alison. Sofie found out she was pregnant with Cole Norbeck's child and was very excited. Cole was not and manipulated Sofie into considering an abortion. When she couldn't go through with it, Cole enlisted the help of his mother. Together they came up with a scam: to sell the baby to Barbara Munson, who was trying to find a baby Will and Gwen could adopt. The scheme fell apart with Alison Stewart and Aaron Snyder figured it out. Cole left town. Sofie gave birth to a baby girl.

    Though she wanted to keep the child Sofie realized she couldn't take care of a baby on her own. She contacted Will and Gwen and asked if they were still interested in adoption. The Munson's adopted her baby girl.

    Sofie began to lean heavily on Paul and actually fell in love with him. When Paul threw her over for Meg, Sofie accused him of rape. She soon learned she was pregnant and doctored the records so that Paul would think he was the father; it was really Cole's baby. Along with Cole, she tried to extort money from Paul. Cole learned that Sofie was scamming him, too, and killed her. He framed Meg and Paul for the crime but his duplicity came to light.

    Sofie's ghost began haunting Meg soon after, telling her that Paul would kill her, too. It turned out that Meg was being poisoned and that the ghost was a figment of her imagination.




    Cole Norbeck




    Baby Girl (given up for adoption)


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    Monday, August 11 2008: Who Will Save Oakdale?

    At the hospital, Meg tries to get her fears under control but Sofie appears and confuses her again. She acts out and a nurse comes in to give her a sedative. Paul arrives. He promises that he'll save her. He kisses her and leaves. The police officer follows him but he doesn't notice. Sofie appears. Meg tries to ignore her but she says over and over that Paul is trying to kill her. She screams at Sofie until she disappears.

    Friday, August 08 2008: Holden Moves Out and Decker Moves In!

    In Meg's room, Sofie taunts her about Paul, who is still trying to keep her calm. He realizes that Meg is having more visions but she covers and says Sofie is gone. "Good girl, Meg," Sofie says. Meg convinces Paul that her wrist hurts and he releases her restraints! As he is getting water, Sofie tells Meg to take the cloth from the restraint and strangle Paul. She is about to do it when he sees her. She collapses in tears. Paul goes to get a nurse and Sofie keeps taunting Meg. She tries to make a break for it but Paul returns and stops her. The nurses restrain Meg again and tell Paul not to let her out no matter what she says. Meg apologizes and asks him what is wrong with her. He says they'll fix everything. Barbara knocks on the door and Paul goes outside. Chris and Bob tell him about the poisonings and wonder if Meg got any strange gifts. He says she hasn't gotten anything since the wedding. Paul and Barbara remember that she has been wearing the necklace almost constantly. Bob advises Babs to call Will and Gwen; she leaves a message for them. Bob leaves to find Margo. Just then Rick calls to tell Barbara that he might be able to help her family! He says he can fix everything for her family if she'll just hire him to solve the crimes - immediately! Rick hangs up the phone. Paul angrily tells Barbara not to consider hiring Rick but Babs says he is the only one who can help. They return to Meg's room. Bob and Dr. Michaelson say they have to reduce the amount of sedatives they are giving Meg because they could interact badly with the poison. Paul is very worried. The doctors leave. He tells Babs to call Rick!

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