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    As the World Turns CAST - Aaron Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aaron Snyder Played by Agim Kaba on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Agim Kaba (

    Birthday: February 16, 1980
    Birthplace: East Village, New York, NY
    Real Name: Agim Kaba
    Height: 5'11"


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    Cole Is Caught and Meg is Shot!

    Monday, July 21 2008

    Alison is running at the high school track. Chris sees her as he is running, too. They chat for a bit and Chris realizes she is having a hard time - and that she doesn't like to run. He offers to give her a few tips and shows her some stretches. When she is loosened up, Chris asks if they can run together. They run for a while but Alison is much slower than he is. Aaron arrives and she stops to talk with him. He is worried about Chris but Alison says Chris was helping her out. She is weak and almost falls over. Aaron grabs her and helps her to the bleachers. She says she is okay and probably just overdid it. Aaron and Alison leave; Chris watches them go.

    Movers and Shakers!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Alison goes to The Lakeview to show Aaron an apology letter from Chris. Aaron tells her not to be taken in by Chris' remorse. She wonders what she should do now. Brenda calls and she leaves. A while later, Allie returns and tells him the good news - she has been reinstated! She sees Chris and he says he is trying to make things right and stuns her when he says he handed in his resignation. Chris says he can only try to make things right. He tells her not to give up her dreams. Allie leaves. Kim arrives and tells him how proud she is. She asks where he is going and Chris says he has no plans. He says he isn't going to run away from Oakdale but that he can't work at the hospital. She is thrilled that he is staying in town.

    Aaron overhears Alison accept the reinstatement and asks what changed her mind. She says she talked to Chris and he convinced her to fight for what she wants. Aaron says she did the right thing.

    Sofie's Dead!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Aaron finds Alison at Yo's, drinking. She says alcohol is all she has left! Aaron says she has a lot more than that and offers to help her get her life back in order. Just then, Chris walks in. Alison decides to stay. Chris says now both of their lives are over because of what she did! He sits down with Allie and Aaron, even more drunk than he was at the party, and asks if she is happy now. He mentions quitting his job. Aaron offers to beat Chris up for her but Allie tells him she can handle it. Aaron turns to Chris and tells him to get out. Chris sadly says he still believes in Alison and then leaves.

    Spineless and Dishonest!

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    At The Lakeview, Alison tells Bonnie and Aaron that she needs to be better prepared for the trial - starting with really hard questions about the meth addiction and porn movies. Bonnie asks a tough question and Alison runs to the bathroom. When she returns, she says she is ready but asks Aaron to leave the room if the DVD is used. Bonnie reassures her, saying Tom would be stupid to use the DVD.

    Once they reach the courthouse, Tom takes Bonnie aside and tries to intimidate her. She tells him she'll take a settlement, an apology and Alison's reinstatement but that is it! She tells him that he shouldn't have tried to convince Alison not to go through with the trial and neither should his father or Chris. Tom says she won't win. In the courtroom, Aaron warns Chris again not to use the video. Alison walks in and says Chris made all of this happen. Emily and Casey arrive; she refuses to let him sit with her. Kim arrives and threatens Emily with a libel lawsuit if she doesn't stop printing "lies" about Chris. The hearing gets underway. Bonnie questions Brenda, the nursing school supervisor. She admits that Chris influenced her decision to keep Ally in the program but swears he didn't influence her to kick Ally out. Bonnie calls Alison to the stand. Bonnie asks Alison about her relationship with Chris. She says they were friends and beginning to date but that she couldn't sleep with him. She says Chris was fine until after her exam results were posted and she wouldn't sleep with him. She says the next day she was kicked out of school. The judge calls a recess and Chris tells Tom that Ally is lying about not sleeping with Aaron. "What difference does that make?" Tom asks. Chris won't answer. Tom questions Alison about her virginity and Alison reminds him that she was engaged to Chris and pregnant with is baby at one time. Tom asks more about her sexual past. Alison says she has intimacy issues and Tom is about to present the DVD when Aaron yells that this isn't fair. Bonnie calms him down and Tom reaches into his briefcase but Chris stops him. Tom decides not to use the DVD. He calls Chris to the stand. Chris admits he influenced Brenda at first because he believed in Ally. Chris says he still believes in Alison but that her grades simply weren't good enough. The judge leaves to make his decision. Alison begins to waver. Bonnie tells her that no matter what Chris said on the stand, she can't forget that he likely said different things when he was alone with Brenda.

    The judge returns to the courtroom and says both parties are partially guilty - Chris because he influenced Brenda and Alison because she didn't concentrate more on her school work! He decides that Alison simply wasn't ready for nursing school. Chris wins the case! Emily hurries out and calls the paper to stop the presses. Casey says he'll come along. Tom invites Casey to come celebrate with the family but he refuses. Emily tells him to go with his family. Susan tells Ally that it doesn't matter but Alison is still shell-shocked.

    Casey and the other Hughes' go to The Lakeview. Kim goes on and on about Alison's lies but Casey defends her. Chris tells Casey to get out! Susan, Alison and Aaron arrive but don't go in because they see the Hughes clan inside. Susan is called back to the hospital. Alison tells Aaron she wants to be alone. When he is gone she goes inside and tells off Chris! She says she isn't the same girl who did the porno but he will always be a spineless, dishonest man.

    Giving Up or Sticking To It?

    Thursday, June 19 2008

    At the hospital, Alison notices several nurses and aides giggling and pointing at her. Aaron arrives and reminds her she is off duty. He asks her to come with him.

    Aaron takes Alison to the pond and they relax in the sun for a while. He apologizes for upsetting her but says he isn't sorry for punching Chris. Alison worries about being questioned in court. Aaron says Bonnie is right and Chris will pull out all of her dark secrets. They chat for a bit longer - and Allie kisses him! Casey calls and tells them to meet him at Emily's.

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