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    As the World Turns CAST - Aaron Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aaron Snyder Played by Agim Kaba on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Agim Kaba (

    Birthday: February 16, 1980
    Birthplace: East Village, New York, NY
    Real Name: Agim Kaba
    Height: 5'11"


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    One Split Second!

    Tuesday, August 12 2008

    After she receives the antidote, Meg is taken to a private room. She wants to get to Aaron but Paul wants her to rest. She asks how he can forgive her; he says he knew from the time she began acting strangely that she wasn't herself. He promises that Sofie isn't coming back. She kisses him and convinces Paul to take her to Aaron. She calls the farm, tells Emma she is okay and asks for Holden. He isn't there so Meg tells her to get to the hospital quickly because of Aaron. Emma arrives shortly and begins blaming herself. Aaron begins to regain consciousness.

    Chris gets Alison into a room and barks orders at a nurse but Alison is fading fast. The nurse returns and says they had to use the last of the antidote on Susan! Chris hurries to the research lab to make more. Alison dreams she is in a field, alone, when Aaron shows up. She asks where they are; he doesn't answer, just takes her on a motorcycle ride. She can't feel his body next to hers and wonders why. They quickly arrive at Yo's. Alison asks if he feels funny, too, but Aaron says he feels fine. She pushes away the beer he serves her but he says she can have anything she wants now. Emily and Susan start singing in the corner. She asks them what is going on. They tell her to stop thinking and play along. Suddenly Chris pops up from behind the piano and tells her to relax and have fun. Alison joins Emily and Susan for another chorus. When the chorus ends, Emily and Susan have disappeared. Chris and Aaron are still there and tell her to relax. Aaron requests a song from her and along with Chris pressures her to sing some more. She sings the lullaby she sang to Aaron in Seattle. As the song ends, she realizes Chris has disappeared. Alison starts to freak out about people leaving her. Aaron says he has to go, too, and won't let her come with him. He fades from her sight. She is right back in the middle of the field and calls out for help. Just then, the real Chris bursts into Alison's hospital room with another dose of the antidote. Refusing to give up even though it looks bleak, he injects her. In her dream state, Alison sees Chris and asks again what is going on. He reaches out and says she has to come with him now. She takes his hand and begins to wake from her dreams. She sees Chris and he tells her what happened. She thanks him for saving her and then asks for Aaron!

    Chris takes Alison to Aaron. She holds his hand and cries. He asks if she is real. She says they are going to be okay now. Chris watches them from the hall.

    Who Will Save Oakdale?

    Monday, August 11 2008

    No matter what Aaron says, the hospital guard will not let him back inside the building because of the quarantine. Aaron goes around the side of the building, hoping to find another way in. An ambulance arrives and Aaron sneaks onto the roof to ride into the hospital! He avoids the increased security patrols by crawling through the ducts.

    Holden Moves Out and Decker Moves In!

    Friday, August 08 2008

    In another room, Aaron tries to help Susan, who is watching Emily and Alison. Susan fills him in on what they are facing but she isn't sure what is going on. Emily's fever spikes and she tells Aaron to get a nurse and a crash cart! Chris comes in, looking really bad. Susan tries to get him back to his room but he keeps questioning her about gifts that Emily or Alison received. Susan can't think of anything except Alison's bracelet. He is about to take it off when Aaron comes back and says they can't take her lucky charm. Susan tells him Chris is trying to save Allie so Aaron backs off. Chris bags the bracelet and goes to the lab. Dallas goes to Emily's room and she tells them about the perfume. He asks about the name of both perfume bottles - they are Sweet Vengeance and Second Chances! Aaron sits with Alison until she wakes up. She asks if she is dying. He says she just has to fight but Allie doesn't think she can. Aaron leaves to get her a gift. Margo arrives and listens as Emily and Alison wonder why they are sick. Em tells Allie they were poisoned. "Who hates us that much?" Alison asks.

    Aaron returns to the hospital with balloons for Alison but a guard won't let him inside.

    An Ultimatum Is Given!

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    At the hospital, Alison has another attack. Aaron calls for help but when Chris comes in, refuses to allow him to help! Chris ignores him so Aaron goes after a nurse. The woman won't make Chris leave either and only increases the pressure when she says Chris has been reinstated. Aaron leaves to find Bob. Chris takes a blood sample and tells her to stay awake. Alison grabs the needle and plunges it into Chris' chest! Aaron returns and sides with Alison when she says Chris was trying to kill her. The nurse sides with Chris, who begs Bob not to take him off the case. Bob looks over Alison while Chris tells Aaron that he was infected with the same thing Alison was infected with. Bob orders them to go outside. Bob follows them into the hall and tells both men that Alison needs to remain calm. Aaron goes inside, saying Chris better keep his distance. Bob tells Chris he is off the case, at least as far as actually doctoring Alison. Chris says he is going to keep researching.

    Chris is in the lab researching when he has another attack. Bob comes in but he insists he is fine and goes back to work. He realizes he is getting sick again but won't stop researching because he is afraid for Alison. He injects himself with some of Alison's blood and then makes his way to her room. He begs her to hold on and says he can fix this. Aaron comes in and orders Chris to stay away from Allie. Chris turns on him and tries to strangle him. Bob rushes in and orders a sedative. Aaron yells for Chris to be locked up but Bob says he is sick with the same thing Alison is sick with.

    Brad Kidnaps Liberty!

    Monday, August 04 2008

    At the hospital, Aaron insists to Susan that Chris drugged Alison and was going to do even worse things to her. She takes Allie's blood pressure and realizes it is very low; Alison insists she feels okay now. Susan leaves. Alison thanks Aaron for getting her out of a bad situation.

    In the hall, Margo tells Susan everything that Chris said about the incident at the pond. Susan doesn't want to believe that Alison was attempting suicide but wonders what is really going on. Margo opens Alison's door and tries to question her but she still can't remember anything. Aaron says Margo is just protecting her brother-in-law but Alison stops him and says Margo is right. Margo goes back into the hall; Susan says the blood tests are back and everything seems normal. She says there were no drugs in her system but there was a strange compound that they can't identify. This worries Margo. She leaves for the police station.

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