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    As the World Turns CAST - Aaron Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aaron Snyder Played by Agim Kaba on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Agim Kaba (

    Birthday: February 16, 1980
    Birthplace: East Village, New York, NY
    Real Name: Agim Kaba
    Height: 5'11"


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    James Takes A Prisoner!

    Monday, September 08 2008

    Alison arrives at The Lakeview; Chris is right behind her and says he got an unexpected break. They talk about the puppy for a while and then she leaves, leaving the chocolates behind! In the lobby, Alison bumps into Aaron and acts strangely. She covers by saying she has a lot on her mind. Aaron reminds her not to forget the chocolates and Allie realizes she left them behind.

    Casey goes to Lily's, where Emily is putting up wedding decorations. He is very upset because the annulment papers came. Em says nothing that matters has changed and kisses him. Casey helps her put flowers on the arbor. He puts a flower in her hair and asks if they can have a real wedding one day. Emily says marriages aren't forever and she isn't going to do that again! Casey can't believe what she is saying and walks away. She catches up to him at the house and tries to talk to him but Susan arrives, followed by Dani. She fills in Casey and Emily wonders what they are up to. Aaron arrives and asks about Alison.

    Digging Up Money!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    Holden meets Aaron at The Lakeview and tries to convince him to delay the wedding. Aaron says Alison wants a quick wedding and that neither of them wants to wait. Holden brings up their past problems but Aaron won't listen. Aaron asks him to focus on the dessert options that The Lakeview has provided but neither can make a decision. They call Lily. She arrives, quickly followed by Alison, who is trying to sneak the dog into Chris' room. Alison says she was on her way to class but agrees to sit down to taste test. They can't make any decisions and Aaron comments that this isn't like Emma's food. Alison says Emma should cook for them! Aaron agrees to call her and the party breaks up. Aaron catches up with Holden a minute later and asks if he'll be the best man. Holden is surprised but agrees to do it.

    Is Parker Innocent?

    Friday, August 29 2008

    Aaron and Holden are talking about the wedding at the farm. Holden tries to dampen Aaron's enthusiasm but Aaron won't listen to him. Emma comes into the kitchen and sides with Aaron, who leaves to find Allie. Emma tells Holden to stop being a grouch because Aaron's marriage might work!

    In Old Town, Alison runs into Chris, who apologizes again for the flowers. He says he just thought they might have another chance at their relationship. Allie is understanding. He leaves as Aaron arrives. Alison tells Aaron that Chris is a good guy! Over ice cream, Alison says she contacted Chris this time and she was trying to smooth things over so they could have a good working relationship. Aaron asks about wedding dates and brings up some summer dates. Alison asks how next week sounds!

    Aaron tells Holden and Emma the good news at the farm. Aaron asks if they can have the wedding at the farm but Emma says it's a bad idea. She suggests Lily's home. Aaron isn't sure so Holden tells him to ask her.

    Mike shows up at Lily's with all the makings for a fun family picnic. They sit down with the kids just as Holden and Aaron arrive. Mike invites them to join the party. As they eat, Aaron brings up the wedding and asks about holding it at Lily's. She loves the idea and so do the kids. Faith brings up bridesmaids and Aaron says the girls will be bridesmaids and Ethan will be the ring bearer. Holden can't take his eyes off Lily.

    Too Much Subterfuge!

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Alison and Aaron exit his exam room and run into Susan. She says the party plans are settled and tells Allie they have to leave. Alison wants to see her biology professor first and then a nurse brings flowers. She hurries off to her meeting, leaving Aaron and Susan with the flowers. Aaron says he didn't send them and grabs the card. He is upset to see the flowers are from Chris; Susan says it is her fault because she was bragging about Allie's improved grades. She says she'll take care of Chris and is called away. Aaron spots a friend of Alison's and asks for Chris's private cell number.

    Emily arrives at The Lakeview for the party; Susan has everything put together. Emma arrives and chats with Emily; she gives Susan Paul and Meg's regrets because they can't attend. Aaron arrives, followed by Alison! He kisses her. Holden arrives and drinks with Emily. She sees Casey arrive with Dani and angrily tells Dani to back off. Dani tells Emily to lighten up. Aaron spots Lily delivering the kids and asks her to stay. She agrees reluctantly and calls Mike to cancel their plans. Holden sees Lily and tells her to go; she says she is staying because Aaron invited her. He admits that his anger is more about missing out on their family life than about her dating Mike. Lily storms off. Chris arrives. Susan tries to head him off but Aaron sees him and proposes a toast - to his future wife! Chris is shocked and Alison sadly watches him. Aaron toasts to their newfound love. After, Alison and Faith bond as future sisters but then she hurries after Chris. Chris says he got the message and she asks why he is there in the first place! He shows her the text message and brings up the flowers. She says she didn't send the message and she didn't know he sent the flowers. Chris blames Aaron but Alison defends him. She says Aaron is exactly what she needs. Chris sadly leaves. Alison returns to the party but won't talk to Aaron. He leads her out of the room and she asks why he sent that message. Aaron says that was the only way to get through to Chris. She says she doesn't need this kind of subterfuge and he needs to get over Chris. Aaron asks why she is so upset when she keeps saying she wants Chris out of her life! Allie says Aaron is being sneaky and underhanded and needs to stop because she doesn't like that side of him. Casey is singing Emily's praises to Emma and Susan when she walks up and tells him to stop. Casey sets her straight on how Emma really feels about Emily's newspaper, shocking her. Emma asks Susan what is going on with them after they leave but Susan doesn't know. Both agree that at least Aaron and Alison are on the right track. Lily, Holden and kids take their leave, interrupting Aaron and Alison's argument on the way out. They assure everyone that they are happy. In the hall, Casey and Emily make up and leave. Alison thanks Susan for the party; Emma tells Aaron not to leave things messy with Alison. Susan and Emma leave. Aaron turns to Alison and apologizes for hurting Chris that way. "It was low," he says. She agrees and then says the worst thing is that it was unnecessary because she loves him. She kisses him.

    The Marrying Kind!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    Alison is checking her email at the farm and finds she scored a B+ on her latest exam. She is thrilled and shares the news with Aaron, who is just as excited. He asks how she is feeling - about him! She skirts the issue and he sends her to the refrigerator; while she is distracted, he hides something underneath a towel. She makes a sandwich and when she opens her sandwich to spread mustard, an engagement ring is inside! Aaron gets on one knee and asks her to marry him! She is shocked and waves the mustard knife in his face. Aaron says he wants to love her the rest of his life and that they need to stop playing games with one another. She says she loves him but she needs time to get readjusted to them being in love, her school and life in general. She says she doesn't want to make any more mistakes but that this isn't a no. Aaron places the ring on her finger and suggests she give it a test drive of sorts. She laughs and agrees. Aaron goes upstairs and Alison tries to take off the ring but changes her mind.

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