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    As the World Turns CAST - Aaron Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aaron Snyder Played by Agim Kaba on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Agim Kaba (

    Birthday: February 16, 1980
    Birthplace: East Village, New York, NY
    Real Name: Agim Kaba
    Height: 5'11"


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    Can Allie Accept Aaron?

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Aaron follows Allie home and bangs on her door when she won't let him in. He isn't leaving until she opens up to him! Allie tries to make him go away but Aaron won't leave. She tells him that the Alison he knew doesn't exist any longer but Aaron doesn't believe her. Finally, she opens the door. As they talk, Alison realizes that Aaron wasn't judging what she did he was just reacting to the news. He tells her he won't write her off but she doesn't know how that can be because she has written herself off! She explains that doing the drugs helped her push off the heaviness that his leaving left her with. "It made all the bad stuff go away," she says, insisting that she is clean now and she wants to stay clean. Aaron is understanding, which only makes Alison feel worse, especially when he tells her that the drugs and the porn are his fault! He reminds her of all the things he has done wrong in his life, including shutting her out, and explains that he understands how she could have fallen in with the wrong guy. Allie gets quiet, realizing that their lives are now in completely different places. She believes he is headed back to Seattle and she doesn't want to let him go. Aaron tells her he is staying in Oakdale and he still loves her! "Do you think you can still love me, too?" he asks. Alison is stunned into silence, unsure of what to say and how to say it. He offers to go. She pulls her hand from his, unable to speak. She stops him before he can get to the door. She tells him she still wants him to be with her! Aaron hugs her, thanking her for telling him everything. Allie flashes back to her night with Dusty and realizes she needs to tell him about that. She begins to but Aaron stops her, saying he'll never know all of her secrets and that is okay! "Let's just go on from here without any secrets," he says. He asks if there is anything else she wants to tell him and Allie clams up. "I've said everything that needs to be said," she says and tells him that she loves him. Aaron kisses her passionately; Allie draws back, asking if they can take things really slowly. He agrees.

    Carly and Brad Plan

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    Aaron surprises Alison with a bouquet of flowers at the diner. They flowers kick up her allergies and she pushes them away. Before he can leave, Allie asks him to stick around for some coffee. He agrees! They talk over coffee. Allie hands Aaron a gift - his favorite sandwich. Aaron thanks her and leaves to wash up. While he is gone, she digs in to the food. Elwood turns from the bar, recognizing her from a porn flick! She orders him to leave the diner but Elwood won't go. He asks for an autograph, making Allie more jumpy. She tells him she's not in the business any longer and to leave. Before he can Aaron walks in wondering what's up. Allie manages to get Elwood outside and tells him never to bother her again. She goes back inside to Aaron who asks for the truth. Allie doesn't want to talk about the past but realizes she can't keep the truth from Aaron. She tells him about the meth and the porn. Aaron is speechless. Allie asks if they can still be friends. He doesn't know what to say and is having trouble relating what she became with the girl he knew. Hurt, Allie gives him back the flowers and storms away.

    Brad Has A Bright Idea!

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Aaron and Alison return to the diner with ice cream. They giggle over a near-miss with a cow, getting along very well. Aaron begins talking about the farm and his younger years; Allie tells him he liked the farm because it was close to Lucy! That brings them back to the present. Aaron obviously wants to move forward with Allie but Allie is busy beating herself up over the past. He asks if she had a good time and she admits she did. He did, too. Allie smiles.

    Will Is Run Off The Road!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    At The Lakeview, Aaron asks the manager for a job. The manager tells him to send in a resume and they'll talk. Dusty sees him and comes over to find out what brought Aaron home. Aaron asks Dusty to help him get a job because he is planning on sticking around Oakdale for a while! Dusty asks if this has anything to do with Alison and Aaron admits that it does. He still loves Allie! "I want Alison," he says. Dusty tells Aaron that he is exactly the sort of man Allie needs. Allie and Emily arrives, both surprised to see Aaron there. Alison tells him not to stay in town because of her! He tells her he is staying in Oakdale and it is partially to do with her. Alison tells him to enjoy his stay - and find a new woman because he doesn't have a chance with her! Allie storms off and runs into Dusty in the hall. She asks what he was thinking to get Aaron a job and Dusty tells her to back off. Worried about the porn and the drugs and sleeping with Dusty, Alison wonders how Aaron could ever forgive her. Dusty tries to calm her down but can't. Alison storms off.

    In the lounge Aaron tries to get answers from Emily but Emily won't tell him what he wants to hear. She tells him to find Alison and talk to her. Aaron gets up to leave as Dusty returns. He gives Aaron a card and tells him to call about the job tomorrow. Dusty sits down with Emily and fills her in on his run-in with Allie in the hall. She brings up Vegas and Dusty cuts her off. He doesn't want to talk about Vegas. Emily gets up to leave but Dusty stops her and asks her to stay. They sit down to dinner but the talk soon turns to Allie. Emily tells Dusty that Allie deserves a second chance and he agrees! Emily wraps things up quickly, upset that Dusty pulled his hands away from hers. Dusty has no idea what is going on with her.

    Aaron finds Alison at the diner, crying. Allie tries to be tough and hard but Aaron sees through her act. He tells her that she isn't the only reason he is staying in Oakdale. His family is here and he wants to know them all. But, the biggest reason to stay is because of his bike! This makes Allie laugh. He asks Allie to come along for a ride! She turns him down at first, blaming work, but Aaron tries to change her mind. Finally she agrees to one short ride and they take off!

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