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    As the World Turns CAST - Noah Mayer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Mayer Played by Jake Silbermann on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jake Silbermann

    Birthday: June 1 1983
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jake Silbermann


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    I Brought You A Pie.

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    Maddie and Noah go to Al's. Hunter walks in and asks what it's like to be blind. Noah laughs and they talk about how his senses have changed. They go to Worldwide and Hunter blasts music to see how he experiences it. Noah talks about the things he misses, like pictures.

    Dr. Oliver arrives at the hospital. He asks Luke how much it cost him to get dirt on him and taunts him for having blue blood in his veins. The doctor threatens to leave when Noah is late. Noah walks in and the doctor offers him fifteen minutes. A few minutes later, Oliver comes out and explains that he can help Noah and he will as long as Luke throws away whatever dirt he has on him when this is over. After the doctor leaves, Luke goes in to see Noah and confesses that he blackmailed the doctor. Noah's impressed that he took such a risk and thanks him.

    I Can't See Period.

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Noah returns to Lily's. He tells Lucinda, Luke and Lily that he doesn't want anyone to think of him as a charity case. He wants to fight to get better and claims Dr. Oliver says he can. He wants to go to Oliver's clinic in Dallas. Lily and her mother decide to leave the men alone. Noah tells Luke not to try and talk him out of this. When Luke tries to get close to him, Noah pushes him back. "I can't," he says. Too much has changed and he thinks that Luke is trying to make him accept what has happened and move on. Luke insists that isn't true and he just wants him to get better. Noah says he has to see again and everything else is secondary. "Including me?" Luke asks. They go out on the porch and Noah says that now he can't see his film, he realizes how much it meant to him. Luke puts a jacket on him and asks him to reach in the pocket. Noah discovers an award in it. Luke explains that his film won first prize at the student film festival. He finished the movie for him and tells him how much everyone liked it. "You did this to control me. You took my work and you made it your own," Noah says. Luke doesn't know why he can't see how he did all of this all for him. "I can't see period. I can't see," Noah says.

    Alone, Noah sits down and plays the recording of the film Luke made.

    Christmas With The Snyders'.

    Friday, December 25 2009

    The family joins together for the Christmas picture. As they pose, Lucinda leads Noah in. Luke stares and wonders why he wasn’t told about this. Lucinda explains that she wasn’t going to let them be apart for the holidays. The family welcomes him, but when Luke gets close, Noah backs away. As most of the family file off, Emma shows Holden and Lily something which Faith wrote. She thought it was so wonderful that she had her make her a copy. Emma leaves them to read it. It’s about ‘perfect families’ and how Faith never had one. Her parents' lives are always full of drama; they are always breaking up, even though they are obviously soul mates. Lily weeps as she reads it. They bring Faith in and tell her how proud they are of her maturity. They are willing to support her, they just want to make sure that boarding school is really what she wants. It is, so they agree.

    Noah and Luke sit at the kitchen table. Luke asks him what his presence means. Noah doesn’t know. They may have been through tough times before, but he could always see that there would be an end to them. Now, that’s all over and everything has changed. Luke still wants them to spend their lives togther. Noah can’t tell him what he wants to hear but he admits that he came because he would have missed spending Christmas with him. Luke is okay with that. They hug.

    Luke gives Noah a box full of various things. Each thing represents one of his senses. “That’s great. Aren’t people supposed to have five senses? I can’t live the rest of my life like this,” Noah tells him.

    Words To Live By.

    Monday, November 30 2009

    At home, Luke is trying to help Noah out. Noah smashes some glass by accident and screams at Luke to get away from him. Luke wishes they could get past this. So does Noah, but he can't get past not being able to see... and he doesn't want to be obligated to Luke or Damian. Luke needs him and needs him to get better. Noah asks him to turn on his music playlist. Lily comes home and Luke tells her he needs to leave and do something. When she says hello to Noah, he tells her he feels cooped up and asks her to take him for a walk. She points out how bad Luke feels about all of this. Noah thinks Luke is becoming a 'newer, younger version of his father'. Lily says, like Damian, he acts passionately without thinking, but they are lucky to be loved by people like that.

    Lily and Noah are in the park. Luke arrives and tells Noah about how the seasons are changing. Noah's angry Lily called him over. Luke sends his mother off and they talk about how sick they are of being angry at each other. Noah feels like he's lost everything. "Noah, I don't want to say this, but we have to split up," Luke says. He tells him about rehab and wishes he could go with him. He will think about him every second he is gone. They kiss.


    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Luke walks into his room to wake Noah. He's already awake. Luke tries inviting him to dinner but Noah doesn't want to be stared at like a train wreck and tells him to go.

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