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    As the World Turns CAST - Noah Mayer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Mayer Played by Jake Silbermann on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jake Silbermann

    Birthday: June 1 1983
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jake Silbermann


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    I'm Not Fond Of Air.

    Wednesday, May 19 2010

    Luke goes to see Noah in his hospital room. Everything is still blurry to Noah. He explains that he heard Luke and Reid arguing but he couldn't see them. When he asks what the fight was about, Luke downplays it. Their hands touch and Noah tells him it's okay to worry about him. He asks him to steer clear of Dr. Oliver. Reid walks in, looks at Noah's eyes and abruptly walks out. Noah tells Luke to go and check on him.

    Luke follows Reid down the corridor and whispers that he can't do this anymore. Luke feels guilty and wants to confess but Reid doesn't know what he wants to say. He suggests that it may be better to keep this from Noah. The doctor suggests that the truth could stop Noah from ever seeing again. They bicker and Reid tells him that Noah doesn't need honesty right now, he needs comfort.

    Alison goes to see Noah and he complains about how much things have changed with Luke. He loves him more than ever but it's complicated. He blames himself for pushing Luke away. They discuss her problems with Casey. After she leaves, Reid comes in to check on him. Luke returns and asks if he can take Noah outside. Reid tells him not to overdo it.

    Luke and Noah go out to the park for some air. Noah can finally see colors. He tells Luke that he can tell him anything.

    I Want You To Stay Away.

    Thursday, May 13 2010

    Noah and Luke are on the hospital roof talking about how everything has changed. Noah wonders if the way he feels about him has changed. Luke admits it has. Noah's shocked. They bicker and Luke wonders how he can be acting like this when he's been pushing him away for months. Noah doesn't know what it means to be part of a couple. He tries rationalizing his behavior and how he finally feels like he's connected again. Luke doesn't feel connected to him anymore though and they can't go back. Reid interrupts them and tells Luke he's an idiot for bringing Noah onto the roof after brain surgery.

    Dr. Oliver checks Noah over and they argue about Luke. Reid says that he was only pretending to like Luke because he needed to use him for something. Luke just happens to overhear this and walks in to confront the doctor. Reid snaps and walks out. Noah wonders what's going on between them. Alison and Casey rush in to see Noah. As they all chat, Reid stares in and then interrupts them, ordering everyone out so Noah can recuperate. Ali and Casey run. Noah begs Reid to let Luke say. Reid walks out grumpily.

    In his hospital room, Noah watches the video Luke edited and is impressed. When he stands up and looks through the window, he sees Reid touching Luke's face.

    We Can Do It Together.

    Wednesday, May 12 2010

    Back at the hospital, Luke is anxious for news. Reid walks off to check the tests again and Luke sits beside Noah. He begs him to wake up. Noah starts to open his eyes. His eyes focus and meet Luke's. Reid looks in and then asks Luke to leave. He examines Noah and they joke around. The doctor tells him to be patient because his vision will improve. Noah's amazed that he can see and Luke made this possible. The doctor files out and Luke returns. Noah is eager to go outside.

    Luke takes Noah up to the hospital roof. Noah thanks him for never backing off and always being there for him. He's grateful and hopes their relationship can survive this. Luke tells him just to focus on his health. Noah guesses that something has changed.

    Oh That.

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    Luke goes to Noah's hospital and room and sits at his side. He begs him to open his eyes. Reid looks in. He has to examine his patient. Luke lurches away and tries apologizing for what he accused him of. Reid assures Luke that he's not 'all that' but says that he understands how he has been reacting. The doctor advises Luke to stay with Noah and talk to him. "Take care of him Luke," he says, walking out.

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