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    As the World Turns CAST - Noah Mayer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Mayer Played by Jake Silbermann on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jake Silbermann

    Birthday: June 1 1983
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jake Silbermann


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    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    Noah shows up outside and asks to speak to Lily. She's happy he has his sight back. He's looking for Luke; he needs some stuff from his room. He thanks Lily for helping him out. "It sounds like you're saying goodbye," she suggests. He says he won't be around much, but he thinks she has a wonderful family. Lily gets upset so Holden calms her down. Noah goes up to get his stuff. Lily sits down and weeps. Holden sits with her and they talk about how sad it is when a relationship ends. She's sorry she let Damian come between them. He says it wasn't her fault and she doesn't need to apologize. They kiss. He pulls away and says he can't do this.

    Noah goes into Luke's room and looks at an old photo of them. When he turns around, Luke is there. They're awkward. Luke tells him he doesn't have to break up with his family too. Noah finds his old tie and remembers kissing him. He didn't think things would get harder when his sight returned. Reid strolls in. He offers to leave but Noah leaves first. Reid claims he's just there for the food and begins mocking Luke's crumbling romance. Luke thought that he could be a real human being. "I choose not to," Reid says.

    The Fall Back Guy.

    Monday, May 31 2010

    Noah stands outside of Lily's looking through the window at Luke and Reid making out. His friend, Richard, shows up and points out that his boyfriend is kissing his hot doctor. Noah's flabbergasted. Luke notices them and rushes out. Noah pretends that he couldn't see who was inside. Reid comes out and they stand around awkwardly until Luke suggests they all go out for a drink.

    At Yo's, Luke is feeling guilty but Reid thinks they should just come clean with Noah. Luke debates this with him. He admits that he has feelings for him but he's in love with Noah. Reid tells him he better make a choice. Noah sits at a table and squints at them. Reid departs and Luke sits with Noah. Holding his hand, he talks about how rough things have been between them, but he loves him and wants him back. Noah is baffled and accuses him of just feeling guilty for kissing Dr. Oliver. Luke claims there is nothing going on. "Did you sleep with him?" Noah demands. Luke insists they didn't. Noah refuses to his 'fall back guy' and declares that they are finished. "I have my sight now. I don't need you," he says as he storms out.

    Don't Take Me On.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    At the hospital, Dr. Oliver discharges Noah, who keeps worrying about being able to see better. Reid advises him to do the therapy and not act like an idiot. Noah's friend, Richard, arrives to pick him up. When Richard points out that Reid is hot, Noah wonders why Luke never mentioned it. A nurse comes in and gives Noah some eye drops. He puts them in and it stings, but after cleaning his eyes, he can see much better. Richard returns and guesses Noah wants to call Luke and tell him this. Noah admits he's still in love with him.

    Luke and Reid wander over to Lily's. No one is there. Reid is about to leave when Luke grabs his arm and asks him to stay. They sit down to play chess. Reid wins easily and explains that he used to be a competitive chess player. He gets embarrassed as he talks about his feelings. Luke asks him if he was out when he was in high school. Reid talks about what agony it was. He babbles nervously until Luke begins kissing him. Noah arrives outside, spots them through the window and gulps.

    You're His Father.

    Thursday, May 20 2010

    Luke and Noah sit in the park. Luke tells him that he never thought he would fall in love... and then they met. When Noah pushed him away though, it hurt and he changed. He let him go, but not totally. "I already know what you're going to say," Noah says. As they debate their feelings, Noah gets excited to see ripples in the water. Suddenly, he has a violent headache so Luke drags him back to the hospital.

    Reid walks the hospital halls. Lily runs up to him and asks about Noah. He doesn't have anything to say. She asks him to treat her son right. He thinks she should treat her son like a grown man. Luke and Noah rush in and explain Noah's pain. Reid leads Noah off for an examination. Luke kicks himself for taking Noah out. He wishes things weren't so complicated.

    In the exam room, Reid explains to Noah that the headaches are to be expected. Noah worries that his vision won't get better but Reid tells him not to expect miracles. "Figure out what it is you want and fight for it," Reid advises. Noah wants Luke. Reid already knows that. He walks out and tells Luke and Lily that the headache is normal. He walks off after making a veiled comment about how Noah is taking a step backward and Luke goes in to see Noah. "I've been selfish," Noah says, telling Luke how great he is. He thinks he blew everything and asks him to go.

    Back at the hospital, Noah tells Lily that he feels bad about needing Luke after pushing him away for so long. He doesn't want a relationship based on obligation. She warns him that if he lets Luke stay away, he may never come back.

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