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    As the World Turns CAST - Noah Mayer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Mayer Played by Jake Silbermann on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jake Silbermann

    Birthday: June 1 1983
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jake Silbermann


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    Kind Of, Sort Of, Almost.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Noah and Luke meet up in Java again. Noah explains that he saw Reid at the Lakeview getting in the elevator with a guy. "You're dating someone who is cheating on you," Noah says. Luke thinks he's being unfair and they argue. Luke accuses him of trying to ruin things for him.

    Thanks For Nothing.

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    At Java, Reid stares at Noah and Luke laughing together. When he walks out, Noah urges Luke to go after him. Luke chases him down in the doorway. Reid says they won't be running into each other for much longer. The doctor explains that what happened between them will all be a distant memory. Luke accuses him of always walking away when things don't go his way. Reid walks away. Luke returns to Noah and apologizes for hurting him. Noah is tired of listening to his endless apologies and walks out.

    At the hospital, Noah is startled when Reid informs him that he's quit his job and is leaving town. "You won. Why ask questions?" Reid asks him as he walks away. He runs into Bob down the corridor. Bob is sorry for how things worked out. "Thanks for nothing," Reid snorts.

    Noah returns to Java and finds Luke there. Noah breaks the news that Reid is leaving. Luke is shocked but Noah thinks he saw them together and couldn't handle it. Luke thanks him and runs off to find Reid.

    Love Chooses You.

    Tuesday, June 22 2010

    Luke goes to Java and sees Noah working. Luke thinks he should be making films. Noah is surprised to hear that Luke is no longer with Reid. Luke blurts out that Reid is a jerk and a user. Noah softly says that he is truly sorry.

    Luke returns to Java and to see Noah. They make small talk about Holden and Lily. Luke says they had a beautiful time together and even though it's over, it doesn't mean it wasn't important. Noah understands. Reid walks in and sees Luke and Noah laughing together.

    The Lesser Of Two Evils.

    Wednesday, June 09 2010

    At the hospital, Noah asks Reid when he developed feelings for Luke. "Second or third time I laid eyes on him," Reid admits. Noah begins taunting him and declares that their professional relationship is over. Reid's been looking forward to this. He almost wishes that he was blind so he wouldn't have had to watch Noah treat Luke like dirt through this entire ordeal. After calling Noah a spoiled brat, he kicks him out.

    Noah goes to Java and has a fit when they ask him to fill out an application if he wants his job back. Luke walks in and asks him to the meeting. Noah won't do it if Reid is involved. They bicker about Reid and Luke reminds him that he and the doctor were both single when they made their moves. "You get your sight back but you lose your memory," Luke pithily states.

    Bob meets Reid at the Lakeview and advises him to keep his mouth shut during the meeting. Mona arrives and Luke trails in. he begins hyping the hospital and tries to stop Reid from moaning about how much Oakdale sucks. Noah arrives. Everyone's uncomfortable. Noah says that he didn't enjoy working with Reid but he is a great surgeon. As Noah turns to go, he twists around and sucker punches Reid in the face. After he plods off, Luke offers to take Reid to the hospital.

    Luke chases Noah down and asks him why he punched Reid after ending their relationship.

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