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    As the World Turns CAST - Noah Mayer

    Full detailed profile on Noah Mayer Played by Jake Silbermann on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jake Silbermann
    Noah Mayer

    Actor: Jake Silbermann

    Who played Noah Mayer over the years

    Jake Silbermann (June 1, 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Noah Mayer

    * Noah arrived in Oakdale in the summer of 2007 as an intern at WOAK.
    * Came out of the closet to date Luke Snyder.
    * Married Ammera to keep her in the country.


    Current: Intern at WOAK/Student


    Noah arrived in Oakdale as a summer intern with WOAK. His family lives in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, where his father is stationed with the military. As soon as Noah arrived on the scene, Luke became very attracted to him. Noah finally admitted her was gay and broke things off wit Maddie, who left town. He and Luke dated but when Noah's father found out, he tried to kill Luke. Noah's father was imprisoned; Noah had even more problems dealing with his homosexuality.

    Ameera arrived in town and had connections to Noah's father. She was going to be deported and faced possible death in Iraq so Noah married her. She developed real feelings for him but he was still in love with Luke. Ameera was kidnapped by the Colonel but Noah saved her life. To save himself, the Colonel jump in the Hudson River; his body was never found.

    Noah wanted to take a break but Luke wouldn't let him. After Ameera left town, he decided to join the Army but Luke convinced him not to. They are currently dating.


    Ameera Ali-Aziz (marriage of convenience)


    Maddie Coleman
    Luke Snyder


    Col. Winston Mayer (father)




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    Thursday, September 16 2010: Baby News.

    Lucinda joins Luke at Java and tells him that she would like to honor Reid in some way. He says that she can start an endowment in his name. They begin discussing Lucinda's latest flawed behavior. He advises her to make things right with her daughter. She doubts that would work but he orders her to go and do it. As she leaves, Noah comes over. Luke tells him how brave and good Reid was. They talk about all the good he did. Noah's impressed by how focused he is. He explains that he wants to stick around to help him out but Luke won't allow that.

    Noah and Luke go to WOAK. Luke gives him a new camera. Noah says it's too much but Luke believes in him and wants him to have a career in LA. Noah tells him he'll have to come and visit. They remember that this is the first place they met and kissed. Noah understands that Luke needs to honor Reid's memory and grieve. He'll be waiting for him if he ever decides to get on a plane and come to him. They kiss and Noah walks away.

    Thursday, September 09 2010: That's A Damn Shame.

    Noah finds Luke by the water. Things are awkward. Noah knew he would come down there. Luke admits he knew almost nothing about Reid. "I didn't even know how I felt about him until I told you," Luke says. Noah asks him to list all the things he wishes he'd done with Reid. Luke wishes they went swimming or to a movie. They never went anywhere together. They never did much of anything. Noah's sure that whatever they did, it actually worked. Luke really wishes he'd made love to Reid. Noah tells him that Reid was a hero. Luke's sick of hearing people say that. "Reid was an arrogant, restless jackass," he says, explaining that Reid never used his brain when it counted, like when the lights were flashing for the train.

    Lily and Holden join Luke and Noah by the water to scatter Reid's ashes. Some of them were kept at the hospital to be part of the new wing. He talks about how dedicated Reid was to the new wing of the hospital and how he will be there forever now.

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