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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin Played by Wole Parks on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wole Parks

    Birthday: July 27
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Wole Parks


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    Dusty Makes His Move!

    Friday, June 29 2007

    Dallas is at the scene going over the area. He finds a necklace near the tire tracks of the car which ran Will off the road!

    Gwen asks one of the doctors how Will really is. The doctor says his prognosis is good. Will scares Gwen, telling her that the accident was no accident! He asks the doctor to find Susan so he can be discharged. When they are alone, Will tells Gwen that he was intentionally run off the road. He tells her that whoever it was really wanted to hurt him but he didn't get a good look at the car. Will sees Cleo. He asks Gwen to keep the accident from his mother for a while. Gwen invites Cleo in. She has treats for Will - cookies and a teddy bear. An orderly comes to take care of him and Will tells them all that he is fine and just wants to go home. Cleo and Gwen leave. In the hall Cleo asks how Will is really doing; Gwen says he'll be fine and fills her in on what happened. Cleo brings up Jade, telling Gwen that Jade threatened to kill Will earlier in the evening! "That girl is scary," Cleo says, telling Gwen that she and Jade started fighting over her journal. Gwen doesn't understand why Jade would make up a story about an imaginary journal. Cleo doesn't have any answers. The orderly comes out, telling them Will is ready to go. Gwen confronts Will about what Jade said and if she really threatened his life. Will admits she did but tells them it was just Jade talking tough. Neither girl believes him. Dallas comes in with questions about the accident. He asks Cleo to leave but Will says she can stay. Dallas questions him about the other car and shows them the diamond "J" pendant they found at the scene. Both Will and Gwen recognize it as identical to Jade's necklace. Dallas leaves to question her. Will and Gwen wonder just how far Jade has gone! Cleo leaves to go to the police station to check on Jade but Will tells her not to - that it is his place. He and Gwen leave.

    Lily startles Jade at the farm. She fills Jade in on Meg and Craig, realizing that Jade is very distracted for a different reason. Jade makes up a story about going for a walk but Lily doesn't believe her. She turns away and tries to change the subject. Lily asks her about school and tells Jade she knows that she hasn't been taking any courses. "What happened to the $3,000 I gave to you?" Lily asks, not knowing Jade gave the money to Cleo for some work. Jade admits that she lied about school and never intended to go to class - she only wanted money. Lily is stunned. Jade won't tell her what she did with the money but does apologize for misleading Lily about why she needed the money. They are interrupted by a phone call from Holden. Lily leaves to talk to him. Before she can leave the farm Luke arrives home. He tells her about the Branson trip and tells her that it is perfect timing - because he can get over Noah now. Jade only half-listens to him. Luke realizes she isn't really with him and wonders why. He calls her on it and Jade gets angry, telling him she has her own problems to worry about. "I am sick and tired of this stupid family telling me how messed up I am," she says. Dallas arrives to see Jade. He tells Jade to come with him, worrying Luke. He offers to get Lily but Jade tells him to keep things quiet and not tell anyone! She and Dallas leave. Lily returns and asks about Jade but Luke keeps things quiet. Lily worries about Jade but Luke tells her not to, that Jade is just a loner who doesn't like to lean on people. Lily asks him directly where Jade went. Luke doesn't say anything. Lily asks Luke to stick up for Jade whenever he can. He leaves.

    Cleo follows Will and Gwen to the police station, too worried about Will and the accident to stay away. Noah and Maddie arrive a little later and Will fills them in on his suspicions. Jade and Dallas arrive to see the crowd already there. Jade is shocked to see Will and tells them she wasn't involved in the accident and that her threats didn't mean anything. Dallas shows her the pendant and tells her he found it near Will's car. Jade continues to insist she is innocent and asks them to believe her. "You don't hold a grudge against me and Gwen?" Will asks. Jade insists that is in the past. She turns on Cleo, telling them that Cleo must have been involved in the accident!

    Surprise Visitor

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    Jesse shows up at the hotel to see Alison, but Dusty escorts him out. After Dusty takes Jesse away, he and Emily chat about their fake kiss. While they're discussing the fake kiss they shared, Alison attempts to escape. As Emily and Dusty search for Alison, Dusty discovers that the bathroom window is open. He goes to investigate and finds Alison sitting outside on the window seal. He tries to persuade her to come back inside, and she realizes that he thinks she's trying to commit suicide. She laughs at him then starts to go back inside, but her foot slips and she starts to fall! Dusty grabs her by the wrist and pulls her back in. As soon as Alison's safe, Dallas arrives and reports that he's responding to a call about a jumper. Alison admits she was the one, but tells him she wasn't trying to jump, she slipped.

    Later, Gwen and Will arrive at the Oakdale PD. Upon their arrival, they ask Dallas if Jack is there, and he lets them know he's not. Dallas takes the opportunity to let Gwen know he had an encounter with Cleo. After he walks away, Gwen tells Will Cleo has to be taken off the streets.

    Alison Botches Her Call to Craig

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    At the Wagon Wheel, Cleo approaches Carly. "Hello, Carly. Welcome home," she says. A puzzled Carly just stares at her. Cleo explains that she knows her from a photo and thought she'd be in a disguise since she's on the run. Carly denies who she is to Cleo, but Cleo continues to call her Carly, and she requests, again, that she not call her that. Soon after, the two hear Dallas looking for a perp, and Carly panics! She asks Cleo to help her find her key, but instead of searching for the key Cleo quickly grabs Carly and pushes her into her room. Once inside, Cleo hurriedly turns herself into Gwen. Carly is shocked! Before Cleo can explain, Dallas knocks on the door. Cleo directs Carly back to the bathroom and answers the door. After a couple of slip-ups, which Carly overhears, Cleo succeeds in getting Dallas to leave.

    Where's the Body?

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    At Oakdale PD, Dallas reads a letter from an angry citizen to Margo that says, "While I for one applauded your promotion to police chief, I have to say you?re a?" he pauses and she replies, "What? I'm a what?" He continues, "You're a disgrace to the force." She sighs, and he continues on, "Given the crimes your son has committed you should have the decency to choose that." She sighs again, and he replies, "You can't possibly be thinking of resigning." "Well, they say for every letter you get there are at least 10 others that feel the same way so by my calculations I've got about a hundred plus angry citizens who want my resignation, and that's just today," she replies. "What would Hal say?" he solicits. "He'd say it comes with the territory, and I'm not Hal," she responds. He tries to convince her not to hand in her resignation, but she says she has to do it.

    Later Margo checks with Dallas about the flowers. He reports that the florist said it was a cash transaction. "So Adam was in the shop?" she asks. He says there were seven other people in the shop. Afterwards, she goes back to Jade, and Jade lets her know that Adam attacked Gwen. Margo thanks her for the information and says she'll talk to Gwen, but Jade says she'll lie. "No she won't. Not this time," Margo replies.

    Maddie Visits the Morgue!

    Monday, February 26 2007

    Maddie arrives at the morgue to investigate. Tagging along unnoticed is Iris! While Maddie stands in the morgue, she has a flashback and screams when someone touches her! It's Dallas. Dallas apologizes for scaring her then asks what she's doing. She lies and says she has a project for school, but he doesn't buy it. She gives in and reveals that she heard about them finding a body in the woods. She wonders if it's her sister. Dallas reports that it's not her sister, so she asks if he knows who it is. He lets her know he can't disclose that information. She thanks him and says she has to go.

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