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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin Played by Wole Parks on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wole Parks

    Birthday: July 27
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Wole Parks


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    The Wedding!

    Monday, September 24 2007

    Carly comes to in Old Town but can't remember her name. A man and woman help and offer to call someone for her but she can't think of any names. Gripping her head, she tells them the pain is terrible. A police officer comes over and recognizes her but she doesn't know him. He mentions Jack and she asks him to call Jack; he reminds Carly that Jack is marrying Katie today. She can't believe she forgot. The crowd around Carly disperses but the officer stays behind with her. She makes excuses for the memory lapse, saying she just hasn't eaten but when she stands and nearly falls, the officer makes her come along with him to the station house. They run into Dallas at the police station and he suggests that Carly go to the hospital. She refuses. He offers to call Gwen or Rosanna but she refuses that, too and grabs her head. Finally she tells him to call Brad.

    Carly thanks Dallas for not calling Jack. He leads Brad into the room and Carly explains what happened. He tells her she needs to see a doctor, for the kids' sake. Jack calls and Carly tells him to return to the family. Brad won't leave her, though, and tells Jack he is going to be tied up for a bit. Annoyed, Jack hangs up. Brad turns to Carly, promising to stay with her. He convinces her that the wedding is on hold for a hair emergency and he won't miss a thing and she agrees to go with him to the doctor's office. At the doctor's, he suggests more tests and says he needs to admit Carly. Carly can't believe it but gives in to the doctor's wishes. A nurse checks Carly in. The doctor returns and tells Carly that the episode in Old Town was probably caused by a seizure. He tells her that she needs to stay at the hospital and consider a new treatment. Carly refuses to stay because that will ruin Jack's wedding day! Brad tells her to call Jack but she refuses. The doctor tells Carly that he doesn't know if the treatment will give her more time or simply make the time she has left more easy to deal with. Brad reminds Carly about Rosanna's prognosis and that she is back to her old life now. Carly won't listen and tells him to go back to the wedding. He reluctantly agrees to return to Jack but promises he'll be back soon. Alone, Carly goes over what the doctor told her. The ticking clock on the wall gets louder and louder.

    Jack Knows About Silas

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    As Carly watches Katie and Jack kiss in his room, Dallas arrives. He heads straight inside and Carly follows, listening as he tells them about the eyewitness. Carly wonders why they would have taken JJ; Jack tells her they aren't finished with him yet. Jack wants to leave the hospital but agrees to stay put until Katie can get a doctor in to see him. She leaves. Dallas tells Jack to sit tight and let the friends run the investigation. He leaves, too. Carly tells Jack how sorry she is for not following his orders, saying she doesn't think Margo and the others will do as good a job as he could! She helps him get out of the hospital bed! Carly helps him get dressed, talking about the investigation and pushing Jack to go back to work. Just then Katie returns with the doctor who insists on looking him over. Jack refuses pain pills but does let the doctor check him out. Carly tells him she'll get the car but Jack refuses. He tells her to wait and he'll call when he knows anything. Instead he asks Katie to take him back to work! Carly can't believe it. In the hall, Carly tells Katie that Jack wanting to leave is his own decision and she didn't push him into it. Katie tells Carly that Jack is in bad shape and needs a doctor! Carly interrupts, telling Katie that Jack is simply worried about JJ! She leaves.

    Katie and Jack arrive at the station as Dallas learns the car the eyewitness saw was stolen near Statesville! Jack puts two and two together and wonders if the kidnappers knew Les, JJ's biological father. He tells Dallas to start looking into Les's past. Dallas leaves. Katie goes to Jack. She asks him what happens next and offers her help wherever he needs it. Jack heads off to find Dallas. Brad walks in; Katie tells him about the witness and the stolen car. She tells him about Carly paying the ransom and hopes since that backfired she'll back off. Brad tells her Carly won't back off anything until JJ is back home. He finally asks how Jack is holding up and Katie tells him about the injuries. She can't stop thinking about what Jack said after the explosion. Jack returns with information about a suspect - Silas! He is more worried than ever when they find out Silas was in jail on manslaughter charges. They give Brad a picture of Silas to put on television. Katie asks Jack if she can help but he tells her to get to the TV station.

    Paul Makes A Decision

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Dallas and Margo are going over reports. She can't believe they haven't had more response from the Amber Alert. Dallas leaves to go over some other information. Katie arrives to find out anything new in the case. Margo tells her to go to the hospital but she refuses. She asks Margo what to do about Jack because she feels like staying away from him is abandoning him. Margo convinces her that she needs to let Jack focus on JJ, and at the same time give Carly a little more space so she won't go on the attack. A detective interrupts them. Katie leaves, asking Margo to keep her in the loop. She considers calling Jack but doesn't. On the way out, she runs into Henry who tells her not to let Carly run the show. He tells her to go to Jack - now! When Katie hesitates Henry takes her for a drink to convince her. At The Lakeview, Henry reminds Katie that Carly and Jack have been off and on forever, and there will be feelings there, but he tells her to go after what she wants - Jack! Even after Katie tells him what Jack said, Henry tells her to go after him. "I think he already loves you more," Henry says, pushing her to go to him.

    In an interrogation room, Margo interviews a potential witness named Mel. She is nervous and beats around the bush, annoying Margo who feels it is a waste of time. Eventually Mel tells Margo that she saw JJ. Dallas arrives as Margo finishes up. They have a description of both the kidnappers and the car. Mel leaves. Dallas stuns Margo with his own news, that Carly paid the ransom. Margo can't believe it.

    ...And Boom Goes The Dynamite!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Carly goes to the police stations and asks Dallas for help. She tells him she has to know where Jack has gone - right now! Dallas refuses at first. He asks Carly to sit down but she won't. She begs Dallas to contact Jack somehow, which only makes her more worried. Dallas tells her any contact will put JJ and Jack in even more danger. Angry, Carly walks away. As she leaves, she overhears another officer telling Dallas about the construction site. She hurries away.

    In the vacant building, Silas realizes Jack is outside. Ava holds JJ close to her with her hand over his mouth but JJ manages to move. Jack hears the sound! Whispering, Silas tells Ava they have to leave now. He tells her to leave with JJ and he'll stay behind to take care of Jack. Before Ava drags him out, JJ manages to drop a piece of paper. Silas leaves a blanket in a pile on the floor. Jack bursts into the room, freaked out because he thinks JJ is under it. No one is there but he sees the clue JJ left behind. Jack goes on, not realizing that Silas is in the room. When Jack is gone, Silas comes out into the open with a bomb and a detonator! Silas lights a fuse and then runs from the building. Jack sees the bomb just as Carly arrives, calling for JJ. He yells at her to get out but before either of them can leave the bomb goes off! Carly wakes up and calls for Jack. She starts searching and finds him, unconscious, under a lot of debris. "Jack! Jack, you have to wake up," she says, shaking him. She realizes he isn't breathing! Carly calls for help but no one is around to hear her. She tries her cell but it doesn't work and she starts CPR. Jack begins to breath again as Katie arrives. Carly tells her to start looking for JJ. Jack comes to. He tells them that JJ wasn't there. Carly questions Jack but he loses consciousness again. Katie tells Carly to back off, to let Jack breath and Carly orders her to leave the building! Katie doesn't leave. The emergency workers arrive to take care of Jack. Carly tells him about the card that Jack mentioned. They search and find it not far from his body. Dallas leaves and Carly follows to find out what they do next to get JJ back. Alone with Jack, Katie tells Jack she loves him. "I love you, too, Carly," Jack says!

    Cleo Ran Will Off The Road!

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At the police station, Jade confronts Cleo, telling everyone that Cleo is setting her up! She suggests that Cleo stole her car and ran down Will. Cleo defends herself, asking what her motivation for hurting Will and Gwen would be. As they talk, Noah gets curious about Cleo's past and Jade fills him in on what brought Cleo to town. She admits that she is the one who brought Cleo to town - at Jade's request! The more Jade talks the more curious Gwen and Will get. Jade tells them about her website and wanting to take Gwen down a peg. The admission doesn't make anyone believe Jade's story, though. Cleo tells them Jade is lying, but when Jade keeps talking Will and Gwen realize that they've all given money to Cleo to leave town but she keeps staying behind. Jade tells them that the whole plot, and Cleo's obsession with Will is spelled out in the journal! Dallas asks about the journal and Cleo tells him the journal is in her locker. Another investigator comes over, telling Dallas they can't find anything at the web address Jade mentioned. Dallas pulls Jade in to an interrogation room. Cleo stays with Will and Gwen, crying and telling them that she came to Oakdale because of Gwen's music and not because of Jade's plan. Maddie and Noah leave to finish the Branson preps. Gwen hugs Cleo, telling her not to worry and swearing that they don't believe Jade - they believe Cleo!

    In the interrogation room Jade calls Luke. She begs Luke to tell Dallas about her missing necklace and tells Luke that Cleo is trying to set her up for something bad. She tells Luke everything - from the website and Cleo to the accident. Luke can't believe how far Jade went. "If you don't believe me I don't know what I'm going to do," she says. Jade begs Luke to find Cleo's journal. Luke leaves. Dallas returns, telling Jade that finding the journal doesn't change the fact that her necklace was at the crime scene and she broke in to Gwen's house. He reads Jade her rights!

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