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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin Played by Wole Parks on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wole Parks

    Birthday: July 27
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Wole Parks


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    Chris Feels Guilty

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    In Old Town, Lily comes across Holden. She tells him about Bob and they head for the hospital to see how things are going. They come into Bob's room and see Kim, who thanks them for coming. Crying she says, "He's my life. I really need him." Realizing that they can't help Kim now, they leave. In Old Town, Lily brings up Kim's love for Bob and tells Holden she still feels the same way about him. Holden refuses to talk about their marriage and will only talk about the divorce papers. Since he won't talk about their past, Lily says there are a few points in the divorce papers that she isn't comfortable with. Holden says he has been as fair as possible and tells her not to talk to him anymore. From now on, he wants their only contact to be done through their lawyers! After talking to Holden, Lily goes looking for Bonnie. She finds the lawyer at the diner and asks Dallas to leave. When they are along Lily asks Bonnie to help her get Holden to talk again! Bonnie refuses, telling Lily that it isn't her job to do that. Annoyed, Lily leaves. Holden comes in, happy to see Bonnie. Lily spots them together, walks right up and says they were both right. And they'll be hearing from her attorney. She leaves. Bonnie apologizes to Holden and says they can postpone their ball game. Holden wants to go ahead and play.

    Paul Feels Guilty

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    At the rink, Katie tells Jack to go ahead and check his messages to see what Carly wants. He says it doesn't matter and suggests they try about date sometime. Katie sadly tells him there is no reason for another date because they don't have a relationship to save. She skates away but Jack follows and begs her for a few fun-filled hours together. She turns away and they begin to race. Across the way, Parker tells Brad to leave Katie alone so that Jack gets his second chance. Brad tells Parker that Katie doesn't want to start up with Jack again and tells him to watch them. Brad gets a call and hears Carly screaming. He skates over to Jack and tells him there is trouble. Jack doesn't care and skates away but Brad stops him and says Sage is in trouble! Jack listens in and then calls Dallas, who tells him about the hostage situation in Old Town. Jack tells Dallas to get there fast but stay quiet so that Carly and Sage aren't hurt. Brad takes Parker to the farm and tells Emma to keep an eye on him.

    Jack and Dallas arrive and realize one of the goons has Sage and the other is holding Carly. As they watch, Kit steps up and tells the thugs to take her instead of Sage! Katie arrives and Jack tells her to stay out of the way. Kit wrestles the gun away from one of the thugs and Jack steps in to grab Sage. The gun goes off! Jack gets Carly away from the other thug, checks on Kit (who is fine) and then the cops take away the bad Santas. Brad and Katie hear the gun go off and hurry to the scene where they see Jack with his arms around both Sage and Carly. Katie and Brad leave. Jack thanks Kit and looks for Katie but she is already gone. The adults go to the police department to give their statements. Jack thanks Kit but still doesn't trust her; she says she was just trying to help and goes to talk to the cops. Carly turns on Jack and tells him to lighten up on Kit! Angry, Jack reminds Carly about Kit's involvement in the kidnapping plot. They go into his office and Carly tells him that Kit deserves a second chance. "I don't want that woman anywhere near our kids," Jack exclaims! He tells Carly that if she keeps associating with Kit he'll take the kids! Sage returns and tells Jack that she wants her family back together by Christmas. Jack says he has something to do and leaves.

    Luke Tells Off Win Mayer!

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    Noah is trying to motivate Luke to keep doing his physical therapy but Luke isn't interested. They argue. Dallas calls and tells Noah that Win is being transferred to the prison; he says it might be a good idea for Noah to stop in and tell his father goodbye. Noah says he doesn't want to talk to Win and hangs up. Luke tells Noah it might be a good idea to go talk to the Colonel! "If you don't do this, you'll never be free of him," Luke says. Noah still doesn't want to go.

    Lily and Holden watch Luke and Noah from outside the interrogation room. Holden holds her back, saying Luke and Noah have to handle this themselves. They see Win lunge at Luke and rush inside with a bunch of cops. They restrain Win. Noah turns around and tells Luke he is standing up! Luke loses his strength but everyone is very excited about what he did. Lily is called away; Holden leaves, too, once the cops take Win away. A while later, a family friend from Win's old army base arrives. He tells Noah there is nothing wrong with being gay and says he remembers being proud of Noah as a child. He offers to help Noah in any way he can now that his father is going to jail. Noah thanks him but says with Luke by his side he isn't alone. After talking a little more with Luke, Noah decides to see his father one last time. He tells Win that he and Luke are together and there is nothing he can do about it. Win asks the guards to take him away.

    Lily and Dusty Make Love!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Meanwhile, Bonnie and Holden are having coffee at Al's Diner. Holden talks about the divorce a little but then asks Bonnie what brought her back to Oakdale. Bonnie tells him she is opening up her own law practice. The conversation turns to Lily; Bonnie apologizes for bringing up Holden's ex. He says it's okay - because he probably would have anyway! Dallas arrives, interrupting their chat. Holden leaves to see the kids. Dallas asks Bonnie what is really going on with Holden - he thinks she is making moves on him! Bonnie basically tells Dallas to back off and get a life. He has a life, she says. Bonnie tells Dallas that she isn't trying anything because Holden is still in love with Lily!

    Letters From Cheri!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    Bonnie is chatting with Dallas at the police station, worried that the Oakdale residents won't turn to her the way they turned to Jessica. Dallas tells her to wait and see - and says he won't send her any clients! Noah walks in, wondering why he has been called in. Dallas tells Noah they have a package for him - from Cheri! Noah has no idea what to think of that and reminds Dallas that Cheri is dead. Dallas says it's just personal effects and leaves to pick up the box. Bonnie approaches Noah and offers to help him settle the estate. Dallas interrupts before Bonnie can get her lawyer claws into Noah and they go into one of the interrogation rooms. Noah says he doesn't want Cheri's things. Dallas leaves for a bit. Noah is drawn to the box but won't open it. When Dallas returns he points out that opening the box and looking through Cheri's things could be a great way to find out about her and not just go on what Win told him. He suggests that Noah take the box and look through it with a friend. Noah leaves. Back in the squad room, Bonnie keeps pushing Dallas to help her get some cases. He refuses. They argue playfully and decide to enter in to a bet: Dallas says he'll have his life together first; Bonnie says she will. Dallas walks away.

    Maddie Lies For Noah!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Aaron arrives at work to find Cole waiting there. They begin arguing about Sofie and the friendship between Aaron and Sofie's friendship. Cole tells Aaron to back off and leave Sofie alone! Sofie interrupts them before Aaron can tell Cole that she didn't go through with the abortion. Cole leaves, making a smart comment about learning to tend bar. Sofie goes off on Aaron, telling him to back off of Cole and stay out of her life! They continue talking and Sofie apologizes for leaning on Aaron so hard. She tells him they need to put some space between them and leaves as Alison arrives. They talk about Sofie's problems and Dallas arrives with a few questions for Alison about Dusty. She doesn't know anything about his disappearance or the charges against him. But she swears that Dusty wouldn't skip town and wouldn't kill another woman. Aaron listens as Dallas questions Allie about the tape. When things get sticky, Aaron interrupts and asks Dallas to leave! When he is gone, Allie thanks Aaron for believing in her.

    Colonel Mayer goes to see Dallas at the police station to tell him that he has to leave town. He wonders if that will be okay since the trial against Dusty is starting soon. Dallas tells the Colonel that the trial has been delayed. Col. Mayer leaves as Holden walks in and asks some of his own questions. Dallas tells Holden that Dusty skipped the initial hearing and wonders if Lily knows anything. Holden assures him that Lily doesn't know a thing and then he leaves. Holden arrives at the farm and talks to Luke about Lily. Luke tells Holden about Lily's run-in with the Colonel. Both guys are proud of how Lily stood up to the man. Luke wonders if Noah will be able to stand up to his father in the same way. Luke leaves. Meg arrives a while later and Holden fills her in on Dusty's disappearing act. Seeing how distracted she is, Holden asks what is going on and Meg tells him about Craig's latest arrest. She tells him she is going to stand by Craig until she can no longer do so.

    Craig Is Arrested - Again!

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Meg surprises Craig at The Lakeview, wondering if their financial situation has changed. Craig tells her that his lawyer managed to get a few assets back and tells her not to worry. Meg thinks that since Rosanna hasn't contested the small portion Craig has reclaimed that she won't contest anything else. Craig isn't so sure. They go downstairs to have dinner and run into Dallas, who tells them he is there to arrest Craig. Rosanna and Paul follow him in; Rosanna tries to set Meg straight about the lies Craig has been telling. Meg doesn't believe them for a second. Craig tells her to relax but when Dallas tells them there are new charges - related to Gwen's and Jennifer's babies - Craig gets nervous. Meg pulls Paul aside, reminding him that they are just as much to blame. Craig tells Meg that things will be okay and Dallas reads him his rights. At the police station, Meg asks Craig how Rosanna could know about the baby switch. He says he doesn't know if she did know then or if Paul has only convinced her of the fact. Craig takes offense, thinking that Meg is beginning to feel he was responsible for the accident! Dallas comes in and asks Meg to leave. Craig tells Meg he loves her and asks her to go home.

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