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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin Played by Wole Parks on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wole Parks

    Birthday: July 27
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Wole Parks


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    Holden Is Placed Under Arrest!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    Lily meets Bonnie at Al's, tells her the situation with Holden and begs Bonnie to take the case. Bonnie can't believe that Holden allowed himself to be questioned with no representation; she agrees to take the case and goes with Lily to the police station. Bonnie tells Dallas she wants to see her client but Dallas tries to keep Bonnie away. Margo returns with Holden and Bonnie insists on talking to him alone. Margo allows the contact and puts Bonnie and Holden in the interrogation room. Finally Holden tells Bonnie part of the truth - that he found the syringe near Lily. But he says he was afraid that Lily took some other drug and was trying to figure out what it was. Bonnie says it's a weak alibi. Margo comes in, tells them she got Holden an arraignment and suggests that Lily be ready to pay bail.

    Dusty's Funeral

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Margo goes over a few papers with Dallas at the police station and then grabs her things. She is going to the funeral!

    Margo returns to the police station and Dallas gives her some news: he knows who Dusty was calling on his cell phone. An investigator named Perkins. Dallas offers to call him in and Margo says to make it fast. Susan calls Margo and asks if they can talk about Dusty's murder! Susan arrives at the police station and tells them that she saw Holden at the medicine cart. She says she didn't see Holden with drugs or a syringe but that he was acting guilty. Margo thanks her for coming in. She tells Dallas to get a warrant for the Snyder farm! A while later they arrive at the farm, but no one is there. Margo, Dallas and the team go inside and begin searching. They don't find anything in the kitchen but as they are leaving Dallas points to the cupboard and says he hasn't had time to search it. Margo goes over and begins cleaning it out. She finds the syringe inside as Holden and Lily return. Margo asks Holden to come to the stationhouse with her; Holden turns to Lily, kisses her forehead and asks her to take care of the kids. "Everything is going to be fine," he says as Margo leads him away.

    Dusty's Dead!

    Friday, January 18 2008

    Back in the office with Dusty's body, Chris tries to instruct Manny on how to investigate. Seeing what he is doing, Tom steps in and tells Chris to back off. "Are you saying I'm a suspect?" Chris asks. Tom won't answer and asks Chris to come with him for coffee. Margo comes back in. The M.E. is almost done when Dallas returns from questioning the staff. Margo says robbery isn't a motive because the only thing missing is Dusty's cell phone. The M.E. says the only thing he can find is a puncture wound. He suggests an immediate toxicology screen.

    Auld Lang Syne in Oakdale

    Friday, December 28 2007

    Bonnie and Dallas are walking and laughing about spending the New Year with one another rather than their significant others. Her phone rings and it is Holden. He asks her if she has any plans for New Years. She says she was heading to Metro. He says he'd rather skip it. She suggests the Lakeview and they both agree their nights just got more interesting. Lily sees Bonnie and she says it is like Valentine's Day because everyone is traveling in twos. Bonnie says the holidays are rough post divorce. Lily suggests she check out Metro, but Bonnie says she has plans and wishes her a happy new year. Bonnie heads to see Holden at the Lakeview. She tells him she is glad he called. She doesn't think either of them will have a problem saying bye to 2007 and he agrees. Lily has also entered the Lakeview, and asks the desk clerk if she has seen Dusty, but no one has seen him. As she leaves, she sees Holden and Bonnie toasting and walks off looking both sad and angry.

    A Victorian Christmas!

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Back in the dollhouse, Carly is on the outside looking in at Dallas and Jack, who are soldiers at a party. Katie is there with Brad, who is a minister. Katie talks with Lady Hughes (Nancy) and thanks her for the invitation; Lady Hughes introduces Katie to the Spinster Hyatt (Vienna). Katie wonders if she will become a spinster, too. Across the room Jack sees Katie and is instantly attracted. He is soon distracted, however, by Mrs. Tenney (Carly), a poor woman with three children in need of shelter. Brad tells them all that Mrs. Tenney is a divorcee and everyone is shocked. Jack and Brad retire with the other men as JJ and Parker walk in to tell her that Sage is missing! Jack, alone in another parlor, finds Sage hiding out behind the tree. He lifts her so that she can see the angel. Carly and the boys walk in and Carly sends the kids away. She apologizes to Jack, but he doesn't mind spending time with Sage. He wishes her a happy Christmas and a blessed New Year. Officer Coleman (Henry), a constable, arrives to see Spinster Hyatt. He is very nervous around her but tries to ask her something. Before he can say more than that he is a widower, Lady Hughes screams out that someone has stolen her necklace! Jack returns to the main room in time to hear the women accuse Carly of the theft. He tells them that they cannot simply accuse. Just then Spinster Hyatt finds the necklace, which only fell to the floor. The women apologize to Carly. "It will be a merry Christmas afterall," Carly says.

    Back in Old Town, Faith, Sage and Natalie return to the window and watch. They realize that all of the dolls are now in the main salon and all of the servants are now in the kitchen. As Sage watches the Carly doll turns and winks at her!

    Henry Has A Surprise For Vienna!

    Thursday, December 20 2007

    Vienna serves Bonnie's meal at the diner but Bonnie insists it is the wrong meal. Vienna won't take no for an answer and forces her to keep the huge dinner. Dallas walks in as Vienna returns to the kitchen. He sits down with Bonnie and brings her a box from her office. It's the Christmas present she sent to Sarah - the little girl returned it! Upset, Bonnie grabs a tissue and pushes the plate of food over to Dallas. Her bag falls to the floor. Dallas picks up a gift that fell from it and opens it. It is a pair of court-side seats to a Chicago Bulls game! He is excited until Bonnie says the gift isn't for him - it's for Holden! Dallas tells Bonnie she is making a huge mistake.

    Rosanna Deals With Craig!

    Friday, December 14 2007

    Jack walks in to the police station. Dallas is finishing up some paperwork and asks Jack if he is certain this is the way to go up against Carly. Dallas tells him that making it harder for Carly to open Metro might be overkill. "Carly has to learn to play by the rules just like everybody else," Jack says. Carly arrives a few minutes later. When Jack isn't surprised at her problems Carly realizes he could be behind them! Jack takes her into the squad room and tells her that Sam's felony history got the license pulled. Carly points out that Sam isn't an owner and that shouldn't affect her application. Jack won't back down and brings up her putting the kids "in danger" by taking them to the bazaar with Kit and Sam. Carly insists that she didn't know Kit and Sam would be there but Jack doesn't believe her. Carly tells him that Sam and Kit aren't a threat but Jack is determined to keep the kids away from Sam the Kit - even if that means killing Carly's hopes of a new business. Carly asks how many times she has to apologize and how many times she has to tell the truth before he starts to believe that she is trying to change. She points out that the sooner the club opens the sooner Kit and Sam can leave her house and the sooner the kids can come home. Jack agrees to make a call for her.

    Chris Feels Guilty

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Bonnie walks in to the diner and sees Holden. She asks how he is holding up and Holden says he is getting tired of putting on a happy face so his kids don't find out that Lily is having an affair! Sarcastically, Holden asks if he is being billed for their conversation and he begins to worry about what Lily's "affair" will do to Natalie and Faith. Bonnie suggests using the affair as part of their strategy but keeping the news out of the papers for as long as possible. They order breakfast and Bonnie asks Holden for a basketball rematch. Holden puts her off and leaves the diner. A while later Bonnie meets Dallas and tells him she can't play basketball with him that night because she is meeting someone else to play that afternoon. Dallas asks why she is blowing him off but Bonnie won't tell him. Dallas won't drop the subject and asks if it is Holden. He points out that Holden is still married and also that he is Bonnie's client and she should keep her distance. Bonnie swears he is only a friend who is looking out for another friend. Dallas grabs Bonnie's bag and pulls out a pair of skimpy shorts. "I don't think these will help Holden's stress level at all," he says.

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