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    As the World Turns CAST - Dallas Griffin

    Full detailed profile on Dallas Griffin Played by Wole Parks on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wole Parks
    Dallas Griffin

    Actor: Wole Parks

    Who played Dallas Griffin over the years

    Wole Parks (November 2007 - October 17 2008)
    Kenneth Franklin (2007 - September 2007)
    Duane McLaughlin: (2006 - 2007)

    Useful information on Dallas Griffin

    * Currently resides with his Aunt Jessica Griffin.
    * Is a detective with the Oakdale P.D.


    Current: Detective at Oakdale Police Department
    Past: Police officer at Chicago Police Department


    After being transferred from Chicago, Dallas came to Oakdale. He was able to stay with his aunt, Jessica Griffin. Jessica was best friends with Margo Hughes. One day he went to Margo's looking for his aunt and Maddie Coleman was there. He instantly recognized her from being on the police force in Chicago. Maddie recognized him too and thought that maybe he was stalking her. She was also afraid of her secret getting out in Oakdale. He told Maddie he wasn't following her and that he was looking for his Aunt Jessica. He explained to her that he had been transferred from Chicago to Oakdale to serve on the police department.

    At this time, Maddie was acting suspicious to everyone. Lia McDermott had been murdered and all fingers were pointing at Maddie, since Lia was killed while on a date with Casey. During questioning, Maddie confessed to sneaking out of her sister Eve's house and going to a frat party. While at the party, she was raped. This is where Dallas comes into the picture, because he was the officer on duty that night. Maddie was still the suspect, especially when other teens were murdered while around Maddie. Dallas believed that Maddie was innocent but didn't know how to prove it. Later, Maddie confessed to Margo that she wasn't raped at the frat party but by her brother in law, Louis Browning. Dallas was upset that he didn't investigate Maddie's case further, and blames himself for not suspecting a family member.

    Eve Browning, Maddie's older sister, was the one who killed all the teenagers at Raven Lake. She was jealous of Louis's obsession with Maddie and wanted Maddie to pay for it. She wanted everyone to think that Maddie killed all of those teens. Dallas made peace with his mistake and remained on the Oakdale Police Department where he is still an important police officer protecting Oakdale citizens.

    Dallas is currently helping Jack track down Meg Snyder, who was kidnapped by James Stenbeck.






    Lamar Griffin (father)
    Mother (unknown)
    Ward Griffin (grandfather)
    Louise Griffin (grandmother)
    Fiona Griffin (aunt)
    Jessica Griffin (aunt)
    Carl Griffin (cousin)
    Leon Griffin (cousin)
    Bonnie McKechnie (cousin)




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    Wednesday, September 08 2010: Where Is That Jerk?

    Chris wakes up in his hospital room with his parents around him. John says the surgery was a success. Katie comes in. He thinks he should thank Reid for getting him the heart. "Where is that jerk?" he asks. The family and friends wander into the hall and talk about how they will keep things from Chris. Kim hugs John and thanks him. Margo tells Katie she should get some rest. Then she turns to John and they talk about him. She wonders why he never bothers getting in touch with her.

    Thursday, September 02 2010: I Need You To Help Me.

    In the hall, Kim accuses Reid of being happy that her son is dying so he can get the chief of staff job. Reid insists that's not the case. Bob comes over and asks her to stop. She cries and Bob stands up for Reid, explaining that the doctor was looking after their son. She apologizes but Reid says it isn't necessary. Bob asks her to stay strong for their son's sake. Kim and Bob worry about each other. Tom calls and says that they have a lead on a donor.

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