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    As the World Turns CAST - Cleo Babbitt

    Full detailed profile on Cleo Babbitt Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon
    Cleo Babbitt

    Actor: Jennifer Landon

    Who played Cleo Babbitt over the years

    Jennifer Landon (2006 - July 2007)

    Useful information on Cleo Babbitt

    * Currently resides in a room at the Wagon Wheel.


    Past: Unknown


    Jade Taylor placed an online ad offering money to anyone who could pose as Gwen Munson's twin. After Cleo viewed the ad and picture of Gwen, she responded and went to Oakdale the next day to meet with Jade. At first, Jade didn't think Cleo resembled Gwen at all and ordered her to go back to Turlock. However, a determined Cleo proved Jade wrong. Jade was so impressed that she gave Cleo a make-over and began to put her plan for revenge into motion.

    About a week after fooling a few people in Oakdale, Will came home and caught Cleo, who was disguised as Gwen. When she revealed her true identity to Will, Jade got mad and ordered Cleo to get on a bus and go back to Turlock. However, Cleo had developed a crush on Will and decided to stay in Oakdale. When Will told Gwen about Cleo, Gwen became suspicious and she and Will began to wonder if Jade was behind the whole Cleo fraud.

    Later on, Cleo paid a visit to Gwen and apologized. Gwen confronted Cleo and tried to get her to admit Jade was involved, but Cleo continued to cover for Jade and claimed she was just one of Gwen's biggest fans.

    When Cleo returned to her room at the Wagon Wheel one day, she discovered a fed up Jade packing her bags. Cleo tried to talk to Jade, but once again, Jade ordered her to leave town. After Jade left her room, Cleo was about to depart when she spotted a familiar face checking in to the room next door. After she discovered that the familiar face was Carly Snyder, Cleo introduced herself to Carly. Carly denied her identity, but when Cleo helped her out of a jam, and Carly learned she could impersonate Gwen, Carly turned to Cleo for help. Cleo then decided to stay in Oakdale and help Carly.










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    Monday, November 19 2007: Jack and Brad Fight

    Aaron is walking in Old Town and runs in to Alison. She asks what's bothering him and offers to listen if he'd like to share. Rather than talking about Cole and Sofie, Aaron tells Alison he isn't looking forward to Thanksgiving because of Holden and Lily's divorce and Luke's paralysis and the situation with Jack and Carly. Allie had no idea things were so hectic at the Snyder farm. She realizes that isn't all that is bothering Aaron, though, and asks for the rest of his story. They chat a bit more but Aaron doesn't tell her about Cole. Aaron leaves to grab some more cider and Cole steps up and begins flirting with Alison! He comes on to her, asking her to come have a real drink with him. Aaron sees - and hears! - everything Cole says! Allie shoots Cole down. When he is gone, Aaron tells her exactly who Cole is. Aaron tells Allie that she should pretend to go out with Cole so they can learn the truth. Allie is completely offended and tells Aaron to leave her alone. He apologizes and says he didn't mean she should prostitute herself for Cole but Alison won't listen. He walks away. A few minutes later Cole returns and Allie throws caution to the wind and goes with him to have a drink!

    Tuesday, July 10 2007: Emily Knows!

    Luke and Noah are waiting backstage for Gwen to take the stage. Realizing that they'll miss the show, they go to their seats. Meanwhile, Cleo is standing backstage trying to keep her Gwen persona in tact. She hands the stagehands Gwen's CD and tells them she'll have to lip-sync because she has laryngitis! Andy Williams introduces "Gwen" and she takes the stage. From the audience Luke and Noah watch, neither realizes that Cleo is impersonating Gwen. The music begins and Cleo starts lip-syncing. The boys realize "Gwen" is off. Luke leaves to find Jade.

    Maddie falls along the trail, twisting her ankle badly. Frantic, Will helps her stand and they continue down the trail. They get to the theatre and find Luke. He gets Noah and they call the cops. Will hears the music and realizes Gwen is distracted. He goes inside as the CD begins to skip. Maddie, Luke and Noah join them and they all realize it is really Cleo on stage! She sees them and runs off stage. Will follows. Cleo gets to the gate but it's locked! Will catches up and demands she tell him where Gwen is. Cleo tells Will and Gwen will be fine but she won't - because he broke her heart! She tells Will that she is impersonating Gwen because she doesn't want to be arrested. Luke approaches them. Cleo still won't tell them where she took Gwen. "I can be just like her," Cleo whispers. Will asks her to love him enough to tell him where Gwen is.

    Noah finds Maddie as she hangs up with the police. He comforts Maddie, telling her that she didn't do anything wrong by leaving Gwen. Maddie thinks she really screwed up, though. Just then Luke pulls Cleo inside the room and Maddie has someone to vent her anger at - Cleo! Cleo is smiling and laughing but won't tell them where Jade and Gwen are, or even where Will went. They set her in a chair and try to ignore her. Noah checks Maddie's ankle and realizes she is really hurt. Luke leaves to get ice and Cleo tries to follow but they stop her.

    Will, Gwen and Jade arrive back at the theatre as the show ends. Andy Williams introduces her and she takes the stage. The audience loves her and she begins to sing. Andy Williams comes back on stage and asks Gwen to sing a duet with him! They begin to sing "What the World Needs Now Is Love". Backstage the police haul Cleo off in handcuffs. Jade walks in and Luke hugs her, glad she is safe. Will takes a giant bouquet of flowers to Gwen on stage. From the corner, Gwen watches Cleo being taken away.

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