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    As the World Turns CAST - JJ Larrabee - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on JJ Larrabee Played by Daniel Manche on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Manche

    Real Name: Daniel Manche


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    Parker To The Rescue!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    After talking to Liberty, Parker orders JJ to cover for him by going to the movies. JJ doesn't want to go but Parker bullies him into it. Carly catches them at the door and questions them; she buys their movie story. A school administrator calls and Carly begins searching for a paper. She can't find it downstairs so goes to Parker's room. She finds it on his desk and on the way back downstairs sees JJ climbing in a window! She insists on knowing where Parker is. JJ asks if this means he can't keep the $20. Carly calls Jack, who tells Carly not to tell Brad or Katie.

    A New Arrival!

    Friday, August 15 2008

    Jack and Carly arrive home but Parker isn't there. JJ hears their raised voices and comes to check on things. He hasn't seen Parker either. Brad calls, tells Jack he dropped the ball because Parker is at his house and hangs up. A few minutes later, Brad shoves Parker through the door, tells Jack to take care of him and walks out! Jack tells Parker to stop going against their wishes; Parker talks back to him. Jack empties out Parker's pockets, taking his keys and his cell phone. He says from now on Parker goes to school and comes home and that's it! Parker storms upstairs. Carly tells Jack he is being more like a warden than a father, which angers him even more. He says Carly needs to stop being a friend and start being a mother! She says their new found friendship didn't last long and he storms out. Holden arrives to check on her. Carly says they have to make a clean break! She says she has to focus on the kids and she can't do that if he is around.

    Upstairs, JJ asks why Parker is being such a pain. Parker says their parents are overreacting. He comes up with a plan to see Liberty and asks JJ to cover for him. JJ refuses until Parker offers to pay him $20 every time he and Liberty have a date!

    Oh, No! The Farm!

    Thursday, August 14 2008

    When they get to camp JJ is excited to see Carly and Jack, but is finishing a project so they finish his packing. As they do, Jack innocently comments about JJ's bag making the bed collapse and Carly flashes back to her night with Holden. Jack sees she is distracted and realizes why. "Are you in love with him?" he asks. Carly isn't sure; Jack says that he won't scare the next guy off and says she deserves to be happy. They hug and JJ walks in. Before he can get the wrong idea, they set him straight. JJ isn't upset. He shows them his art project and asks Carly if they can hang it up to help them remember they are a family. She is touched. They leave for home.

    Shut Up And Listen!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    JJ sees Carly sitting sadly on the sofa. He whines about being bored and asks if he can still go to camp. She says he can as long as the doctor clears him.

    I Need More Glitz Than Fizz!

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    Carly stops by the farm with JJ, surprising Holden. She says he needs supervision but she and Jack are both working. Holden says he can stay and JJ goes upstairs. She leaves and Holden follows but Lily calls, stopping him. She asks about the zip code for the camp and asks how he is. Holden asks her for a date! She accepts but later asks about his sudden change of heart. He says a little time alone is exactly what they need. Lily asks if Carly inspired the date; Holden says Carly had nothing to do with his decision. She suggests dancing to top off the night and they head for Metro.

    Carly goes to the farm to pick up JJ. Holden comes down from the bedroom, shirtless! She apologizes for barging in as Lily joins him. She happily says they are back together. JJ comes downstairs and Carly leaves. Lily feels sorry for her friend and wonders if Jack will give Carly another chance. She returns upstairs. Holden can’t stop thinking about Carly.

    Carly and JJ arrive home. She can’t stop thinking about Holden.

    Lost But Not Lonely!

    Friday, June 13 2008

    Jack finds Parker on the sofa and asks why he is still at home. Jack calls him on his real motivations for staying home and doesn't believe for a second he just wants to be with JJ. Parker shows Jack the tennis camp brochure and tells him about the job offer. Jack is very proud of him but says he has to check in with Carly first. JJ calls out and Jack runs upstairs.

    Janet arrives to find Carly's house a mess. Jack is busy with JJ so she cleans up the kitchen. Jack thanks her but says it won't help her with Brad. Janet sarcastically says that is just what she wanted. JJ calls out again, feeling really ill, but Jack can't give him any more medication yet. Janet steps in with a home remedy. When JJ is feeling better, Janet asks Jack about his house and is surprised to learn this is Carly's place and he lives at the farm. She teases him about living on a farm. Jack tells her about Holden, saying he'll be out of the farm soon and back with his wife. Parker returns home and Janet leaves. When they are alone, Parker says he changed his mind and wants to go to camp now! Jack says he can't because they already refunded the deposit. JJ calls again, feeling ill. "Carly, you can come home anytime," he says.

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