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    As the World Turns CAST - JJ Larrabee

    Full detailed profile on JJ Larrabee Played by Daniel Manche on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Manche
    JJ Larrabee

    Actor: Daniel Manche

    Who played JJ Larrabee over the years

    Dylan Denton (2004 - 2006)
    Daniel Manche (2006 - present)

    Useful information on JJ Larrabee

    * Lives at the Snyder farm with Jack, Sage, Parker and Emma.
    * Kidnapped by Ava and rescued by Jack and Carly.


    Current: Student


    JJ grew up with his mother, Julia Larrabee, and never really knew his father, Les Sweeney. JJ's father was abusive to his mother and the two divorced. Later, when Les murdered his mother, JJ went to live with his uncle, Keith Morrissey.

    A while later, Jack and Carly adopted JJ. Jack was the only father JJ really knew. Once Jack and Carly adopted JJ, JJ and Parker (Carly's son) bonded and became like real brothers.

    In January 2007, after being in trouble with the law, Carly left Oakdale with Simon Frasier. When she left, Jack took JJ, Sage and Parker and moved in with Emma Snyder at the Snyder farm. Parker felt abandoned when Carly left, and as a result, he resented her. Because Parker had a lot of built-up anger toward Carly, this caused him and JJ to fight. Today, Jack continues to raise JJ, Parker and Sage, and he works hard to keep peace in the family.

    Soon after Carly returned, JJ was kidnapped by Ava and Saul, friends of Julia's. Carly and Jack saved his life and JJ tried to get on with his life but he still hopes his parents will get back together.






    Les Sweeney (biological father)
    Julia Morrisey Larrabee (biological mother)
    Jack Snyder (father by adoption)
    Carly Tenney Snyder (mother by adoption)
    Parker Munson (brother by adoption)
    Sage Snyder (sister by adoption)
    Bert Snyder (paternal grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Dolores Snyder Pierce (paternal grandmother by adoption - deceased)
    Ray Tenney (maternal grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Shelia Washburn (maternal grandmother by adoption - deceased)
    Keith Morrissey (maternal uncle)
    Brad Snyder (paternal uncle by adoption)
    Rosanna Cabot Montgomery (maternal aunt by adoption)
    Gwen Norbeck Munson (maternal aunt by adoption)




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    Wednesday, August 20 2008: Parker To The Rescue!

    After talking to Liberty, Parker orders JJ to cover for him by going to the movies. JJ doesn't want to go but Parker bullies him into it. Carly catches them at the door and questions them; she buys their movie story. A school administrator calls and Carly begins searching for a paper. She can't find it downstairs so goes to Parker's room. She finds it on his desk and on the way back downstairs sees JJ climbing in a window! She insists on knowing where Parker is. JJ asks if this means he can't keep the $20. Carly calls Jack, who tells Carly not to tell Brad or Katie.

    Friday, August 15 2008: A New Arrival!

    Jack and Carly arrive home but Parker isn't there. JJ hears their raised voices and comes to check on things. He hasn't seen Parker either. Brad calls, tells Jack he dropped the ball because Parker is at his house and hangs up. A few minutes later, Brad shoves Parker through the door, tells Jack to take care of him and walks out! Jack tells Parker to stop going against their wishes; Parker talks back to him. Jack empties out Parker's pockets, taking his keys and his cell phone. He says from now on Parker goes to school and comes home and that's it! Parker storms upstairs. Carly tells Jack he is being more like a warden than a father, which angers him even more. He says Carly needs to stop being a friend and start being a mother! She says their new found friendship didn't last long and he storms out. Holden arrives to check on her. Carly says they have to make a clean break! She says she has to focus on the kids and she can't do that if he is around.

    Upstairs, JJ asks why Parker is being such a pain. Parker says their parents are overreacting. He comes up with a plan to see Liberty and asks JJ to cover for him. JJ refuses until Parker offers to pay him $20 every time he and Liberty have a date!

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