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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Cole Cons Sofie!

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    At Montgomery Enterprises, Craig is meeting with a possible employee - Evan Walsh IV! "Do you really think I'm going to let Lucinda's grandson come right into the chicken coop?" he asks. Evan tells Craig he has no interest in business; he is only interested in medical research. Evan gives Craig some of his research and shows Craig how Montgomery Enterprises can benefit from pharmaceutical research. Lucinda barges in. Craig introduces her to Evan! "Hi Grammie," Evan says and holds out his hand. Lucinda is shocked. Craig gives her the good news: the company may soon be backing Evan's research. Lucinda hates the idea. Craig makes an on-the-spot decision - and hires Evan! Lucinda leaves the office, runs into Meg and tells her that Craig is working on new ways to bankrupt the company! Meg proceeds inside and meets Evan. She likes his resume and tells him she looks forward to working with him. Evan leaves. Craig tells Meg he really likes Evan, especially since he let Lucinda have it. He brings up the baby and Meg angrily tells him to drop the subject! She apologizes for overreacting and Craig says he'll try to back off a little.

    Barbara and Iris Make a Deal

    Friday, November 02 2007

    Meg has a nightmare, dreaming that Craig has taken the baby from her. She turns around and sees Paul but he won't help her. "You'll never get away from Craig now," he says. Meg wakes up screaming. Craig wakes and holds her. She tells him about the nightmare but leaves out the part where he took the baby from her. He promises that he'll protect her and care for her from then on. Meg goes to get ready for her day. Craig is waiting with breakfast when Meg returns and begins talking business. Meg tells him she wants to go to the farm rather than work; he offers to drive but she turns him down.

    Rosanna and Paul wake up as newlyweds. Rosanna tells Paul if they want their marriage to work they need complete honesty. Then she asks why he met Meg at the cemetery the day before! Paul turns things around on her, wondering why she was following him around in the first place. Rosanna tells him she only glimpsed them and asks what they were talking about. Paul swears it was just a last-ditch effort on Meg's part and it doesn't matter. He apologizes for not telling her, saying he simply didn't want to upset Ro. She says she believes him but still has doubts. A while later Craig arrives with a wedding present. Reluctantly they accept the gift. Craig mentions Meg's illness, which worries Paul - and that annoys Rosanna! Craig assures them that it's only morning sickness. He makes a smart remark about trouble in paradise and then leaves. Rosanna and Paul head into Old Town, talking about joint bank accounts and things. Meg walks up and sees them together. Rather than ignoring them, Meg offers her congratulations. Paul asks about the morning sickness and Meg says she is fine. "I plan to take very good care of this baby," she says. Rosanna becomes even more concerned about the connection between Meg and Paul. They chat for a bit and Paul wishes Meg luck with her life. She walks away. Rosanna asks if seeing Meg bothered Paul and he says it's no big deal. Rosanna comes up with an errand for Paul and he leaves. A second later Rosanna makes a call to her private eye and asks her to follow Meg, bug her phones and find out everything he can about the child she is carrying!

    Craig runs into Meg in Old Town and tells her about leaving the gift for Paul and Rosanna. He puts his arm around Meg. Paul watches them.

    The Wedding!

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Annoyed because of Craig's attitude, Meg returns from the bathroom and tells him in detail how she washed her hands. Then she asks permission to call for room service. Craig tells her to order an antidote to whatever she is on! She offers to order tea, if that is alright with him. Craig tells her to stop acting like a Stepford wife! He apologizes for overreacting but points out that he is only trying to protect her. Meg tells him that overprotecting and overreacting is exactly what led to him losing his other children! "I need to know that this time it's going to be different," she says. Craig tells her he is trying to be a better man, father and husband but he needs her to be a better wife, too! He reminds Meg about all of the mistakes he has made and all that he has lost, then says he is afraid that he will lose her, too! They argue but neither gives an inch. They go to bed and Craig begins to make love to Meg. She stops it, saying she doesn't feel good. Craig offers to just hold her. Meg turns away from him, pretending to sleep.

    Luke Takes A Fall!

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    Meg returns to the hotel room, composed and looking normal. She sees Craig and he asks where she has been. She asks about the house and Craig tells her all about it. He says he loves the house but wants to make sure that Meg wants the house - and him! - before making an offer. He asks about the walks she has been taking and tells her that the walks are going to have to stop for the baby's sake. Angry, Meg tells him she'll do as she pleases but Craig insists, reminding her that the baby is half his! "I love you," he reminds her and tells her that he only wants what is best for her and for the baby.

    Katie Digs for the Truth!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Meg is getting ready to leave the hotel room when she sees the wedding notice about Paul and Rosanna. Craig walks in, telling her about a last minute appointment with the realtor. Meg refuses to go! She makes up a story about visiting Emma and Craig stalks out of the room, telling her he'll keep her apprised of their home situation. Meg arrives at the farm to see Emma, who immediately asks her how things are with Craig. Meg admits they are having problems, mostly because of Paul and Rosanna. She tells Emma about the wedding and admits she still loves Paul - and she is pregnant! Emma is stunned and promises Meg that the family will stand by her no matter what. She worries that the child might be Craig's and not Paul's, and worries even more than even if the child is Paul's that Paul will never accept it. Emma tells her to put the baby first.

    After calling Paul, Meg is getting ready to leave the hotel room - again! - when Craig returns. He happily tells her the house viewing time has changed and they can go together. Meg isn't really interested, which throws Craig. She tells him to look at it alone and decide. He wonders what is really going on and she makes up a story about pregnancy hormones and being tired. He offers to turn down the bed but she basically throws him out of the room, asking for time alone to rest. After he is gone, she leaves, too. A while later Craig returns and is surprised to find the room empty. He wonders where Meg may have gone, picks up the newspaper and begins to have doubts about his wife.

    Jack and Katie Are Annuled!

    Friday, October 26 2007

    Craig is going on with an OB nurse at the hospital about Meg and how great she is going to be as a mother, how she'll make him a great father and how generally ecstatic he is to be having a child. Meg walks up, annoyed to see him there! "What are you so upset about?" Craig asks. They argue a bit and Meg blames her moodiness on hormones. He asks if she wants him to stay with her through the appointment or if she wants him to go. "Just give me a little space," she says and walks off.

    Meanwhile att The Lakeview, Craig is meeting with a real estate agent about possible homes. He asks the agent to show him the listings for mansions that come with a nursery ready to go.

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