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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Lily and Dusty Make Love!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Craig arrives at The Lakeview, looking for Bob since he wasn't at the hospital. Lucinda walks out of a meeting room and starts to spar with Craig. She tells him Bob isn't there and asks what is going on. Craig brings up the project with Evan, annoying Lucinda. She tells him that the board will never approve research facilities for Evan's work! "I will not allow them to be used," she says, reminding Craig that she has a lot of clout with the board. She brings up Craig's legacy and tells him soon he'll have nothing - no child and no business to be remembered by!

    Letters From Cheri!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    Meg is in Old Town, talking to the doctor's office on the phone. She feels like she is being watched - the PI is behind a tree! - and begins to worry. The PI follows, hiding in doorways when Meg turns around. Meg returns to The Lakeview and angrily tells Craig that he has to call off his dogs! Craig has no idea what he's talking about; Meg lays it out for him and tells him to stop having her followed! She goes off on a tangent about the man she's been seeing everywhere. Craig swears he hasn't hired anyone to follow her around; Meg believes him and begins to be even more worried about who is following her - and why! Craig asks for a description but Meg says she didn't get a good look at him. She wonders if maybe she is overreacting and turns down Craig offer to have Montgomery Enterprises Security follow up. Meg leaves for the exercise class!

    Detective Fellows calls Rosanna at Fairwinds. "We have a problem," he says. He tells Rosanna they have to meet. She hangs up and sees Paul in the doorway. He begins kissing her, telling her they need a honeymoon - even if the honeymoon is spent at Fairwinds. She says she has a headache, which worries Paul. He tells her he'll call the doctor but Rosanna says she doesn't need a doctor, just some headache medicine. Paul runs to the pharmacy to pick up the pills for her. Seconds later, Craig arrives and demands to know why Rosanna is having Meg followed! Rosanna defends her actions and tells Craig that Meg is taking every opportunity to run into Paul. Craig points out that Meg is pregnant with his child and tells Rosanna to butt out! He leaves. A few minutes later the investigator arrives and tells Rosanna that he thinks Meg knows about him. Rosanna fires him. Before he leaves, he tells her to listen! In Old Town, Meg calls Paul to tell him that she is going to get the test results now. He refuses to go with her and insists that the baby isn't his. He hangs up. Rosanna, who has been listening in via the phone tap, is very upset. The detective leaves. Paul returns to Fairwinds and turns down Rosanna's offer of lunch. He says he has to pick up the pictures from the wedding instead! He leaves again and Rosanna follows!

    At the diner, Craig meets with Evan about the research. Evan asks for help in getting the facility up and running because Oakdale Memorial doesn't have any space! Evan goes on about the problems, which Craig is certain he can fix with a donation or two. He leaves the diner and heads for the hospital to speak with Bob.

    Paul walks up the Meg at the hospital just before the test. She says they are just about ready. "You want this baby just as much as I do," she says! She goes inside to begin the testing. The doctor says the results will be available very soon. Meg decides to see Eli, who will have the test results. She asks the doctor to keep things quiet; he agrees and leaves. Craig walks in, surprised to see her.

    The Almost-Wedding!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Inside the church, Meg and Paul continue to argue about whether or now he'll provide a DNA sample. She has shortness of breath and Craig comes rushing in. Meg insists she is fine; Craig turns to Paul and demands to know why he is harassing Meg! Meg steps in and says Paul just wants her to stay away from him, then surprises Craig by saying it wasn't Paul who started the altercation - it was her! Rosanna walks up, looking for Carly. Craig and Meg make a quick exit. Rosanna stays with Paul, wondering what is going on. She asks Paul about the tissues and without another word goes off to find Carly. Paul doesn't know what to think. Emma arrives and takes her seat a few rows in front of Craig and Meg. Meg asks Craig why he is there at all and they argue. "I wanted to show I was willing to rise above the past," Craig says and points out that with Meg having his baby the family better get used to him being around. Paul comes in and sits across the aisle from Meg. Rosanna watches, annoyed. She shuts the doors as Carly and Jack come back inside. At the front of the church, Jack thanks Parker and JJ for standing up with him. Holden arrives and says they can't find Brad.

    In the waiting area, Lily joins Carly. She tells Carly she has to tell Jack; Carly says she tried to but it isn't the right time yet. She says she'll tell Jack after the wedding. Lily tells her she can't wait any longer. Sage interrupts them and starts down the aisle in her flower girl outfit. Rosanna turns to Carly and asks if she is ready. Rosanna proceeds down the aisle and then Carly makes her entrance. The minister begins the ceremony. The minister gets to the objections part of the ceremony; Jack asks him to stop! He tells the on-lookers about Carly's question and finally answers it. "This is the chance to love without lies, without holding back. I want forever with you, Carly," he says. Carly kisses him! The minister takes control and starts the ceremony again at the "I Do's". When he asks Carly if she will take Jack, Carly realizes she can't lie to him! She tells him that she is grateful that she was diagnosed as terminal because it helped open her eyes to what was really important - him and the kids! She turns to everyone else, then back to Jack and tells him she isn't dying after all! The guests get very excited; Jack is stunned! He can't believe it and is so grateful and that he hugs her. All the guests come up to offer their congratulations, too, everyone except Lily who knows Carly hasn't told the whole truth. Rosanna brings up their conversation of a few days ago and Jack begins to wonder how long Carly has known. Carly asks the reverend to get the wedding going again but Jack won't drop his questions. "How long?" he asks. Carly admits she has known for a while. Lily gets up and leaves. Jack asks everyone to leave. Sage has a ton of questions and no one has answers for her. Paul leaves to go home; Rosanna stays behind. Meg gathers her things; Holden asks if they have seen Lily but they haven't. Holden asks Meg to come to the farm for the family. She agrees; Craig offers to come, too, but Meg turns him down flat, saying the last thing Jack needs is him gloating. She apologizes. Craig asks her to take care and he leaves.

    Katie Knows The Truth!

    Friday, November 09 2007

    After a doctor visit, Meg and Craig separate. She says she wants to catch up with some nurse friends. Once he is gone, Meg makes a beeline for the OB and asks when she can take the paternity test. As she talks, Rosanna's PI listens in! The doctor tells her that he needs samples from all of the father candidates and she agrees to get them. Meg returns to The Lakeview just in time to get a call from Emma about the wedding. She agrees to come and then tells Craig about it. He's ready to go but Meg says he can't! Craig is stunned. Meg tries to make him understand that the wedding is for family only and that Carly wouldn’t welcome him. "I'm at all of Carly's weddings. One more and I get a free toaster," he jokes. Meg insists that he stay away for the sake of the family. Seeing how worked up Meg is getting, Craig agrees to stay away.

    At the church, Parker finds Jack and tells him that he wants to take the Snyder name after the wedding. Holden and Lily arrive. Carly calls him and asks him to meet her in the limo in the parking lot. Jack heads out and runs into Meg on her way in. Rosanna, already inside, asks Paul to get her some tissues. In the entryway, Paul runs into Meg and she tells him about the paternity test. Craig arrives! Jack finds Carly and hurries her inside. Carly holds back and asks Jack if he really and truly wants to marry her. From across the parking lot, Katie watches them!

    Cole Cons Sofie!

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    Craig is still hovering over Meg, making her crazy. As they argue, a passerby knocks into Meg. Angry because he doesn't even stop, Craig follows and yells at him. The man continues on. Meg grabs Craig and tells him to go to work and stop acting nutty. He leaves. Around the corner, the man calls Rosanna - he is her private eye! Meg is searching for her cell phone when Lucinda walks through Old Town. Lucinda offers Meg her cell phone and Meg snatches it away and calls her own number. She reaches the private eye, who says he found it in Old Town and will leave it at the desk at The Lakeview. He hangs up, plants the chip in it and leaves. Meg hands the phone back to Lucinda; she apologizes for acting so nasty over the last few months. Meg thinks she is happy about the baby. "You're procreating with that man?" Lucinda asks! She can't believe it and tells Meg she will never be done with Craig now. She leaves. Margo walks up and sees that Meg isn't feeling well. They go to The Lakeview and chat about the pregnancy. Meg asks her not to tell Craig about the episode and she agrees, knowing how over-protective Craig can be. As they chat, Margo tells Meg that no one will love their children more than Craig, because despite his faults he is a good father. They chat about Craig's good points and Margo promises to back up Meg with whatever she needs. Margo heads back to work. Meg grabs her cell phone and calls her doctor to set up an appointment. From across the room, the private eye listens to her.

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