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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Craig Is Losing It!

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    Craig is having a nightmare that Meg and Paul are back together - with their son! He finds them at the farm. Meg stands by Paul, telling Craig that the baby is Paul's. They let him see the baby, which is the spitting image of Paul. Craig wakes from the nightmare. He is trying to put a fresh bandage on his hand when Meg wakes and insists on helping. She sees that the hand is infected and insists that they go to the hospital immediately. He refuses but that only makes Meg more insistent that he go. Finally Craig agrees to go to the doctor and Meg insists on tagging along.

    In the break room Chris calls Emily and makes an excuse about not coming home the night before. He hangs up as Sofie comes in. Chris realizes she is a new mom and they chat for a moment. He asks about the baby and Sofie uncomfortably tells him what she knows about the little one. A nurse interrupts and while Chris' back is turned she leaves. Chris continues on to the emergency ward and finds that his patient is Craig. As Chris doctors Craig's hand, Craig goes on about Evan's research project. A nurse comes in with Craig's test results. Chris asks both women to leave. When they are alone Chris tells Craig that the infection was made worse by the miscarriage drug. He asks how Craig came into contact with it. Craig insists that he has no idea how the drug contact happened but Chris doesn't believe him. Craig makes up a story about touring a research facility and accidentally touching something there. Chris still doesn't believe him but accepts the story. He gives Craig a shot to stave off the infection and writes a prescription for antibiotics. Craig goes outside to talk to Meg, who is reassured that Craig will be fine. Meg invites him to lunch with a few of her nurse friends but Craig begs off. He tells her to go without him. "See ya later, take care," he says and walks away while Meg is still talking to him.

    Craig returns to the hotel and stares at the ultrasound picture of the baby. He takes a drink and then throws the glass at the fireplace. A while later Meg calls and asks Craig to join her and the girls in the lounge for an impromptu baby shower. Craig doesn't want to because the shot Chris gave him is making him woozy but he finally gives in to Meg's request. Downstairs, she pulls a baby doll from one of the bags and asks Craig to be the daddy. Annoyed he asks if that is a joke! Meg takes Craig aside and tries to calm him down but he won't back down. Meg breaks up the party with her friends, who are glad to go. When they are alone Meg tries to take the doll from him. "Is this practice for when you take my baby away from me?" Craig asks. Meg tries to figure out what is wrong with him and realizes Craig has been drinking with his medication. Craig spies Rosanna and Paul coming in the door and makes a beeline for them. He asks them if the doll looks like him!

    A Victorian Christmas!

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Back in the dollhouse, Rosanna is a sickly woman and Margaret (Meg) is her caretaker. She tells Rosanna to return to bed as Paul returns to her room. Rosanna returns to her bed after a little more time watching the carolers. Margaret goes downstairs where Lucinda, the cook, is exchanging barbs with Dr. Montgomery (Craig!). Margaret tells the doctor, who is quite attracted to her, that he needs to concentrate on Rosanna. He returns upstairs and sends Paul on his way. The doctor sits with Rosanna, who is upset at the attraction between her husband and Margaret. Dr. Montgomery promises to take care of the situation for her! "I will attend to the matter this very night," he says. Downstairs, Paul and Margaret hurry to one another and embrace. Paul tells her he dreams of having a home with her, having children. Margaret reminds him that he has to stay with his sick wife. Paul gives her a gift, a locket engraved "Forever, Love". Dr. Montgomery listens to them from outside the room. He enters as Paul kisses Margaret's hand. He tells them that Rosanna has made great progress and Paul hurries away. Before Margaret can leave Dr. Montgomery pulls the locket from her hand and swears he will tell Rosanna - unless she sleeps with him and leaves the manor! Back upstairs, Paul sits with Rosanna until she is asleep. Margo, a maid, delivers two glasses of wine and a note from Margaret. It is a Dear John letter, explaining that she must leave him but that she will never forget him. Before he can reach her, Margaret leaves the home with Dr. Montgomery. Rosanna watches the carriage pull away from her upstairs window.

    Back in Old Town, Faith, Sage and Natalie return to the window and watch. They realize that all of the dolls are now in the main salon and all of the servants are now in the kitchen. As Sage watches the Carly doll turns and winks at her!

    Craig Redeems Himself - For Now!

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    At The Lakeview Craig is still searching the Internet for information about the drug. Over a cup of coffee he finds more information about one drug which could cause premature labor or a miscarriage! He writes down the information. Meg wakes up and asks what he is doing! Craig makes up a story about a last minute Christmas gift but Meg saw enough of the website to know it was a medical site. "Why are you lying to me?" she asks. Craig tells her he was researching Gaucher's Disease for cures; Meg points out that the baby might not be affected by the disease at all. Rosanna calls but Craig hangs up on her. He makes up a story about a meeting and runs out of the hotel room.

    In Old Town Craig runs in to Paul. Paul tells Craig to stay away from Rosanna; Craig tells Paul to stay away from Meg! Paul storms off. Craig continues on and gets the miscarriage drug from a street dealer! He goes back to The Lakeview. Rosanna calls - again! - and finally Craig answers. Craig tells Rosanna he is going to keep her secret for Meg's sake. Before he can hang up Rosanna asks Craig if he can raise the child as his own. Craig hangs up on her. Meg walks in and tells Craig about the dinner invite. He tells her they can't go! He tells Meg he needs a quiet dinner for two; she begs him to change his mind but the room service waiter arrives. Craig calls Emma to make their excuses. She tells him that he is welcome any time and she'll extend another invitation soon. Craig turns the phone over to Meg, who tells Emma she will see her soon. With Meg distracted Craig pours the drug into her champagne glass! Meg picks up her glass and makes a toast to Craig and love and their baby. Craig is touched by it and before Meg can take a drink knocks the glass from her hand, breaking it and cutting his hand in the process! Craig tells her there was a bug in the glass. Meg starts to clean the wound and Craig pulls her to him in a fierce hug. "Oh, baby," he exclaims. Meg finishes doctoring his wound and goes into the bathroom to change clothes. Craig pulls the last of the drug from his pocket and realizes he can't use it on Meg. He picks up the ultrasound picture. Meg returns to find Craig with tears in his eyes. "I love you more than I thought was possible," Craig says.

    Rosanna Deals With Craig!

    Friday, December 14 2007

    Rosanna asks Craig where he got the tape and he says from her safe! Craig loads the tape in the VCR and plays it. "You bounce back from the brink of death and the first thing you do is change the paternity test results!" he says. Rosanna admits she changed the results. Craig demands to know why. Ro swears that Paul doesn't know anything and that she did it to keep Meg and Paul apart. "It was me, it was just me," she says. Craig stalks up to her, puts on his coat and tells her to be very, very afraid! Rosanna points out that what Craig really wants is Meg and a family and he has that now. "What revenge could be better than raising Paul's son as your own?" she says. Craig threatens to tell Paul what Rosanna did and she offers him anything he wants to keep her secret. She says she can even give him what he really wants - his own, biological child with Meg. Ro points out that Meg is falling for Craig and he just needs to keep quiet and Meg will soon be 100% in love with him. She says the next child will be his, if he can just accept this baby, too. Craig listens, wanting to believe her but also wanting to be honest with Meg. Craig says he can tell the truth and still keep Meg but Rosanna says it won't work. Just then Paul walks in! He demands to know what is going on. Craig leaves. Rosanna tells Paul that Craig was there to tell her Paul slept with Meg, not knowing that she already knew about it. Paul buys the explanation but says they should warn Meg about Craig's tangent. Rosanna points out that Craig loves Meg and wouldn't hurt her. Paul won't drop the subject so Rosanna says she will call Meg. Paul drops the subject.

    At the diner Meg can't get over the feeling of the baby moving in her belly. Paul sits down with her. Meg is relieved and tells Paul that when the doctor told her about Gaucher's Disease she thought her child was being punished. Paul says the baby isn't being punished because of her. Maybe Craig, but not Meg. Angry, Meg tells Paul that she is making a family with Craig. Meg leaves the diner and runs into Jane, the pregnant mom from the elevator. They chat about the baby. Meg returns to The Lakeview after that. When Craig walks in she shows him the ultrasound picture and tells him that she felt the baby kick. Craig is very distant with her but Meg doesn't pay attention at first. She feels another kick and takes Craig's hand so he can feel it too. Craig draws Meg to him. Meg goes to bed but Craig stays up. He does an internet search for drugs that cause miscarriages!

    Is Meg's Baby In Trouble?

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    In the hospital coffee room Meg is beginning to freak out about what Dr. Bullock might want. The doctor walks in and asks them to come into his office. The doc tells them that Meg is a carrier of Gauchers disease and that could be a danger to the baby if Craig is also a carrier. If they are both carriers, he says, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the baby will be affected by the disease. The doctor is called away and Meg breaks down. Craig tells her everything will be alright and goes after coffee. Eli pokes his head in and Meg demands to know if Craig is a carrier. Before Eli can answer, Craig walks in. Eli tells them both that he isn't qualified to give the results. The doctor returns and Eli hands off the documents. The doctor tells them that Craig is a carrier, too! Eli is listening at the door. Craig wonders why he wasn't tested before with his other children and the doctor reminds them that the baby is only in danger if both parents are carriers and that even then there is only a slim chance of harm to the fetus. Meg tries to be relieved. Craig leaves to track down Eli. Craig tells Eli that with the number of DNA tests run on him in the past the disease should have been found before and asks Eli to put him in touch with the doctor who actually ran the tests. He returns to Meg and reassures her that things will be fine.

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