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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Meg Miscarries!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    At the farm Holden keeps his rifle trained on Craig, who takes a step back. He says Meg is all that matters to him now and tells her that he was off his rocker when he tried to drug her but that he came to his senses at the last minute. Holden listens for a while, then goes outside and lets a shot off. He returns, puts Craig in his sights and says he has one bullet left! Meg gets between Craig and Holden and makes Holden back off. She turns on Craig and says she can't forgive what he did, even though he didn't go through with it. Craig leaves the farm. Meg sits down at the kitchen table and cries on Holden's shoulder. She calls Paul and warns him to stay away from Craig. Meg goes back to The Lakeview and the concierge tells her that Craig and Paul are together!

    Paul arrives at The Lakeview and asks for Craig. The concierge tells him to wait. Craig arrives and goes to his room. Paul follows and kicks the door in! Craig tells him to go away but Paul won't go. They argue about Meg; Craig tells Paul that he doesn't care what Paul thinks because they are the same kind of people. Paul slugs Craig. "You think I'm bad, I think you're an idiot. These talks are not productive," Craig says. He asks Paul what he is really after. Paul tells Craig to stay away from Meg and the baby and then threatens his life. Craig believes Paul is intimidated by his love for Meg and throws their relationship in Paul's face. He tells Paul that Meg won't stay away from him for long because she loves him - not Paul! Paul goes after Craig again and nearly has him on the ground when Meg walks in. Craig separates himself from Paul, closes the door and makes Meg listen to him. He tells her how alike he and Paul are but says there is one major difference - because he has changed and Paul never will! He reminds Meg that Paul let her marry him and then married Rosanna and ignored her until he learned about the baby. He says Paul doesn't want her, he wants her baby! Craig moves away so they can leave but Paul turns and starts to fight with him again. Meg tries to stop the fight but Paul accidentally hits her in the belly! She falls to the floor in pain. Medics arrive to take Meg to the hospital; she asks them to keep both Paul and Craig away from her!

    At the hospital Holden meets Meg and promises to keep Paul and Craig away from her. The doctor arrives and Meg tells him she is bleeding. Holden goes outside while the doctor examines her; he tells Craig and Paul that Meg wants them both to leave her alone. Staring straight at Paul he says, "Look what you did." He tells Craig that he is to blame, too. The doctor comes out but won't talk to anyone but Holden. Paul and Craig watch as Holden goes back into the room and Meg begins to cry. The doctor tells Craig that physically Meg will be fine but emotionally it will take time for her to recover. Paul leaves. Craig watches her for a while, heartbroken.

    Rosanna Comes Clean!

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    At Fairwinds, Paul confronts Rosanna, who plays dumb about the whole paternity scheme. Paul doesn't believe any of her explanations or excuses. Rosanna reminds him that she was in a coma when Meg had the original tests run; Paul reminds her that he saw her walking the halls. Then, he tells her he had another test run and it's positive - he's the father. "Why don't you tell me the truth for a change?" he asks. Rosanna admits what she did and begs him not to leave her. Paul says it is too late for that! When he picks up his keys, Rosanna reminds Paul how much she needs him and the connection they have to one another. "I am your soulmate, not Meg," Rosanna exclaims. She reminds him that Meg stayed with Craig even after Paul was back on the scene. Paul can't focus on anything except his child and storms out. Rosanna follows him out, telling him that what she did was no worse than what he did to Jennifer. When he turns to go Rosanna says none of this would have happened if Craig had killed the baby! Paul overhears! He grabs his phone and Rosanna keeps begging him not to leave her. Paul won't listen and storms out. Rosanna calls Craig and tells him that Paul and Meg know everything now!

    Craig calls Meg at the farm. Meg makes a few excuses, telling him not to stop by and not to call. He senses something is wrong and tries to figure it out. Meg begins to cry and tells him she is just tired from helping Emma. Craig asks if she can come by to meet with him and the contractor about the nursery plans and Meg is even more torn. Holden walks in; Meg hangs up the phone. Holden asks why Meg is lying to her husband. Meg tries to skirt the issue but Holden won't accept anything less than the truth. Finally Meg comes clean, telling Holden that Craig isn't the father and that she and Craig are over but she doesn't know how to tell him. Meg tells him about the switched results and Rosanna's scheming, then she tells him what she suspects about the drug in her drink. All she can think about is getting to Paul, which Holden says is a bad idea. He tells Meg she needs to focus on her child, not on Paul, and brings up Rosanna. Meg doesn't want to listen. Holden goes to check on the horses, leaving Meg alone. Craig comes to the door! Meg doesn't want to talk to him but he comes inside anyway, telling her that he has made mistakes but that he wants her - and the child she is carrying! When Meg admits that she didn't tell Paul about the miscarriage drug Craig believes that means she still loves him. He tells her Rosanna dropped the bomb on Paul and Meg becomes very worried about his safety. Craig tells her that he isn't afraid of Paul, then says if he can't have her then neither can Paul! Craig grabs Meg as Holden comes into the kitchen with a rifle! "Get your filthy hands off my sister," he says!

    New Lovers, Old Lovers and Not Lovers

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Craig is meeting with the architect at the diner but he is no longer interested in the nursery renovations and tells the architect so. Craig leaves for the hospital. A nurse points him to Evan's lab, which is just down the hall from the DNA lab! Craig returns to the nurse's station when he can't find Evan. The nurse points him toward the DNA lab to ask Susan. She comes out of the test room, shutting the door quickly and asks what Craig wants. He asks about Evan. Susan doesn't know about the researcher and changes the subject to Meg's pregnancy. Craig isn't interested in talking about that. Susan walks away and so does Craig. He is sitting in Old Town when Margo walks up with Daniel. The kid doesn't want to be near Craig and goes off to chat with a friend. Craig asks Margo how she can love Daniel unconditionally when she isn't his biological mother. Margo tells him that love doesn't follow biology lines. She asks if he would cut her out of his life if she weren't his sister and Craig says never. She asks about Meg and the baby; Craig says everything is fine. Daniel comes over and asks about lunch plans. He and Margo leave. Craig goes to the lounge at The Lakeview and goes over his conversation with Margo. He decides to call the architect and asks him to create the biggest, best nursery ever. "Nothing is too good for my son," he says!

    Trouble's Brewing!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Meg wakes Craig, asking how his hand is. He sarcastically asks her to leave him alone. Meg feels the baby move and pulls Craig's hand to feel her belly. He pulls away! Meg asks him what the deal is and why he can't even touch her any longer. Craig makes excuses but Meg doesn't believe him at all. When he goes into the bathroom Meg leaves for the hospital. She meets up with one of her nursing buddies and asks to see Craig's medical records! The nurse hesitates but when Meg tells her about all of the strange changes to Craig she gives in and promises to help. The nurse returns and assures Meg that Craig only has an infection. Meg sees that Craig had trace amounts of zyphorex in his system and the nurse tells her about the drug. Meg flashes back to the night Craig knocked the glass from her hand and wonders what has been going on. She returns to the hotel and Craig is still there. Meg picks a fight, suggesting that they name the baby after Craig. "Absolutely not!" Craig exclaims. Seeing how upset Meg is at that, Craig tells Meg that they can come up with another name. Seeing that she doesn't believe him Craig makes a few excuses and hurries off to work. Meg tries to kiss him goodbye but he leaves before she can. Meg believes Craig doesn't want the baby and wonders why. She calls her friend at the hospital and asks for Eli's office. Meg is stunned to learn that Eli left his job and Oakdale, too! Meg begins to wonder if Eli was paid off - and if Craig might not be the father of her baby. She hangs up the phone and then tries to call Eli. She leaves a message for him, asking if the DNA test results may have been switched. Before she can finish the message the phone clicks off because Eli's mailbox is full. Meg worries about what to do next and then calls Paul. She leaves a message asking him to call as soon as possible.

    Rosanna Tells Craig To Get It Together

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Craig is practically falling-down-drunk from the pain medication, antibiotics and alcohol he drank. He demands that Paul tell him if the doll looks like him. Paul is really confused and angrily tells him it does. Craig doesn't believe him and starts in on Meg. Rosanna tells Craig to stop it! Meg grabs the doll and tells Craig to come upstairs with her. Craig and Paul continue arguing. Meg explains that Craig has an infection and is on medication and hauls him off to their room. Once they're alone, Meg realizes Craig drank alcohol with the pills Chris prescribed. She asks why he did it. Craig rants about babies and affairs. Thinking this is all her fault Meg asks him if he can ever forgive her for sleeping with Paul. Craig doesn't want to talk about Paul but Meg insists they settle this. She tells him that if he can't forgive her then they need to end their marriage before the baby is born. Craig agrees! Meg can't believe him. He asks her to leave so he can be alone for a while. Angry, Meg leaves. Craig tries to call her a few minutes later but she won't answer her phone. He is leaving a message, asking her to come home when he hears a knock at the door.

    Rosanna goes straight upstairs, knocks on Craig's door and asks if he has lost his mind! She tells Craig that he is going to ruin things for both of them but he doesn't think that is such a bad idea. Telling Rosanna that he can't keep quiet about this because it is killing him, Craig admits that he was going to try to induce a miscarriage! Rosanna can't believe him. She makes him promise not to hurt the baby and reminds Craig that biology has very little to do with parenthood. Rosanna leaves.

    Back in the room Craig looks at the ultrasound and then angrily throws the doll at the wall. Meg walks in and tells him that she doesn't understand what is going on but she is getting rid of the doll. Craig says it won't matter. Meg mentions running into Rosanna and says she isn't good at keeping secrets. Craig disagrees. Meg wonders what Craig is talking about. She tries to make things right between them but Craig shuts himself in the bathroom. Meg vows to find out what is bothering him.

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