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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Lily Kills Evan!

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Two nurses walk the hall, stunned about Evan. Paul hugs Meg, telling her that everything has worked out and how glad he is to be with her now. Meg pulls away and says she isn't "with" him at all! Paul doesn't want to accept that but Meg won't change her mind. She leaves. Craig arrives, rubbing Paul's nose in his failed attempt to win Meg.

    And The Dummy Gets It!

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Craig is discussing MEMO21 with Chris at The Lakeview. He comments that things are going to be really tough now that Dusty's death might be related to the drug. Chris blames Emily. Craig walks away and sees Paul and Emily chatting in the lounge; he barges right up and threatens Emily, saying she better watch her back before her past returns to haunt her. Then he focuses on Paul and says connecting MEMO21 with Dusty won't send Meg back to his arms. He walks off. Paul tells Emily about Chris's conversation with Evan the night before. They wonder if Craig is protecting Chris - or himself! Both wonder if Craig might be killing to protect his interests. Paul tells Emily to get more information from Chris and he'll take care of Craig. Paul leaves. Emily walks out of the lounge and sees Craig on a bench. She tells him that he is making a huge mistake in backing Chris because Chris tried to kill Bob! Craig doesn't take Emily seriously and says if either of them would be suspected in Dusty's death it would be her! Em storms off.

    Dusty's Funeral

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Lucinda and Craig meet up at the chapel and exchange barbs. Lucinda asks where Craig was the night of Dusty's death but Craig won't tell her. Meg walks in, very upset that Craig showed up. She tells him to leave the chapel and to leave her alone. Barbara, Will and Gwen walk in. Seeing how outnumbered he is, Craig agrees to go. "But you don't know what kind of man he really was," Craig says on the way out. Babs and Gwen talk a little and Gwen asks Barbara what is wrong with her speech. Barbara says she had some dental work done. The minister arrives. Alison and Susan walk in as Holden and Lily do; Susan remembers seeing Holden near one of the drug carts. Gwen calls Grace, the babysitter, who says things are fine and they are hanging out in Old Town for a little bit before returning to the cottage. Gwen tells Will she feels more sorry for Sofie every day; Will says they have to be strong because it won't be good for Sofie to get attached to the baby. Barbara gathers the crowd and the service gets underway. The minister asks for people to come forward to talk about Dusty. Alison is first at the podium. As she begins to speak Emily walks in! Allie goes on, talking about how great a friend Dusty was; Will takes the stage next and talks about Dusty and Jennifer's love. As Will speaks Meg hurries out of the chapel. Lucinda is next and tells the crowd about the hard-working side of Dusty and his loyalty. "He was loyal beyond self-interest," Lucinda says. The minister returns to the stage and dismisses the gathering. Everyone leaves the sanctuary. Susan hugs Emily and invites her to come with them to Al's. Emily says she'll meet them there and goes up to the altar area. "It shouldn't have ended this way," she whispers. Lily agrees with her! She accuses Emily of ruining Dusty's life and lets on that she knows about Emily's past. Emily is stunned. Holden walks in and leads Lily away. Em turns to Dusty's picture and cries. Will and Gwen leave with Barbara; she sends them home to Hallie. Will promises to call her soon and Gwen tells Barbara to get her dental work cleared up. They leave. Susan returns inside, looking for Emily. Crying, Emily tells Susan that Dusty didn't ruin her life - Lily did! "It's my fault Dusty's gone," she says. Susan tells Emily she didn't do anything wrong and leaves the sanctuary.

    Meg watches Sofie and Grace leave with Hallie. Craig walks up to her and offers her a tissue. Meg tries to walk away but Craig insists that they talk - not about their marriage or their life but about Montgomery Enterprises. He tells her she doesn't have the skills to run Montgomery! He points out that they are working on MEMO21 and that was all his doing. Meg tells him he can have the company as long as he never contacts her again! Craig goes to The Lakeview where he sees Lucinda. They argue about Dusty but Lucinda quickly realizes there is something else going on with Craig. He tells her that Meg just gave him Montgomery Enterprises back!

    Margo Questions Craig

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    At the stationhouse Jack tells Margo that Holden and Lily should be off the suspect list because of Lily's overdose. She doesn't agree. Jack leaves for lunch. Craig arrives with coffee and doughnuts. Margo tells him to sit down because they need to talk about Dusty's murder! Margo begins to question Craig about Montgomery Enterprises and the hospital. Craig admits that he hated Dusty and that he wanted him dead but swears he didn't kill him! Margo closes the door and tells Craig he needs to get a lawyer. Then asks why he didn't show up at the hospital. Craig says he couldn't face the crowd after the scenes with Meg; he says he was at the airport all night thinking about a long vacation in a warm climate. Margo leaves the room.

    In Old Town, Craig runs into Barbara, who is finishing up plans for Dusty's funeral. They argue about Dusty and Johnny. Babs says Craig kept Dusty from his family; Craig says Dusty kept Johnny from his real father. Barbara warns Craig to stay away from her family and to stay away from Dusty's funeral. She leaves. Craig calls in to his office and tells them to cancel all of his meetings because he is going to a funeral!

    "We Made Vows!"

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    Meg is packing at The Lakeview when Craig walks in. He tells her about Margo's visit and offers to take care of all the work details so she won't have to bother. Meg could care less and lets him know it. He asks if things are really over. She is stunned, picks up her bag and heads for the door. Craig stops her and asks what he can do to make things right. Meg says he never really wanted her, he just wanted her child, and it doesn't matter. Meg says she isn't pressing charges because she wants nothing more to do with him. She takes off her wedding ring and throws it in his face. She walks out. A few minutes later Rosanna arrives and tells Craig there is time to get Meg back! She blames everything on him but he says it's all her fault. He admits that he feels guilty about what he did and Rosanna pounces on that guilt, trying to twist the knife in his gut a little more. Craig brings up the switched DNA results. Rosanna storms out. Craig sits alone at his desk and finally drops his wedding ring inside. He opens his briefcase and pulls out the nursery plans from the architect. He rips it up and throws the pieces across the room.

    Carly Knows Parker Stole The Money!

    Monday, January 14 2008

    At the hospital Craig sees Paul outside Meg's room and demands that he leave. Meg talks with Holden in her hospital room and begins to beat herself up for losing the baby. Holden says she did all she could but Meg just keeps blaming herself. Holden wants to call Emma but Meg won't let him. Paul bursts into the room with Craig hot on his heels! Holden hauls both of them into the hall. A security guard hears the commotion and asks Paul and Craig to come with him; Holden returns to Meg's side. Paul refuses to leave but Barbara arrives and makes him leave. The security guard goes inside to ask Meg if she'll see Craig. Holden doesn't want her to but Meg insists on talking to him. Holden walks out. Craig starts by apologizing to Meg for his part in the miscarriage and swears to make it up to her. Craig admits that he wasn't sure he could raise Paul's son but when he saw that the baby was Meg's he knew he could do it. Meg doesn't believe him. "It's over. There's no more baby and there's no more us," she says. Craig refuses to believe that. Meg becomes upset and asks him to leave. He does. The doctor returns with Holden. He tells Meg that she can have other children, even with her fertility problems from the past. Meg says she doesn't want other children; she wants this one!

    In the hall, Craig runs in to Margo who asks him to come downtown to answer questions about the attempted murder of Meg's baby! At the police station Craig tells Margo that Paul is the one who pushed Meg. She says this isn't about the miscarriage, it's about the miscarriage drug! Craig admits he thought about it but swears he didn't follow through. Margo listens to him and can't believe that her brother went so far. Craig asks her to try to understand but Margo won't. She tells him to get out, that she is going to talk to Meg and will decide how to proceed.

    Margo arrives at Craig's Lakeview hotel room to tell him that Meg isn't going to press charges against him. "You don't deserve this break," Margo says and leaves.

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