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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Rosanna Changes Her Mind!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Craig and Meg go to The Lakeview to celebrate. Meg wonders why Craig was so certain that Rosanna wouldn't remember anything. He admits that he was fighting for their life together but Meg isn't satisfied with the answer.

    Rosanna Has Paul Followed!

    Friday, September 28 2007

    Paul joins Rosanna in the main salon. He asks her if he can stay for her physical therapy appointment but she asks him to leave. Curious, he does. As soon as he is gone, Craig calls. Rosanna tells him she doesn't buy his theory on Paul and Meg! Annoyed, Craig presses her to change her tune before she loses Paul. A Mr. Fellows arrives to see Rosanna and she hangs up. He's a private investigator that she is hiring to follow Paul! She gives him a picture of Paul and Meg and asks the investigator to find out if Paul and Meg are still together. He promises to report back by days end. Barbara stops by to encourage Rosanna about the court date the next day. Rosanna isn't comforted by Barbara's appearance, though, she is more leery than ever about why Barbara and Paul are so insistent that Craig be jailed.

    Meg returns to The Lakeview. She and Craig discuss the hearing the next day and she wonders if he really did crash into Rosanna on purpose. He wonders how many more times he has to tell her it was an accident and insists that Paul is feeding Rosanna lies. They talk about the kind of jail time Craig could serve. He says it could be 15 years. Meg turns away from him.

    Maddie Lies For Noah!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Rosanna can't forget the emotion she saw between Paul and Meg the night before. Paul comes in to the main salon with a gift - a beautiful (and huge!) diamond engagement ring. Rosanna is stunned and grows quiet. She asks Paul why he gave her the ring now and asks him to take some time to figure out his feelings - about Meg! Paul tries to play dumb but Rosanna won't let things slide. They argue, with Paul insisting that he has no feelings for Meg and Rosanna insisting that she saw an emotional connection between them. Paul answers the phone and learns the hearing will be soon. He and Rosanna begin going over her testimony. He tells her to be honest and she tells him he has to be honest, too. Paul goes upstairs to get a calendar so they can set a wedding date. Just then Craig calls and orders Rosanna to meet him at the hotel - now! Paul returns before Ro can get out of the house. She makes up a story about an appointment and leaves. Paul wonders what is going on.

    Back at The Lakeview, Craig tells Meg that the D.A. has moved up the trial phase because of Rosanna's "fragile" state. Meg gets angry, wondering if Rosanna is right about Craig. Craig reminds her that he is no more to blame for the baby switch than Paul or even Meg and continues to swear that he wasn't trying to kill Rosanna the night of the accident. He asks why he is having so many doubts all of a sudden. Meg says she isn't having doubts she is just worried that Rosanna might actually get him behind bars this time around. She starts to leave when Craig tells her that Rosanna can only testify to a conversation that he will say never happened. He also lets her in on his plans to discredit Rosanna because of her coma. He asks her to stand by him. Meg says she won't judge him on the baby switch but if she learns he tried to kill Ro, she'll leave him flat! She leaves. Rosanna arrives and asks Craig what he wants this time around. He tells her to stop messing with his life or she will wind up with no one - including Paul! Rosanna insists that the feelings between Paul and Meg are actually only Meg's feelings. Craig doesn't believe her and tells her to remember the night before; he tells her about the wedding and Paul's following them to Canada. "Why can't he just move on with his life with you?" Craig asks but Rosanna doesn't have an answer.

    Craig Is Arrested - Again!

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Meg surprises Craig at The Lakeview, wondering if their financial situation has changed. Craig tells her that his lawyer managed to get a few assets back and tells her not to worry. Meg thinks that since Rosanna hasn't contested the small portion Craig has reclaimed that she won't contest anything else. Craig isn't so sure. They go downstairs to have dinner and run into Dallas, who tells them he is there to arrest Craig. Rosanna and Paul follow him in; Rosanna tries to set Meg straight about the lies Craig has been telling. Meg doesn't believe them for a second. Craig tells her to relax but when Dallas tells them there are new charges - related to Gwen's and Jennifer's babies - Craig gets nervous. Meg pulls Paul aside, reminding him that they are just as much to blame. Craig tells Meg that things will be okay and Dallas reads him his rights. At the police station, Meg asks Craig how Rosanna could know about the baby switch. He says he doesn't know if she did know then or if Paul has only convinced her of the fact. Craig takes offense, thinking that Meg is beginning to feel he was responsible for the accident! Dallas comes in and asks Meg to leave. Craig tells Meg he loves her and asks her to go home.

    Paul and Rosanna return to Fairwinds. She immediately goes upstairs but Paul stays behind. Meg arrives and asks to see Rosanna, angering Paul. He tells her to leave, throwing his renewed relationship with the other woman in her face. She refuses to leave until she has spoken with Rosanna; Paul regurgitates his version of the events of the crash. Meg decides to leave but Paul grabs her and won't let her go. She tries to pull away but he won't let go. "Why are you still married to him?" Paul asks as Meg fights his hold on her. Rosanna walks in and sees them! Craig is right on her heels! He listens from behind the door as Meg apologizes to Rosanna. Craig walks in, telling them that Meg doesn't doubt him at all. He has made bail! Rosanna can't believe it. Craig and Meg leave.

    "I'm Dying..."

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Craig and Rosanna are facing off at Fairwinds. Craig tries to play the ex-lover card, warning Rosanna to not let Paul turn her against him, not after everything they meant to each other. Rosanna, not going to be played by Craig, tells him again that she’s going to put him back in prison. “I know you want to, but sweetheart, you can’t,” he says. Rosanna shrugs him off and cockily stays her course. Craig reminds her about double jeopardy and advises her again to dump Paul and get on with her life. Then she lays it on him that she not only remembers him running her off the road, but also remembers why, and, by golly, she’s going to tell the truth to the judge!

    Back at Fairwinds, Craig’s still trying to bully Rosanna out of her plan to take him down. Rosanna threatens to find a nurse who knows everything that happened two years ago and pay her off to tell all about Craig’s secrets. Again, Craig pulls the ex-lover card, saying the Rosanna he loved was the most truthful person he ever knew and that what she’s saying now are all lies – Paul Ryan’s lies! “Your memories of Paul may be just a little bit more selective,” he says. “Paul Ryan lies and cheats to get what he wants.” He has Rosanna’s attention and uses it to his full advantage, telling her that Paul is using her to get what he wants. “I’m not worried, Rosanna,” Craig patronizingly offers as his parting words, “because Paul Ryan cannot change who you really are.” Rosanna stops him, saying, “You may know the woman you ran off the road, but you don’t know the woman who woke up.”

    An Un-Invitation!

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Tom meets Paul and Rosanna at The Lakeview. They run down their case against Craig, wanting Tom's advice on filing criminal charges against Craig for the accident! Craig walks in, sees them and ducks behind a door to listen. Rosanna tells Tom about some of her memories. Tom reminds them that the accident was ruled just that - an accident. Paul brings up prison time for Craig and Tom tells them they can't do that. Craig walks away from the door. Angry, Paul tells Rosanna that Tom is on Craig's side. Tom informs them both that Craig has already been tried and acquitted. Rosanna is stunned and a little afraid that Craig might come after her again. Tom tells them that they can only charge Craig with a new crime, not the old assault. He leaves. Rosanna and Paul return home and he assures her that they will find a way to get Craig out of the picture. Paul kisses her and leaves. Alone, Rosanna comes up with her own plan.

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