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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Carly Doesn't Tell The Kids!

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Craig returns to the hotel room to find Meg waiting on the bed. She begins to seduce him! They make love but Meg keeps flashing back to making love with Paul at the cabin. Craig realizes that Meg is distracted but she just starts kissing him again and he forgets about it. After they talk and Meg tells him that she wants to have his child! He kisses her and then holds her for a while. Meg talks about the things she has done wrong but Craig is only interested in the good parts of his wife. This annoys Meg and she leaves him there alone. He follows her and apologizes for complimenting her. Meg backs down and Craig asks her out for a night on the town! Meg gets all dolled up. Before they can leave Craig gets a call from the lawyers; Meg heads out without him so they won't lose their reservations. Craig kisses her and she leaves.

    Is Jack In Love With Carly?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Rosanna is shopping in Old Town and trying to reach Paul on his cell phone. He doesn't answer. She runs into Craig who asks about her engagement, wondering why Paul isn't at her side. Ro insists that Paul is with Barbara doing a little planning and brings up Meg's reaction to the news that Rosanna and Paul were getting married. Craig pretends to have no worries about Meg; Rosanna tells him that he has nothing to worry about because Paul is 100% in love with her. Craig tells Rosanna to hand over Montgomery Enterprises if that is true but Ro refuses to do that until she knows Meg is pregnant. Craig points out that Rosanna must have doubts but she insists that she trusts Paul. Rosanna is at the diner when Paul walks in. She apologizes to him for her confrontation with Meg earlier. Paul makes light of it, telling Rosanna that Meg just needs to get on with her life. Rosanna reaches out to him and pulls a leaf from his hair.

    Meg is in Old Town when Craig finds her. He bought her a present - a pretty negligee. Seeing how withdrawn Meg is, Craig asks what is wrong. Meg insists she simply went for a walk but Craig insists on knowing what is going on. He reaches out to her but she draws away when he touched her head. She tells him about walking in Luther's Woods and the attack. Craig can't believe she is making light of the attack but she insists she is fine. Craig insists on taking her to the police station to file a report. Paul is right behind them when they walk into the stationhouse, and asks Meg what happened in the woods! He insists on knowing what happened because he has property in the area. The officer returns to take their statement but Meg leaves to freshen up. Craig tells Paul to get out and go plan his wedding, then turns to the squad room. Paul leaves and runs into Meg in the hall. She tells him to back off and stop coming around, then says if he tells anyone what happened in the woods, he'll be sorry! Meg returns to Craig as Rosanna walks in. Paul tells her he is ready to go and they leave.

    A Halloween Wedding?!?

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    Craig wakes Meg, talking about the baby they may have made the night before. Craig begins kissing her but Meg pulls away. Craig thinks she is having second thoughts about the baby possibilities; he thinks she only wants Paul's baby! Meg tells him she just hasn't fast-forwarded to his level of the baby plans. Craig gets excited, thinking that they could already have a baby on the way. They dress for breakfast and Meg begins to focus on Worldwide business. They argue about a couple of deals. They are soon interrupted by a call from Emma and Meg leaves.

    Craig calls Rosanna, who has just left Carly's, and asks her to meet him at Al's. As she hangs up, Meg walks past. Rosanna tells Meg about her upcoming wedding and shocks Meg. Before she can leave, Rosanna tells Meg to stay away from Paul and tells her that she knows Meg has been throwing herself at Paul. Meg denies throwing herself at Paul and tells Ro how worked up Paul gets every time he comes around her. She asks why Rosanna is being so vindictive toward her and Ro says it is because she has lost too much time already and wants complete honesty in her life now. Meg asks if lying on the stand is part of her honesty pledge. "Hold on to Craig, he is all you've got," Rosanna says. Meg tells her Craig is the only man she wants and stomps off.

    Rosanna meets Craig at the diner and asks how the baby plans are coming along. He says things would go much easier if his financial future was secure. She says she'll drop her challenges to his money as soon as Meg is pregnant. Then, she tells him the wedding news. Craig couldn't be happier.

    Oh, What A Tangled Web...

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    Meg wants to know why Craig was so confident just before the hearing. She wonders if he conned Rosanna into "forgetting" things. Craig can't believe what he is hearing, especially when she tells him that Paul will find out the truth. Craig swears that he didn't know what Rosanna would or would not say on the stand but that he had hoped she would be honest - and now he believes that she was! Craig wonders why Meg insisted on sitting with him at the hearing if she didn't believe him. He asks if she hoped the hearing would give her a reason to return to Paul! Meg gets angry and walks away. Craig follows. Meg admits that she wants to believe him but she does have some doubts. He professes his innocence and points out that he has always been honest with her. He tells her to get on board with him or leave him alone! Craig kisses her, saying he wants her to be his wife in every way. Meg pulls away; Craig asks for a decision. Before she can answer, Rosanna calls Craig and tells him to meet her right then!

    Craig and Rosanna meet at the diner. Craig tells her that lying on the stand was the right thing to do; she isn't so sure and tells him they still have problems on the Paul and Meg front. To keep Meg away from Paul, she wants Craig to get Meg pregnant with his child as soon as possible! Craig returns to their hotel room and finds Meg. She tells him she is ready to go forward and they make love! Meg reaches for birth control but Craig pushes it away and tells her he wants to make a baby. Meg drops the birth control.

    Rosanna Changes Her Mind!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Meg surprises Craig in Old Town and tells him she is going to to to the trial with him. He says he doesn't want her to go! He wants her to believe him because of his words, not because Rosanna backs up his story. Meg insists on going and Craig gives in.

    Rosanna can't stop staring at the picture on the camera phone. Paul surprises her and Rosanna puts the phone away, making an excuse about calling the judge to get out of testifying. Paul encourages her, saying the sooner they deal with Craig the better! They arrive at court and Paul leaves the outer courtroom to get Rosanna some water as Meg and Craig walk in. He asks Meg to go ahead and then asks Rosanna what she has decided. "I've realized that Paul loves me and only me," she says and walks away. The hearing gets underway and Rosanna is called to the stand. The prosecutor asks if Craig meant to hurt her and Rosanna catches Paul staring at Meg and hesitates. Paul stands up and orders Rosanna to tell them everything. "I. . .I can't remember," she says! Barbara yells out that Rosanna is lying. Rosanna tells the judge that her memories come and go because of the coma but that she can't remember exactly what happened the night of the accident. Before the judge can dismiss all the charges, Paul desperately tries to make Rosanna admit to what she has remembered. Paul tries to tell the judge what he knows but with no witnesses to back him up the judge dismisses the charges against Craig! Barbara and Paul can't believe it; Craig is smug.

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