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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce

    Birthday: 1958-01-06
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Scott Bryce


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    Who's Drugging Who?

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Craig, meanwhile, is on his jet on the way to the Cayman Islands! He toasts to his perfect plan and then removes his wedding ring. He calls Margo and she tells him to turn himself in. Craig says no way and then asks if Paul is dead. He's annoyed to learn that Paul is still alive and kicking and tells Margo that he tried to blow Paul up because Paul has been torturing him for months. "I feel completely justified," he says and then says she'll never find him. He hangs up.

    Everybody Has A Plan

    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    Craig surprises Paul at Worldwide. He asks if Lucinda knew about Paul's plan and then makes a comment about Meg. Paul warns Craig to stay away from Meg but Craig says he could never hurt the woman he loves. He leaves and goes to the police department where he asks Margo to have Lucinda arrested! He tells her about the conspiracy between Evan and Lucinda; Margo asks for proof but Craig has none. Just then Holden walks in and demands that Margo arrest Craig! Holden tells Margo that Craig is stalking Meg by sending her flowers; Margo tells Holden that sending flowers isn't a crime. But, she tells Craig to stop bugging his nearly-ex-wife. Holden slams out of the building. Margo asks what Craig is trying to pull. He turns back to the Lucinda subject and tells Margo to get the Keystone Cops of Oakdale to pull Lucinda's phone records. Margo refuses. Craig leaves, telling her that he will take things into his own hands! "I'm going to do what I need to do. Have a good life," he says and leaves!

    Paul meets Lucinda at The Lakeview and warns her that Craig is working on some kind of revenge. Lucinda says Craig can't prove anything as long as they all stick with their stories. Paul is very worried, though, especially for Meg and leaves the hotel. He goes to the farm and makes Meg open the door. She tells Paul that she has nothing to fear from Craig; Paul says Meg may get hurt because Craig is coming after him! Paul sees the rose and becomes more upset when she refuses to let him protect her. "What did you do this time to incite Craig?" she asks. Paul tells her about his plot with Lucinda and Emily; Meg tells him to stop creating problems for her because it isn't going to help him win her back! "We are over," she hollers as Craig walks in the door! He tells Meg that he just came by to give her a flower. He hands over another rose with a note about surprises and then tells her good-bye. "I know when I'm not wanted. Have an amazing life - without him," Craig says and walks out of the kitchen. Paul tries again to get Meg to look to him for protection but she refuses. She tells him to be careful and then asks him to go. Holden returns home to tell Meg he managed to get the restraining order. She tells him about Craig's visit and says she is worried about him. Holden offers to get a restraining order against Paul, too!

    Margo finds Lucinda at the hospital and asks once more about her connection to Evan. Lucinda reminds Margo of her past connections with the Walsh family and swears that she had no contact with Evan until he took her hostage. Lucinda asks why Craig is sticking his nose into police business; Margo admits that Craig has raised some questions but insists that she is only conducting official police business. Lucinda tells her to keep investigating and Margo leaves. A few minutes later Lucinda runs into Craig and asks how he knows about her connections to Evan Walsh IV! He admits he didn't know anything until just that second. He asks if Lily knows about Lucinda's connection and is happy that the news has caused a rift between the women. Craig makes a few veiled threats about upcoming deaths and wishes her well. Then says he is going to the airport and leaving town for good.

    Let The Scams Begin

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    Craig is packing up his office when he realizes Meg is doing the same thing. He catches her gazing at a picture of them, and tells her that he doesn't want Worlwide or Montgomery Enterprises - he wants her! Then he grabs a picture of Paul from the trash and suggests it remain there forever. Meg angrily asks him to leave but Craig just keeps talking about the changes she made in him. He says they can still be a family. Meg points out that he has lost all three of his children and wonders why she should trust him. Craig points out that Meg is no paragon of virtue and that she can't stop loving Paul - a man more manipulative that Craig is. He walks out.

    Lucinda is at The Lakeview, feeling more guilty than ever. She remembers her last conversation with Dusty. Paul's arrival brings her back to the present. He asks what has her so upset, not understanding that Dusty's death is affecting her badly. They argue about Dusty. Finally Paul sits down and tells Lucinda she should distract herself by working with him to rid Oakdale of Craig forever. Lucinda is intrigued. Next, Paul meets Emily at Java and tells her that he needs help to get Craig out of the picture. Emily calls Craig, asks him to meet her at Yo's and hangs up. Then, she smiles at Paul! Paul disappears and Craig arrives a few minutes later. Emily asks about his job prospects but Craig cuts to the chase. Finally she says she can tell where to find Johnny - for a price! She says she overheard a conversation between Lucinda and Lucy and that the girl is calling Lucinda at 3 o'clock that afternoon.

    Lucinda arrives at a park and notes that Craig is following her. She gets out of the car and starts talking to "Lucy", pretending not to notice that Craig is close behind her. She carries on about "Lucy's" new beau, how Johnny is doing and finally makes a date to meet them in Barbados in a few weeks. Lucinda leaves. Craig calls his travel agent and books a flight to Barbados!

    Lily Kills Evan!

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Meg visits Craig at The Lakeview and says he is no longer CEO of Montgomery Enterprises! He is stunned. They argue about the company and the medical research that Evan has been doing. Meg stands firm and says she wants Lucinda to have the company back! She says Lucinda deserves the company because Evan is a mad scientist and Craig is the one who hired him. Craig wonders who filled her mind with lies about Evan and then realizes it can only be Paul! Meg says regardless of who told her about Evan, Lucinda deserves the company. She says she wants her life back and that means she has to have distance from him and from Paul! Craig begs her to reconsider.

    Paul is lurking around The Lakeview when Emily walks in. He asks where their investigation stands and Emily tells him about the hostage situation with Evan at the hospital! Over martinis, Emily says that his big plans to implicate Craig are about to blow up because it is clear that Evan isn't working on Craig's behalf - he is working on Lucinda's! Paul brings up his past with Em, saying she shouldn't judge anyone. She says he was only trying to manipulate Meg out of her business. She leaves. Paul calls Meg, who is still in Craig's room, and says Holden isn't a suspect any longer. She agrees to meet him in the lobby. Meg arrives and Paul tells her about Evan. Meg thanks him for giving her the news but insists she has to go. They leave as Craig gets off the elevator!

    Back in the hall, Holden hears a noise and tries to get inside the room but Margo holds him back. Chris comes out and apologizes to Margo for not talking Evan down. Holden calls Kim at WOAK and asks for the chopper to be sent over. Margo tells him that is a good idea. Holden calls into the room, saying a helicopter is on the way. Evan drags Lily and Lucinda from the room and walks behind them up to the roof! Margo, Holden and the cops follow at a distance. Once on the roof Evan locks it from the outside and begins looking for the chopper. They can see it in the distance and Lucinda begs him to let Lily go. Evan pushes Lily away and he grabs Lucinda. Lily lunges toward him and they fight over the syringe; Evan is stabbed with the needle! He falls to the ground as Margo and the others make it to the roof from another access door. Lily and Lucinda argue about Evan but Lily gets quiet when she realizes the cops are close by. She tells Lucinda she'll have to live with what she did. Holden convinces Margo to let him take Lily home. Margo begins questioning Chris, who hurries up with Emily. He says he met Evan in Darfur but didn't know much about the research. Craig is next to arrive; he says Evan sought him out and that the research seemed legitimate at the time. Margo believes them. Chris says he should have listened to his father! Emily comforts him but they argue about her accusations toward him regarding Dusty; Emily says he did things just as bad. Chris storms off, saying he never wants to see her again. Margo questions Lucinda, who says she had no idea who Evan was before he showed up in town. Margo walks off; Craig comes over and insinuates that he knows Lucinda was behind Evan's arrival in town!

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