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    As the World Turns CAST - Craig Montgomery (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Craig Montgomery (PAST) Played by Scott Bryce on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Bryce
    Craig Montgomery (PAST)

    Actor: Scott Bryce

    Who played Craig Montgomery (PAST) over the years

    Scott Bryce (1982 - 1987; 1990 - 1994; 2007 - February 2008)
    Jeffrey Meek (2006 - 2007)
    Hunt Block (2000 - 2005)

    Useful information on Craig Montgomery (PAST)

    * 1982 - Sabotaged Steve Andropolous's truck.
    * 1982 - Arranged for Steve Andropolous to die in an explosion.
    * 1983 - Framed Steve Andropolous for robbery.
    * 1983 - Hired a look a like to frame Steve for robbery of some rare coins from Whit McColl's safe.
    * 1983 - Planted rare coins in Steve's apartment.
    * 1983 - Invested Betsy's trust fund without her knowing it, he lost the money.
    * 1983 - 1984 - Didn't tell Betsy that he was sterile and led her to believe that the baby she was carrying was his.
    * 1983 - To keep Betsy from divorcing him, he staged a fall down a flight of stairs and became paralyzed (not really).
    * 1983 - 1984 - He embezzled Diana's money in order to build a chemical plant.
    * 1984 - Almost killed Betsy trying to kill Steve.
    * 1984 - Hired Richard Fairchild to destroy The Refuge by fire so that he could rescue his sister Margo.
    * 1984 - Richard Fairchild died in the fire that he set for Craig.
    * 1984 - Caused Margo to lose her hearing in the accident.
    * 1984 - Tried to blackmail Betsy into staying married to him by kidnapping his step daughter, Dani.
    * 1985 - Hit Dusty Donovan who was riding on his bicycle at night and ran.
    * 1985 - Hired an Ex-Con to fix the dent in his car caused by hitting Dusty Donovan.
    * 1985 - 1986 - Kept Lucinda Walsh's secret that she was sierra Esteban's biological mother.
    * 2000 - Had the reckless driving charges dropped against Bryant when he paid off the DA.
    * 2000 - Stole Bryant's trust fund and embezzled the money.
    * 2000 - Arranged to steal Lucinda Walsh's money.
    * 2000 - Drugged Lucinda Walsh.
    * 2001 - Married Barbara Ryan for her money.
    * 2001 - Embezzled BRO money.
    * 2001 - A suspect in the attempted murder of Barbara Ryan, but was later found not guilty.
    * 2002 - Aided in the escape of James Stenbeck.
    * 2002 - When he found himself up against the wall, he kidnapped Parker Munson.
    * 2003 - Planned and arranged Barbara Ryan's kidnapping.
    * 2002 - 2004 - Kept the fact that the adoption of Cabot was illegal and conspired with Annabelle Fettle.
    * 2003 - 2004 - Hid Annabelle Fettle from the authorities when she threatened to reveal his secret if he didn't.
    * 2003 - Convinced Rose D'Angelo's best friend, Mitzi Matters to lie to the police about seeing Paul poison Rose.
    * 2004 - Kidnapped Cabot.
    * 2004 - Arranged for Lucy to be kidnapped.
    * 2004 - Shot and killed the man who kidnapped Lucy.
    * 2004 - Planted evidence to make it look like Alan Drake kidnapped Lucy.
    * 2004 - Paid a man by the name of Wade Carlson to scare Lucy.
    * 2004 - Wade Carlson shot and almost killed Alan Drake and Lily.
    * 2005 - Blackmailed Jennifer Munson trying to get custody of her baby.
    * 2005 - Switched Gwen and Jennifer's baby in the nursery at the hospital.
    * 2005 - Tried to run his wife off the road with his car.
    * 2006 - After returning from prison, he hired a lawyer to get him full custody of his son, Johnny.
    *2007 - married Meg in an effort to regain control of Worldwide.
    * 2008 - tried to kill Paul in a car bombing and then fled Oakdale.


    Past: Owner of Street Jeans
    Past: Employee at WorldWide Industries
    Past: Silent Partner of The Metro
    Past: Owner of Monte Carlo (Formerly BRO)
    Past: Partner with Lisa Grimaldi of The Mona Lisa
    Past: CEO at Montgomery & Associates
    Past: Executive at Walsh Enterprises
    Past: Partner of Diana's Club
    Past: Vice President of McColl's Material Co.
    Past: Partner of Deesire Perfume


    Craig Montgomery was a kindhearted young lad who always had bad luck when it came to women. However, he went about love the wrong way, which only hurt him. It started when he fell in love with Betsy Stewart. They both attended Oakdale University and met frequently. Unfortunately, Betsy had feelings for Steve Andropolous. Craig didn't stand a chance with Betsy as long as Steve was around. His first mistake in love happened when he tried to get Steve out of the picture by attempting to kill him. Craig set up Steve's truck to explode when Steve got near it, but the plan was ruined when Betsy happened to show up instead. Without thinking of endangering his own life, Craig quickly rushed to save Betsy. Craig stopped her from getting hurt, but he was injured and suffered impotence and sterility.

    Craig was determined to get Steve out of their lives, but it never happened. He tried everything from setting Steve up to get caught with stolen coins to faking a fall and being paralyzed so that Betsy would stay with him and take care of him. After several showdowns with Steve, Betsy eventually left Craig for Steve. After a few words from his mother, Lyla, on his behavior, Craig finally realized the mistake that he made. When he fell in love, he lost his mind.

    Craig later met and married Sierra Estaban Reyes while working for Lucinda Walsh. Lucinda hired him to sneak into another country and rescue her. Her father had been killed and Lucinda was afraid that she would be next. Craig's rescue didn't take too long when the first person he approached was Sierra, dressed as a boy. After dodging bullets, the two made it back to the United States. They fell in love after a while, but it all fell apart when Sierra learned that Lucinda was her biological mother. She also found out that Craig knew about the secret and didn't tell her. A revengeful Sierra married Tonio Reyes. They were very unhappy, and Sierra quickly realized that she had made a horrible mistake. She was secretly seeing Craig to confide in, and when Tonio found out about it, he threatened to hurt Craig if she didn't stop. When Sierra went over to tell Craig that she could no longer see him, the two were caught up in the moment and they made love. Sierra soon found that she was pregnant. She and Tonio had broken apart and eventually Craig and Sierra found each other again. Craig soon learned that Sierra's little boy was his and they married. Later on, they had a daughter, Lucy. They were married for a long time, but Craig couldn't stay tied down and moved on. He was going to go around the world. Bryant had come to Oakdale, and the relationship that Craig had with his son was very rocky. Craig found himself financially unstable and stole his son's trust fund. This caused tension between Craig and his son. Tragically, Bryant was killed in a terrible car crash.

    Craig found himself falling in love with Carly Tenney Snyder, who designed a great clothing line. Unfortunately, she was in love with another man. Once Craig did win her over, she was kidnapped and sent overseas in a coffin. Craig vowed to find her and when he did, she was given injections that aged her. When Craig couldn't bare to look at Carly, he fell in love with her half-sister, Rosanna. Rosanna and Craig wanted a child but Rosanna could not carry a child, so they had to adopt. They found an unwed mother, Gwen Norbeck, who was going to put her child up for adoption. They won her trust and she agreed to turn her baby over to them. Craig had a one-night stand with Jennifer Munson. She got pregnant with Craig's child, but vowed that Craig would not have any rights to the baby. Gwen's baby, and Jennifer's baby, was born the same night. Craig switched the babies and told Jennifer that her baby had died, but actually, it was Gwen's baby that had died. Craig thought if he could switch the babies and let Jen think that her baby had died, they would adopt Gwen's baby, which would actually be his own son. In order to make his plan successful, he had to stop Rosanna from going to the hospital. On her way to see the baby, Craig ran her off the road, which caused her to go into a coma.

    After all the heartache that Craig has endured over the years, he now leads a lonely life, and even his daughter, Lucy has turned against him. He realizes that if he wants anything in life, he will have to get it himself, no matter what the cost.

    Craig returned to Oakdale determined to get custody of Johnny, his son by Jennifer. Unwilling to let that happen, Lucy left town with Johnny and didn't tell anyone where she was going.

    Craig soon turned his attentions to getting Worldwide back; he convinced Meg Snyder to marry him. She and Paul Ryan, who she was dating, agreed to the plan because they wanted to double cross him. It didn't work. Once Craig had married Meg, he whisked her off to Canada for a honeymoon. Paul followed and fought with Craig; he fell off a cliff and was presumed dead.

    Meg remained married to Craig because he promised to keep searching for Paul. Soon Meg began to fall for Craig but then Paul returned to town - with newly awakened Rosanna in tow! Rosanna saw what Craig was doing and, because she wanted Paul, she entered into an agreement with Craig to keep them separated. Meg soon learned she was pregnant; Rosanna changed the paternity test results so that Craig was shown to be the father. She enlisted Eli's help to do it. When he suddenly left town, Meg became suspicious and had another test done. This time it was determined that Paul was the father. He and Craig fought and Meg was hit; she lost the baby. Meg left Craig and, unable to take the stress of losing Paul, Rosanna went back into the coma.

    Determined not to lose, Craig set a car bomb in Paul's car and then left town.


    Meg Snyder (annulled)
    Rosanna Cabot (divorced)
    Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (divorced)
    Sierra Estaban Reyes Mongomery (divorced)
    Betsy Stewart (divorced)


    Diana McColl (lover)
    Lucinda Walsh (lover)
    Iva Snyder (lover)
    Emily Stewart Munson (lover)
    Ellie Snyder (lover)
    Samantha Markham (lover)
    Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery (one night stand)
    Carly Tenney Snyder (lover)
    Rosanna Cabot (lover)
    Jennifer Munson Kasnoff Donovan (one night stand - deceased)


    Lyla Peretti (mother)
    Bart Montgomery (father)
    Margo Hughes (half sister)
    Cricket Montgomery Ross (sister)
    Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (half sister)
    Adam Hughes (nephew)
    Casey Hughes (Nephew)
    William 'Billy' Ross (nephew)
    Suzanne 'Suzie' Ross (niece)
    Billy Norbeck (nephew - deceased)
    Jill Andropoulos (first cousin)
    Casey Peretti (stepfather - deceased)
    Ernie Ross (brother-in-law)
    Tom Hughes (brother-in-law)
    Carly Tenney Snyder (sister-in-law)
    Mike Kasnoff (brother-in-law)


    Bryant Montgomery (son with Sierra - deceased)
    Lucy Montgomery (daughter with Sierra)
    Cabot Sinclair (adopted son with Rosanna - lost legal rights)
    John Dustin Munson Donovan (son with Jennifer)


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    Thursday, February 21 2008: Who's Drugging Who?

    Craig, meanwhile, is on his jet on the way to the Cayman Islands! He toasts to his perfect plan and then removes his wedding ring. He calls Margo and she tells him to turn himself in. Craig says no way and then asks if Paul is dead. He's annoyed to learn that Paul is still alive and kicking and tells Margo that he tried to blow Paul up because Paul has been torturing him for months. "I feel completely justified," he says and then says she'll never find him. He hangs up.

    Wednesday, February 20 2008: Everybody Has A Plan

    Craig surprises Paul at Worldwide. He asks if Lucinda knew about Paul's plan and then makes a comment about Meg. Paul warns Craig to stay away from Meg but Craig says he could never hurt the woman he loves. He leaves and goes to the police department where he asks Margo to have Lucinda arrested! He tells her about the conspiracy between Evan and Lucinda; Margo asks for proof but Craig has none. Just then Holden walks in and demands that Margo arrest Craig! Holden tells Margo that Craig is stalking Meg by sending her flowers; Margo tells Holden that sending flowers isn't a crime. But, she tells Craig to stop bugging his nearly-ex-wife. Holden slams out of the building. Margo asks what Craig is trying to pull. He turns back to the Lucinda subject and tells Margo to get the Keystone Cops of Oakdale to pull Lucinda's phone records. Margo refuses. Craig leaves, telling her that he will take things into his own hands! "I'm going to do what I need to do. Have a good life," he says and leaves!

    Paul meets Lucinda at The Lakeview and warns her that Craig is working on some kind of revenge. Lucinda says Craig can't prove anything as long as they all stick with their stories. Paul is very worried, though, especially for Meg and leaves the hotel. He goes to the farm and makes Meg open the door. She tells Paul that she has nothing to fear from Craig; Paul says Meg may get hurt because Craig is coming after him! Paul sees the rose and becomes more upset when she refuses to let him protect her. "What did you do this time to incite Craig?" she asks. Paul tells her about his plot with Lucinda and Emily; Meg tells him to stop creating problems for her because it isn't going to help him win her back! "We are over," she hollers as Craig walks in the door! He tells Meg that he just came by to give her a flower. He hands over another rose with a note about surprises and then tells her good-bye. "I know when I'm not wanted. Have an amazing life - without him," Craig says and walks out of the kitchen. Paul tries again to get Meg to look to him for protection but she refuses. She tells him to be careful and then asks him to go. Holden returns home to tell Meg he managed to get the restraining order. She tells him about Craig's visit and says she is worried about him. Holden offers to get a restraining order against Paul, too!

    Margo finds Lucinda at the hospital and asks once more about her connection to Evan. Lucinda reminds Margo of her past connections with the Walsh family and swears that she had no contact with Evan until he took her hostage. Lucinda asks why Craig is sticking his nose into police business; Margo admits that Craig has raised some questions but insists that she is only conducting official police business. Lucinda tells her to keep investigating and Margo leaves. A few minutes later Lucinda runs into Craig and asks how he knows about her connections to Evan Walsh IV! He admits he didn't know anything until just that second. He asks if Lily knows about Lucinda's connection and is happy that the news has caused a rift between the women. Craig makes a few veiled threats about upcoming deaths and wishes her well. Then says he is going to the airport and leaving town for good.

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