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    As the World Turns CAST - Faith Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Faith Snyder (PAST) Played by Ashley Marie Greiner on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ashley Marie Greiner

    Real Name: Ashley Marie Greiner


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    Christmas With The Snyders'.

    Friday, December 25 2009

    In the house, Natalia and Emma look at a photo album. They talk about Brad and Natalie explains that Ethan is upset because someone told him that there was no real Santa.

    Lily offers to have an ‘all girl’s day’ with Faith. She doesn’t think that would be fair for her siblings. Faith tells her mother that nothing has been good since Holden left.

    The family joins together for the Christmas picture. As they pose, Lucinda leads Noah in. Luke stares and wonders why he wasn’t told about this. Lucinda explains that she wasn’t going to let them be apart for the holidays. The family welcomes him, but when Luke gets close, Noah backs away. As most of the family file off, Emma shows Holden and Lily something which Faith wrote. She thought it was so wonderful that she had her make her a copy. Emma leaves them to read it. It’s about ‘perfect families’ and how Faith never had one. Her parents' lives are always full of drama; they are always breaking up, even though they are obviously soul mates. Lily weeps as she reads it. They bring Faith in and tell her how proud they are of her maturity. They are willing to support her, they just want to make sure that boarding school is really what she wants. It is, so they agree.

    My Dad Is Alive!

    Thursday, October 08 2009

    Holden arrives at the end of the wedding and collapses. His kids help him up. He tells Lily he's been waiting to kiss her for months. They kiss. Damian paces and sends the judge away. "It's a pity you couldn't have materialized an hour ago," Lucinda says. Holden wonders what he just walked in on. Lily asks him why he never called. He explains that he was being held prisoner and then asks what's going on. Lily fumbles through an explanation. Holden assumes that this is a wedding between Meg and Damian. "It's not her," Lily says. He notices the ring on her finger. Lily says that the cops told her no one could have survived the crash. He refuses to go to a doctor until they've talked this over. Luke leaves to tell the family as the kids help Holden to his room. Lucinda tells Damian it's time for him to leave. "Damian is staying," Lily insists. Her mother tells her that the love of her life has come back to her and she should make him glad he did. Lucinda takes the kids away. Lily tells Damian she needs to be with Holden now. He understands, but he still feels like she belongs to him. After kissing her hand, he leaves.

    When Holden goes downstairs, Faith has just returned. He tells her that he will work things out with her mom. They say how much they love each other and he sends her to bed. Renee the nurse calls. She tells him that Maeve is in trouble and needs him.

    This Is Too Soon.

    Wednesday, October 07 2009

    A storm is brewing as the wedding preparations continue. Lily arrives, telling Damian that even the weather seems to be against them. He tells her that, in Malta, rain on a wedding day is good luck. She's sure he's making that up. They look at the decorations and Luke shows off how dressed up the kids are. Lily takes her daughters upstairs to pick a dress. When they come back downstairs, Lucinda arrives. She tells Damian she hopes he proves her wrong. He assures her that he will do everything he can to prove he is worthy of her daughter. As the family files off, Damian spots Meg through the window. He goes out and grabs her, telling her that he is making Lily his wife and she has to go. She refuses. He returns as the judge calls everyone together. Damian tells Lily that she is the center of his life and he can only offer her his love. She and Luke have taught him the meaning of family and he promises to love her and the children forever. Lily says that they were brought together by a tragedy and he accepts her for who she is, even with all of her flaws, and has protected her and her family. They can't forget their loss, but they can move on. "You're not just marrying me, you're marrying my whole family," she says. After they exchange rings, they are pronounced married. The door blows open. They stare as Holden stands in the doorway.

    Let's Do It Tomorrow.

    Tuesday, October 06 2009

    "Did you really pick now to propose to me?" Lily asks in disbelief, reminding Damian that they just watched someone die. That reminded him of what's important. He wants to look after her and the children. If that's what she wants too, why should they wait? She says she's grateful. He wants more. He wants passionate love, not nostalgia. If she doesn't have those feelings, he's leaving. She kisses him and tells him she wants him... but what she wants and what she should do are different things. He says she deserves to be happy. Damian kisses her more and tells her that he can't stay away from her when his soul is crying out for her. Luke comes in to check on things. Faith runs down and hugs her brother. Damian promises both of them that he will be there to protect them. The rest of the kids rush in and Lily asks Damian to give them some time alone. "There's something that we need to talk about," Lily tells them all after he leaves. She tells them how important Damian is and that he proposed. She needs to know how they feel about it. She assures them that Damian won't replace their father, but she loves him and he makes her feel peaceful. Luke tells her she should do it. Faith grudgingly agrees to give him a chance. Ethan and his sister are less convinced but Faith assures them it will be okay.

    The kids sit outside and talk things over. Faith admits that she's coming around to Damian but they all wish that Holden was still around. A few feet away, Lily worries about how to tell the family. She's sure Emma will never accept it. Damian tells her that they don't need to convince anyone, they should just get married. "Let's do it tomorrow," she says.

    Maybe This Is All About You.

    Monday, October 05 2009

    Ebb has a gun at Faith. Damian offers to give him all the money he wants if he'll leave her alone. Ebb orders him to get Lily or he'll kill Faith. Damian claims Lily isn't there. Faith bites Ebb's hand and lets out a scream. Lily wakes up upstairs. When she gets downstairs, she offers Ebb whatever he wants if he backs off. Damian rushes Ebb. Faith runs out. Ebb throws Damian off. Lily jumps him. He throws Lily across the room and then Damian shoves him into the wood pile. Damian wakes up Lily as Jack arrives. He checks Ebb's pulse and discovers he's dead. After taking his license, he tells Lily he's glad she's okay.

    Faith goes home. Her mother tells her that the man is dead. She thanks Damian for saving them and even gives him a hug. Jack returns. Faith goes upstairs to lie down and Jack explains who Ebb was and says he had a wife who was in on the hoax. "So he never had Holden at all?" Lily asks. He assures her Holden is dead. After Jack leaves, Damian takes Lily upstairs and promises her he'll never let her lose someone again. She tells him how much she needs him. "Then marry me Lily," he says.

    I Wasn't Expecting A Threesome.

    Friday, October 02 2009

    Faith walks into her house and is startled to find Ebb standing there. After hearing something, Damian comes downstairs and finds Ebb holding Faith.

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