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    As the World Turns CAST - Parker Munson Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Parker Munson Snyder Played by Mick Hazen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mick Hazen

    Birthday: 1993-03-22
    Birthplace: Manhattan, New York
    Real Name: Mick Hazen


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    You Belong Together.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    The newlyweds thank everyone for coming. Carly throws her bouquet and Rosanna catches it. Will and Gwen accidentally tell Margo and Tom that Casey and Alison are moving. They run off. Margo starts stuttering but Tom is calm. Will and Gwen say goodbye to Parker and push him to go and talk to Faith. He sits down with her and apologizes for not telling her his secret. They talk about Liberty going away and he tells her she looks hot.

    I'm Tired Of Kissing Frogs.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    At home, Parker is nervous and Will tries to reassure him about the wedding. Parker admits that he has to talk to his dad about something important and hopes he'll be pre-occupied enough not to freak out about it. Faith shows up and Parker tries to get rid of her, telling her that she shouldn't have told Janet about Liberty getting into FIT.

    Parker goes to see his father at the farm house. Sage calls and asks her dad to pick her up. Jack rushes off. Will asks Parker what's up. Parker wants to tell his dad that he's not going to college. Will thinks that's a bad idea.

    Jack meets with his party in the garden. He tells Will that his father would be proud of him and then teases Holden and tells Parker he's the best son in the world. They talk about what a hard year it has been but Jack is sure that this will mark the beginning of good things. Lily arrives and Parker goes off to find Faith. Carly and her party arrive. She looks around nervously. He reminds her that they've done this before.

    This Time We Can Get It Right.

    Monday, September 13 2010

    Sage has prepared a romantic breakfast for her parents. Sage wants Jack and Carly to get married again, but Parker doesn't want them to mess things up since they are getting along. Jack and Carly come downstairs to see Sage's breakfast and their wedding album. After Parker leaves, Carly notes that Sage is not very subtle. Jack thinks Sage is onto something! Carly doesn't want to get Sage's hopes up. Jack points out that they passed a test at Avalon castle and haven't been falling into their old patterns. Jack asserts he is incomplete without her. Carly agrees, but wonders how many times they have made the same speech to one another. Jack believes this time they can get it right if they quit focusing on the negative and focus on what is right about them. Carly finally says, "It's you and me forever, no matter what." Jack wants to make it official. As he gets down on one knee, his phone rings with a call from Janet. She informs him she is at the hospital because she had some pain. Carly offers to accompany Jack to the hospital.

    At the farm, Faith is surprised to learn that Liberty doesn't want to go to fashion school. Liberty doesn't want to leave her mom alone with a new baby. Parker arrives and Faith boasts that Liberty is about to ruin her life. Parker is thrilled that Liberty got into fashion school, but Liberty refuses to abandon Janet. Faith asks Parker to join her for a swim, but Parker wants to talk with Liberty alone. The pair leaves a disappointed Faith.

    At Al's, Liberty lists off the many reasons she can't go to school right now. Parker admits he has decided not to go to college. As he whispers his future into Liberty's ear, a jealous Faith looks on outside the window.

    Dusty takes Janet back to the farm. She wants Dusty to get some rest. Dusty admits he's having lunch with John first and leaves. Faith enters and tells Janet that Liberty is out with Parker talking about fashion school. Faith begs Janet not to tell Liberty that she told her. Liberty and Parker return and Janet angrily asks Liberty what she thinks she is doing! Liberty is angry that Faith blabbed. Faith and Parker leave the ladies alone to talk. Janet reminds Liberty that she has tons of help and doesn't want her to sacrifice her dreams. Janet asserts Liberty has been given the gift of time and needs to make the most of it.

    An angry Liberty finds Faith and Parker outside and rips into Faith for telling Janet about school. Liberty accuses Faith of wanting her to leave town so Faith can have Parker all to herself. Parker agrees with Liberty and leaves. Liberty reminds Faith that Parker hates dishonesty and she is going to wind up turning Parker off for good!

    Jack and Carly return home. Carly points out that they have the house to themselves and wants to finish their conversation. Jack worries that maybe he had no right to ask her to make plans for their future right now. Jack points out he's about to be a new father again, which will cause a lot of distractions. An angry Carly reminds him that he said they could get through anything if they focused on their love. Jack softens and thinks everything sounds better coming out of her sexy lips. Carly tells Jack she wants a commitment. She admits the new baby will be challenging, but thinks they can conquer whatever life throws at them. Jack tells Carly she is perfect and pulls her down to sit on his knee. He asks her to marry him one more time and she agrees. Sage and Parker return home and are thrilled that their parents are getting married again! Jack and Carly promise they will be together forever this time. Carly thinks they should get married tomorrow and the happy family embraces.

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